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New Malefic mon


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Well no, this is ridiculous. Its absolute minimum attack is 9000 so its just an OTK machine and nothing else. Not good design at all. Every deck would run this because it's an auto-win for free that you can never not summon unless you somehow end up with less than 3 monsters in the deck which is improbable.

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The only reason I can see this card being ran is the following


1)Dump Malefic Truth Dragon in the grave and then some to have a ridiculously high attack beater.

2)Kozmos use this in their OTK

3)Ritual Beasts dump some of their monsters and get free beaters all around.


Also, Malefic monsters require the following


1. If there is no face-up field spell, destroy this card.

2. There can only be 1 face-up Malefic monster.

3. Only this card can attack.


Anyway, this card is way too powerful and needs a nerf badly, also a reason to be ran in Malefics because I'd rather use Malefic Truth Dragon over this. It doesn't reduce your LP to 100 and can be revived constantly from the graveyard, an edge that this card doesn't have.


Unless the 3000 was a typo and it's suppose to be 300.

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