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[LVP2] Thunder Dragon Goliath

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Gourai Kiryuu - Thunder Dragon / Thunder Dragon Goliath

Light Thunder / Link / Effect

Link-4 2800 / L R B BR

2+ Thunder monsters

You can only use this card name's (1) effect once per turn.

(1) If this card is Link Summoned: You can target 1 "Thunder Dragon" monster your have that is banished or in your GY; apply the effect written on that monster that activates by discarding itself from the hand, then place it on the top or bottom of your Deck.

(2) If a Thunder monster you control would be destroyed by battle or card effect, you can banish 3 cards from your GY instead.

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the main combo is opening solar and hawk
solar dump roar
hawk summon, solar makes token
token and roar make summoner
roar summon Bolt from deck
make bolt summoner and solar into link
then you can copy hawk with link to revive something
then make Titan
(the mistake)
also bolt can add fusion
i forgot that since the link puts hawk back
you can't just then hard fuse into colossus
so you need any other way to get a TD into grave/banish
so like
gold sarc, foolish
discarding a vanilla
any way to get the 3rd

-- From a friend 


He doesn't think it's worth it though 

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-- From a friend 


He doesn't think it's worth it though 


it's really not. if it were a L3, it would be really good, but tbh, as a link 4, there's far better options that allow you to push for game instead. The borrel bros mostly. even batteries can make more use of this than actual thunder dragons can. that said, the TD trap, hundred thunders, can give you up to 3 materials for it easily. the protection is really expensive, meaning it woun't be as useful early game if they force it out on a singular destruction effect, and while the link summon effect is good, again, it doesn't give you enough back for what you have to put into it.


some summer sommoner is a far better link boss in the deck than this is, unless we get more support that changes that. the art is incredibly boss though. if it had 2 more heads it could be mecha king gidorah.

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