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YCM GPT 9 Match 1-31

Flash Flyer - Sakura


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With that corrected, voting for Ampharos. Mostly because it is a favorite of a couple of friends, so I want to show my support with a vote. Although I do wish it was a bit better. It has a relatively unique typing, solid defenses and amazing sp.Atk but not quite the movepool to take more advantage of it. Maybe if it had a STAB priority special move, or reliable recovery, IDK.

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Vote #1 goes to Ampharos due to it being one of my top 10 Johto 'mons and its mega is Amphabulous (And yes that was the name I gave it when I used it in X), not to mention the typing for it is the same type Ampharos had in the development of GS.

Vote #2 goes to Entei (TriHard), mainly due to its representation in Movie 3.

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