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Flash Flyer - Sakura

[Sakura] Phantom Beast Shadow Kirin

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Phantom Beast Shadow Kirin

Link 2 - EARTH - Beast-Warrior/Link/Effect
ATK 1800
1 or more "Phantom Beast" monsters
You can only activate the (2) effect of this card's name once per turn.
(1) Once per turn: You can Special Summon 1 "Phantom Beast" monster from your Deck or Graveyard to this card's Linked Zone.
(2) You can target 1 card you control and 1 card your opponent controls; return them to the hand. You must have a monster linked to this card to activate and resolve this effect.


[spoiler=Design stuff]

Some of you probably remember this from the Link Monster game (and I made the original response to that as an MPB specific one due to them actually having an engine to run on). But here you go with one that works with the GX era stuff, but Mechas will likely be the ones using this due to the originals having VERY little support to function with. 


Idea is supposed to speed up the original Phantom Beasts by letting them summon faster, but in the case of MPBs, they really need the summoning power to keep up with the other stuff nowadays; least from me test running them on YGOPro nowadays. Also gives them a way to get rid of backrow or other cards of their choosing. Unlike the case with Kirin (RIP Majespecter boss), this one requires that you have something linked (but by effect 1, you will, unless that gets negated) AND only during your turn.


So yeah, this is technically supposed to push OG Phantom Beasts to be better, but because of inclusion, MPBs benefit from this (and frankly have much more they can do to go into this card)


(Also Shard's recent status had nothing to do with this; I made this long before that comment)




You know what to do with this.

Reps given to those of you who properly review this under the Advanced Clause.

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(cracks knuckles way too loud) Well, here I go oh my god my hand fell off. 


Feels like this may end up supporting Mecha Phantom Beasts more than the normal PBs. I mean, unless you Rescue Ferret out some help from the Deck with another Link monster, the Phantom Beasts are not easy to Summon. MPB, though...Normal Summon an MPB or Scrap Recycler, Foolish or Scrap Recycle a Beast O-Lion, Summon a Token, Summon another Token if you used your 1st Normal Summon for a Megaraptor (or have two anyway if you Summoned Tetherwolf, banish O-Lion to Normal Summon another MPB if you brought it to Grave with Scrap Recycler, then Summon an MPB...


(breathes in) BOI none of that. 


ANYWAYS, use an MPB and a Mecha Phantom Beast Token you have to Link Summon Phantom Beast Shadow Kirin, use its effect to Summon another MPB to the field-good money's on Coltwing, it comes with 2 more Tokens and a destroy-banish effect, or a Tuner if you still have Scrap Recycler on the field, or Iron Call a MPB Tuner from the Graveyard, or -E Tele-a Pilica, or-you get the idea, anyways, you've likely got a Coltwing, two Tokens, PB Shadow Kirin, and a Tuner. And probably Pilica. Vaccum the Scrap Recycler or Pilica if you've got it and a card of your opponents to the hand if its Turn 2, otherwise tune for Jaculusan, tribute the MINIMUM 1 TOKEN you've got, reap your opponent's hand, and laugh for dayz.


And if it dies, Set a Quick-Play. Smart money's on Draw Muscle (if you still have Tokens) or E-Tele/Magnet Reverse if you don't. 




Really, though, this card can easily become a pain if the Phantom Beasts get Summoning support-or really, any Spell/Trap support that isn't a Horn or a bloody Fire Formation card. And it can definitely vamp up the Mecha Phantom Beast's game. Love it a lot. Really gets into busted territory once you use it to vacuum up your Call of the Haunted/Fire Formation Tenki/Aerial Recharge/whatever backrow. 


S'like Brionac came back. 


9.3/10, and keep it up, Sakura.

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(I technically did make a direct MPB equivalent to this card in the same post that did the same thing [with modifications], but was more of a ladder that required you to already Link Summon something else)


Technically an original Phantom Beast but they can't use it purely because they contain, what, 4 members that can't do anything cohesive. (Let's assume Konami decided to forget about them after their appearances as GX game promos). MPBs, on the other hand, do have a lot of members to work with. Oh hell, Tetherwolf literally is a 1-card Link 2 (and I still play this Deck); yeah, also gives you an excuse to run Coltwing more to spam more Tokens (right now, only 1 copy) and/or have more revival avenues outside Hamstrat.


(I haven't exactly needed to recycle Aerial Recharge, but this does give you a way if you actually need to conserve your Tokens/monsters instead of Tributing. Or Majespecter Unicorn without being as annoying as its current form.)



But yeah, you'll be seeing the animal planes using this more than the original members due to consistency. (Konami, why didn't you support them instead of adding more Lightsworn stuff in COTD? [Granted, we still have a few more slots left, but I severely doubt they'll give even 1 of them to a new Phantom Beast.])

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