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The Time Has Come...

Super Chaos Sonic

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How high do you plan on setting for Hyper? 2000 (or the next rep level at 4K if I remember settings correctly)?


That's actually something I've been working with thanks to Yui and Sai. You see, it took me this long to get to 1000, so I'm setting my goals for each thousand likes. Right now its "Super" for 1000. However, we got the list for this. It goes from Super and Hyper from the Sonic franchise, then switching gears towards Dragon Ball Z/Super with the next ones.

  • Super - 1000
  • Hyper - 2000
  • Chaos Sonic God [based off Super Saiyan God] - 3000
  • Chaos Sonic Blue [based off Super Saiyan Blue] - 4000

After Blue, however, I'm working on how things will work out. Not positive if I want to go Ultra Instinct Sonic or something along those lines yet.

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To go Ultra Instinct, you'd have to hit the 5K marker (and that's a far off goal, even for Black at 4144 [which is the highest right now]).


But good luck aiming for the 2K. 


4144 is the highest, huh? Honestly could've sworn it was higher, but still, least I know now.


And thanks. If I keep doing what I'm doing and slowly improve it, I'll be able to get there in no time!

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