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Heckle the Member Above You

Statler & Waldorf

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1Y4GdQ2.jpg I don't like looking like we're following that red guy's lead, but we might as well put this up now.


i6AgMov.jpg The rules are easy. Just heckle whoever's above you, with one joke per post. That's it.


1Y4GdQ2.jpg If we like your post enough, we'll give you some points and a "like." And maybe some other bonuses like "heckle of the day" if we feel like it.




1Y4GdQ2.jpg And according to the rules around here, we're supposed to make sure you kids don't get too rowdy.


i6AgMov.jpg What are they gonna do? Type at each other?




1Y4GdQ2.jpg We'll be keeping track of the heckles we like just below.


i6AgMov.jpg That way we don't give too many points to one person.


[spoiler=Statler's Picks]Draconus297



[spoiler=Waldorf's Picks]



1Y4GdQ2.jpgi6AgMov.jpg Happy heckling!

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The reason you walk on your butt all the time is cause it's the only thing big enough to lift your fat head, ha!


You know, I always wondered what was with your design. With the emphasis on the butt and constantly talking non-sense. I think I finally realized that you're literally the butt of every joke.

Alright sugar now's your chance
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i6AgMov.jpg  Are these hecklers?


1Y4GdQ2.jpg No, Statler, they're ecklers.


i6AgMov.jpg What does that even mean, you old fool!?


1Y4GdQ2.jpg Every time you see one of 'em try, you go "Eck, are they serious?"




1Y4GdQ2.jpg Ah, in all seriousness, I think it's about time we called this little contest over. It doesn't look like we'll be giving out any more points before the event's over at this rate.

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