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I Hate Snatch Steal

I keep thinking about this idea for a yugioh fanfic...

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It would be a sequel this unfinished work:




Taking place after the story arc of Argent the Fox Duelist would have concluded. Argent would be sent to the Synchro Dimension with the promise that if he wins the friendship cup, he could see his friends again who now live on Mobius after the events of the rest of Sonic X. He'd have a more coherent set of cards for the friendship cup duels then what is shown in the above story though. Probably based on some CaC desks I made for YGO pro before I retired.


I understand this is a niche story, but I think about it sometimes.


Yes, this is continuing this idea:



Furry haters not welcome here.


As much as this may seem like a cheesy story idea, I'm planning on trying to make it not just a walk in the park for Argent to succeed, and to try to get the readers to feel for him the way he misses his friends. That wouldn't be all he'd be fighting for though, the same omnipotent force that sent Argent to mobius before also promises to fix arc-v's dimensional wars at Argent's insistence that he didn't want to take the challenge just for his own sake.


He'd be grated the ability to disguise himself as a human and be set up to participate in place of Tsukikage, if anyone was curious about that. Also, Argent will have spent some time on his earth [not Sonic X's Earth] and thus be aware of the events of the friendship cup and be up to date about new summoning methods, but also be informed that characters may draw different hands and other variables affecting duels such as action cards positioning may have changed as well, so its not a case of definitely knowing what someone will open with or who will advance to the next round.

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