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  1. 1. You guys want it or not?

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Some of you have asked about this and I already mentioned the idea in the "Future of the DP section" thread, but floating this as an interest check.


Basically, I am considering giving Custom Cards its own Deckbuilding area.


What will this be like?


If you know what the TCG versions of the Deck sections do, then it'll be roughly similar, barring me running it instead of the current TCG mod (whomever they may be at any given time).


You post your Decks made with custom cards (and any TCG/OCG imports as you see necessary) and members critique you on it.


I intend for it to be open to all formats, including that of AGM, DPR or using the TCG/OCG list. You'll need to tag it though so we know what to grade on.


Rules will be worked out later on; again, this depends on whether you guys want this or not. At a bare minimum, you'll need to post a written list (Deck list on YGOPro / DP is fine) and links to the relevant cards in question.


Where will it be?


Between Advanced Cards and Card Contests, so right where Duel Portal is currently located.


Are you getting rid of the Duel Portal section for this?


While I did say that it would be an option, considering the DP members have moved to their own Discord, I haven't done so yet in light of other things. Not outright delete it, but just retrofit it for other things.


(You guys know how inactive this section is)




You'll still have the Duel Portal forum proper to post stuff relevant to it (though don't expect much activity) or if you need to reference something later. 


It'll just be a subforum in the new Deck area, along with the YGOPro area.


When are you adding this?


I already have the section ready to go (albeit hidden), but whether it goes public or not depends on you. 


If you all don't want the section, then I won't develop it (or will be used for something else).


If you do want the section, probably a couple days after I read the feedback you guys provide here (offline life and other factors permitting)




So yeah, if you want your opinion heard, then vote in the poll and/or write stuff out here. I prefer you do both because it's hard to gauge exactly how you feel about the matter from poll voting alone; also allows me to see specific concerns that may arise.


If you have questions, comments or whatever, now's the time to speak up.

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I know it's only been 4 days since I posted the thread, but given the general results from the poll, you guys are generally in favor of the section (well, 7/8 - 0). Yes, I did say that I'd prefer you to write out things for various reasons, but poll voting is fine. 


So yeah, Snatch, I've moved your Decks over to the new area (which is now in), tagged them with the format thing and well, did the section shifting. 


Whether or not I have an Archetype discussion area too remains to be seen. Likely not, given that customs can be modified as needed, whereas TCG/OCG cards are already set in stone (barring corrections to YGOrganization translations and such), but again, may be added with adequate interest.



Again, the DP forum is not gone; it's just a sub-section in this one (much like YGOPro is). You may still post in either of them if desired. 



Rules and such will be up shortly, though it shouldn't be much different than TCG's one, barring adjustments as appropriate for CC. If there's any questions or concerns about anything that comes up, do feel free to ask.


Enjoy your new Deck area, guys  :wink:

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