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Ygopro/Duelingbook Story Sharing thread


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Hello, fine peoples!  Just a place for you to post your dueling stories (custom cards or no).


I'm aware there's another thread that was like this, but it hasn't been posted in since 2017 and it is exclusively custom card stories.  I couldn't find one that was more general, but if a mod wants to roll this into that old topic (or another applicable area), feel free.


[spoiler=Story 1 - Ninjas vs Cubics]

I'm just coming onto YCM after having played a couple of the most satisfying duels I'd had in a while.


I'm looking to participate in a casual online tourney, so I was fine-tuning a Ninja deck.  As I was dueling randos, I ran into a friendly dude playing Cubics.  Being... VERY aware about how dangerous Cubics can be, I played around the cards pretty well and ended up winning with 100 LP left.


It was the second duel that went off the rails.


I bricked.  3 big Ninjas, the field spell, and one of their traps.  I was also going second.  He played Duza and played Karma on it, buffing it to 4000 ATK.  If we weren't having fun, that'd be where the story ends.


Instead, 19 turns later, he decks out.


A series of ridiculous events including an unfortunate Reasoning that milled out almost his entire deck, crashing a stolen Duza with another Duza, and (the coup de grace) the summoning of the Cubic Fusion monster made this one of my favorite duels I'd had in ages.  The fact that despite having the big boss he couldn't actually kill me made this perfect.  I ended up winning with 600 LP against his full 8000.




I didn't do the duel justice and I was misplaying like crazy in the second game, but I forgot to save it so...



Anyways, thread's open for any dueling stories!


Happy dueling!

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Ok i do have duel story that quite epic although it happen a quite long time ago ( early Arc-V era) so forgive me if theres parts i forgot


me vs a really cool rando guy in YgoPro (with some of either rando or that guy friends about 4-5 as spectator)


Me: my deck is basically Yanfly's (Yugioh4realman) Drill Warrior Synchro Deck (feat Quasar) that i modified so it incorporate T.G and brand new (at that time) Old Entity Hastorr


The guy: a really good Dark Synchro


The duel:

While im not remember much what happen in early turns, it was a crazy back-to-back plays in which i hold the onslaught of big synchro the guy has with hastor effect that end up with me having only 2000 LP, Drill Warrior that continuously fetching either Battle Fader or Dandylion while the guy LP is higher that 8000, have scary board consist of Beelze, Beelzeus, and Dragocytos while he still have resource to make another (well he does have Level Eater ready)


at the end of the guy's turn we exchange complement for the fun plays earlier and then on my turn i recycle my Hastorr via Jar of Avarice.. And lucky me the 1 draw grant me enough make Hastorr again. I manage to trigger that hastorr to steal his Beelzeus which i immediately use to weaken his its Beelze and gaining LP. The spectator goes wild, the guy praise me for using the Brand New Hastorr really well, after that its series of grind game in which i inflict direct damage & recycle advantage via drill warrior while holding the big synchro with Beelzeus


Finally i steal win when suddenly the guy advantage bricked and the giant synchros ATK is lower enough for me to slammed Beelzeus through

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I've plenty of stories. Some good. Some not.


Once back in 2015 or 2016, I was using Fabled against someone using Cyber Dragons; all in YGOPro. They Summoned Cyber End Dragon with Power Bond and proceeded to attack Ganashia with it. Luckily I pulled off two Honests making for I think 9600 damage.


And there was that one time I came across Tinkerer himself on YGOPro in a random duel. That was rather surreal.

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