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[Written] Cyberdark Core


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Cyberdark Core

lv 3 DARK


Cannot be Normal Summoned/Set. If this card is sent to the GY while equipped to a monster: You can draw 1 card. You can discard this card; add 1 "Cyberdark" Card from your GY to your hand except "Cyberdark Core". You can only activate this effect of "Cyberdark Core" once per turn.

ATK/2000 DEF/0


So Core acts similer to Cannon and Claw but with a twist that is a Level 3 that has 2000 ATK (but cannot be Normal Summoned or set.) In addition this card can be discard to recycle any Cyberdark card except Core.


In Cyberdarks not only will it act as a key ATK boosting card to make your main deck Cyberdarks 2800 ATK monsters but also help with recycling your other cards in order to set up your field.

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This card will fit in very nicely with the cyber dark archetype! (having been playing with them since the Zane unlock event in duel links; where I assume you got the inspiration to write this from ;) )


Having a return a monster from the graveyard will help you cycle cannon and claw to keep your resources up which I feel is crucial with this deck! the plus one effect when it is sent to the graveyard while it is equipped is also nice; meaning its not set to destroyed so you can pull off some nice combos with cyber dark impact, gaining plus 1 and essentially making this card able to be equipped upon fusion summon with a nice plus 1 draw!


The draw back effect of not being able to normal summon helps keep it balanced! 


Would love to see this card finished, especially if you could find some art that integrates nicely with the eeriness of the set!





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