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So, this is a cool anime. It's a Madoka-esque anime, magical girls feat. despair, so on so forth.


Not only that, but it has positive disabled persons representation, Meaning that a character, a full time character, is physically disabled and it isn't a character flaw! Ain't that cool?


Anyways, if you've seen this discuss (and put spoilers in spoilers), and if you haven't seen it, it's on Netflix so you can binge!

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Disclaimer: I like the show!


I don't think the show should be called "Yuki Yuna is a Hero". It's a great show, don't get me wrong, but Fu and/or Togo fit the role of main character better. I just find Yuki to be way too generic, and she isn't given a reason the be called "the hero". Fu and Togo show weakness. Fu's is the whole dealio with dragging her sister into being a hero shows weakness, and gives her a problem other than the main role.


[spoiler=Togo's Weakness]

So we know in the first episode that she is reluctant to go hero, and doesn't until the second fight. Boom, signs of frailness. Then, the spoiler-y part, fast forward to episode 10/11.  Togo finds out about her horrible past, giving her a reason to do what she does. Her weakness is he past and the horrible events that happened, as well as the whole "trying to kill herself" thing.



Yuki, on the other hand, shows none of these weaknesses. Now, someone could go ahead and say "But in the final episodes Yuki does the hero things and those are what make her a hero!" I disagree. She isn't a hero because of those actions, but rather she does those actions because she is "the hero". The role of hero is forced upon Yuki, without her being progressed as a character at all.


tl;dr: Yuki's not the hero. No weakness, not progressed as a character, Fu and Togo would do better.


Also, Karin-Chan is :7595_key:

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Tru af about her weaknesses, but tbh I think the title was intentionally made to be kinda misleading. Not only is Yuki the least explored, but she also has the most common kind of weapon, if you can even call it that. Even her ambitions are the most stereotypical thing for an anime like this. I think that they were trying to take a jab when they named the show, saying that "Yup, you're a hero, Yuki. You're obviously the best one."


Unrelated to the above, I really wanted to see what

[spoiler=Spoiler-y bits here]

That girl with 21 faires looks like. What are her weapons? What's it like when she goes mankai?

I think a prequael series could be made, ya'know, showcasing the efforts of the previous heroes and their battle against the Vertex. 


And it turns out the light novel's are said prequal series. I'm gonna need to get reading.




Also, my favorite is probs Itsuki. Her weapon is really similar to my ideal superpower and her ambitions outside of fighting totally resonate with me. Too bad that *spoiler bit* had top happen, I liked it when *spoiler bit*. 

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