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Studying the Factory [Gadgets]


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Monsters: 20

Machina Fortress Engine x6

Gadgets x9

Top Runner x2

Tin Goldfish x3


Spells: 13

Galaxy Cyclone x2

Raigeki x1

Double Summon x3

Iron Call x2

Limiter Removal x1

Machine Assembly Line x2

Machina Armored Unit x2


Traps: 7

Mirror Force x3

Ring of Destruction x1

Fiendish Chain x2

Solemn Warning x1


Extra Deck: 15

Star Eater x1

Hot Red Dragon Archfiend x1

Scrap Dragon x1

Stardust Spark Dragon x1

Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon x1

Dracossack x1

Big Eye x1

Number S39 x1

Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon x1

Number 39 x1

Gear Gigant X x3

Silent Honor ARK x1

Castel x1


So I've been playing this lately, and it's SUPER fun.


I originally had 2 Bri Synchrons in place of 2 Top Runners, but swapped for the latter because I found the former to be more detrimental.



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mmm, gadgets


shame redox got hit, guy was great for making R7s


I was never fond of using double summon, especially not 3 full copies of it but you run Top Runner and that guy needs its own normal summon I suppose. I never tried running synchros in my gadgets but if I'm curious enough I'll give it a try


And 3 copies of the level 4 machina's a bit much if you ask me. I don't run more than 2 and I'm pretty happy with 1. The R4 Geargia searches it well enough and often times it's not hard to draw Machina Fortress if you run 3 of it.


Holy sheet, this Iron Call thing, it's amazing.


I'm quite fond of Crimson Blader for level 8 synchros, might wanna fit that guy in somewhere

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Splashing the Tuners looks silly, but it's your gimmick and I respect that.


In addition to the above suggestions:

I suggest to tech 1 Machina Megaform: Searchable by Gearframe, it's a Reborn for Fortress and actually does something decent unlike Cannon.


If you want to take on the meta after Nov.9, then the backrow needs an overhaul: Fiendish Chain, Ring and Mirror Force are looking to not be as good as before. Run BTH, Space-Time Trap Holes and possibly Mind Crushes and Deep Dark Trap Holes instead.


-2 Assembly Lines. Really, this is a tad slow and I don't see it working well.

Iron Call is cute, but somehow it feels subpar, and it sucks when you draw it but you have a clear board and thus no Machine to make it live. I suggest to try other cards such as Soul Charge first.


For the ED, make space for +1 Dweller. Since you have S39 in there, I suppose you are playing with a banlist that allows OCG cards, so add a Rafflesia in there if you decide to main Trap Holes; then you could possibly tech a single Treacherous Trap Hole. If Exciton is allowed, add it too.

The Ptolemaeus, CyDra Nova and Infinity bundle are an option, as well.

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