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The Theater Box (Ask Statler & Waldorf Anything)

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Tell me a joke?

i6AgMov.jpg Have you looked in a mirror lately?




putting a question mark at the end doesn't make it a question?


How does it feel for the muppet show on network television recently to have been cancelled?

1Y4GdQ2.jpg Wonderful! Thanks for asking!


Did you enjoy appearing in an ad for Warburton's bread? I hear it wasn't half bad.

i6AgMov.jpg It was all bad.


1Y4GdQ2.jpg Just like we told Kermit.

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I was speaking with Arin a couple of weeks ago during our playthrough of Mega Man 11 about things not aging well, do you think you've aged well or not?

i6AgMov.jpg We haven't aged a day in thirty years!


1Y4GdQ2.jpg Our voice boxes, not so much.


Sooooooooooo...is there a method to heckling?

1Y4GdQ2.jpg Step one: Recognize that somebody needs to be heckled.


i6AgMov.jpg Step two: Heckle them.



So do you guys do anything, or do you just sit there and make snide remarks? kod62z0.png?1


Can I join you? kod62z0.png?1


1Y4GdQ2.jpg Nope.


i6AgMov.jpg As long as you don't sing and dance.


1Y4GdQ2.jpgi6AgMov.jpg ...


How's Kermit and the gang?

i6AgMov.jpg They're the same muppets they've always been.


1Y4GdQ2.jpg Yeah, why do you think we're here? We needed an excuse to not pay attention to the show.



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