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[VIDEO][Need tips to improve it] Undead Flames


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Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zg0dbeZk0K0

Name: Undead Flames

Attribute: Fire

Type: Zombie

LVL: 1

ATK: ?

DEF: 200


There can be an unlimited amount of copies of "Undead Flames" in a deck as long as the total deck size does not exceed 60. When this card is Summoned: Send 1 "Undead Flames" from your Deck to your GY. Gains 100 ATK for each "Undead Flames" in your GY. When this card is sent to the GY: inflict 100 damage to your opponent for each "Undead Flames" in your GY.


There are already three flaws with the card which need to be addressed:

-> The card itself is too weak, but I'm not sure how I should buff it.

-> I think the card's visual design needs to be revisited.

-> I forgot to include every type of Summon in the card's code to trigger the self mill effect, as can be seen in the video, I do not need your help with that, but I thought I'd mention just in case you would point it out.


EDIT 1: I think I fixed the visual design, tell me what you think of the changes:


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a FIRE Zombie with 200 DEF. there quite a lot of utility with those


its can exponentially rise its stat along with its effect damage potential, quite simple.


Rat Mechanic of MTG eh. this is should put this on experimental at least. lets say you run like 21 of these in mill deck > mill all of them > activate rekindling to summon 5 >  FTK/OTK


that what i can think off this card currently. its quite new territory for yugioh

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@Dr. Jolly Glot the III Do you think you could build a good deck with that card? I did try to make one, but I had to resort to mostly banned/limited cards to really make this card worth it. (demonstration of the only deck I could come up with in video)


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Well that is the thing, this card looks like it would either be "bad" or become a degenerate consistent FTK card (a la Cannon Soldier). With a card that's so focused on burning the opponent for the win, there wouldn't really be a way to balance it out without removing the burn aspect entirely.


That being said, a deck that'd use this card as it's core doesn't seem like it would be consistent enough. Ideally, if you're trying to win via burn, you'd want to summon/dump as many of these as possible, meaning you need to cycle through as much of your Deck as you can.


Some cards I think would be useful as a core for the deck:

3 Pot of Desires (you're running enough Flames that losing a few is worth 2 draws)

1 Monster Reborn (self-explanatory)

1 Rekindling (")

1 Foolish Burial (")

1 One for One (discard a Flame to summon a Flame and you can organize the chain links to get maximum burn damage)


Reasoning looks good as an extra Foolish. Danger monsters (especially Mothman) are a must. Contract with Don Thousand can reduce your opponent's LP and give you another draw. I'm probably missing other useful revival/draw cards too, so none of this is set in stone.


...However, any deck that'd use the card to its full potential has to be tied together using Link monsters. Linkuriboh is the fastest way to put the Flames from the field to the GY. Vampire Sucker can net you an extra draw. Summon Sorceress can pull extra Flames from your Deck. Saryuja Skull Dread is the most important as it lets you dig through your Deck for key cards AND Summon extra Flames from your hand.


[spoiler Sample Decklist]

14 Undead Flames

3 Danger Mothman

3 Danger Snake

3 Danger Nessie

3 Danger Jackelope


3 Pot of Desires

3 Contract with Don Thousand

1 Monster Reborn

1 Rekindling

1 Foolish Burial

1 141

1 Reasoning


3 Needlebug Nest


3 Saryuja Skull Dread

2 Summon Sorceress

2 Vampire Sucker

3 Linkuriboh

1 Salamangreat Almiraj

1 Relinquished Anima

3 ...other




The number of Flames might be low. It's kinda hard to gauge without testing. The rest of the deck is devoted to summoning it out/linking it off as many times as possible to fill up the Grave. I'm thinking of removing Needlebug Nest, but I'm tired and can't think of what could take its place right now.

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What if you put the DEF to 2000. That makes it a half decent defender and helps against most cards that have piercing damage (aside from Dragon's Rage and the like). But then again, you have cards like Gravity Bind and Solar Flare Dragon to help with that. Also, I know you're shooting for a new mechanic but maybe you could buff the ATK gain to 800 and limit it to 3. You could also buff the burn damage to 500. You could also buff the original ATK of the card to 1000. That should help quite a bit.

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I personally think the Mechanic is doable in MTG because the game has several factor going for it:

1) Tempo: having a much more limited resources in form of mana system means there be a turn when opponent will do less action that threaten your setup. Unlike this game ultra-action-based in which you can play the card as soon as you had it in your hand.

2) Stronger draw power: in corelation of above, MTG has much powerful draw power

3) "protection": MTG battle system itself its a protection of its own


Based on this point in addition to original effects we can emulate point 1&2 via search effect. Probs search another of itself with certain limitation thats unique to the mechanic:


"If you have more than 3 monster whose its original names are "Undead Flames" in [GY or Field]: you can add 1 "Undead Flames"


Some thing like that, probs additional limitation do it wont ended bonkers like HOPT or maybe given the bricky nature "Twice per turn" limitation seems justifiable.

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