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Chaos MAX + Ultimate Conductor Tyranno ft. Impcantations


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[spoiler=Deck List]
Monsters (21)


2 Ultimate Conductor Tyranno - One of the two big bosses in the deck.  Easy to summon either from the hand or Deck and actually hilariously complements the other boss.

2 Overtex Qoatlus - Mostly used as a stepping stone: a searcher for Double Evo Pill.  I've only summoned it once, but if I were to make a more "going first" variation of the deck, I think this could be that much more useful.

3 Impcantation Level 6 Ritual Monster Searcher - The one that I want to field as soon as possible.  Pulling the Impcantation Ritual ASAP is paramount to making the deck as powerful as it is.

1 Impcantation Level 5 Ritual Spell Recoverer - Eh, it is another name, and that is the most important thing.  Haven't really used it.

3 Souleating Oviraptor - What kind of Dinosaur engine would you have without this guy?  One of the two Normal Summons in the deck.

1 Manju - It's fine.  The deck usually has its Normal Summon free, so pulling a boss or the Impcantation Ritual Monster is nice for the price.

3 Impcantation Level 4 Ritual Spell Searcher - Crucial play extender and the one I often field alongside the level 6.

1 Impcantation Level 3 Ritual Monster Recoverer - A tiny bit more useful than the level 5, but again mostly useful for its name.

2 Chaos MAX Dragon - Mostly because there aren't as many Rituals that have this card's power for its ease of summon.  When I remembered UCT's quick effect though... Well, this became the obvious choice.

3 Impcantation Ritual Monster - Reveal for cost to put a monster on board and either search or recover any Ritual Monster or Ritual Spell.  I cannot emphasize just how good this effect is.



Spells (19)


3 Foolish Burial Goods - Eh, the deck really doesn't have anything to send other than the Ritual Spell, but that Ritual Spell is about as critical for the Deck's function as the Impcantation Ritual Monster, so this enables it quickly.

2 Double Evolution Pill - Pretty self-explanatory.  Enables the Dino half of the Deck.  The Grave fills really quickly, but even if it doesn't, the deck pulls so much advantage that it doesn't matter a ton if you have to banish a monster from hand.

3 Fossil Dig - It is annoying to go a turn without using your Normal Summon; even if this card isn't super necessary (at three), it is effective in doing exactly what I need it to do.

3 Pot of Indulgence - Impcantations restrict your use of the Extra Deck, so might as well benefit with some draw power, right?  I find this especially amusing in this deck because people might think Ashing this is a good trade, but the deck really doesn't care making it a waste for the opponent.

1 Foolish Burial - Pretty much exclusively used for enabling Overtex.  Pretty easy card to drop if I want to change the deck, but for the most part it is a surprise UCT out of nowhere.

1 Preparation of Rites - I'll be honest, I'm only just remembering that this went up to three.  Note again the importance of the Impcantation Ritual Monster.

3 Impcantation Ritual Spell - The ability for it to pretty much Ritual anything I want coupled with an OPT search/recycle of a ritual monster/spell as a GY effect?  Yes please!

3 Twin Twisters - The bosses can easily deal with pretty much any monster in my way, but having a way to hit Spells/Traps is pretty important.  Again, the discard isn't too concerning just because of how much advantage this deck ramps, but this card is often the most dead card in the deck.



Extra (15)

15 - Fodder for Pot of Indulgence - I designed the deck pretty explicitly around the combos in the Main Deck, but if anyone has suggestions for stuff that could be put here, I'm all ears!



I wanted to put this deck together mostly because Impcantations seem really solid and they leave your NS available which is perfect for a Dino engine.  In all honesty, it feels like the Impcantations can put out Chaos MAX easier than Blue-Eyes can.


In any case, while it is a combo deck at heart, this deck has so many directions it can pull advantage that it can power through a couple hand traps without losing steam.  Of course, this deck is really a turn 2 deck so the real question is how good it is at powering through an opponent's full field.  Honestly, it really depends.  Most cards in the deck look like they could load threats: Foolish, Pot of Indulgence, Manju, etc.  But very few are actual threats (i.e. Raigeki, Evenly Matched, etc.).  You could potentially dance around big plays while having your opponent respond to smaller "threats".  Or your opponent can end up only responding to active threats like UCT or Chaos MAX.  It would really depend on how you play it and how your opponent responds.


Anyways, thanks for the look-through.  Any suggestions would be much appreciated!



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At the very least add Chimeratech Megafleet Dragon to your Extra Deck, so Cyber Dragon Infinity gets trivialized.

While we are at that you can add Super Polymerization as an easy answer for negation boards (given that you have the space for it).

Eater of Millions is also a possibility, you are already running the new Pot card, so that is nice.

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Oh, that's true! I can definitely add Megafleet and Super Poly might come in handy.



I'm not 100% sure on Eater though. It's true that for this deck, the Extra Deck is a resource rather than a toolbox, but Eater doesn't do a whole lot that my deck can't do anyways (as it primarily outs monsters).


The big bosses of the deck usually can each be brought out turn 1 and are often both brought out together. There aren't many things that Eater can deal with that those two can't.


...At the same time: free monster, outs things almost without chance to respond, forces opponent response during their turn (if it gets to that point).


I'll have to think about it. Thanks for the suggestions!

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