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BS's Top 5s (Pokemon TCG edition)

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Just like I did with YGO a few months ago, I'm going to list my Top 5 cards from each PTCG set from Base Set to present (Base Set 2 and Legendary Collection will not be included).

Top 5 from Base:
CharizardBaseSet4.jpg MachampBaseSet8.jpg ComputerSearchBaseSet71.jpg BS88ProfessorOak.jpg DoubleColorlessEnergyBaseSet96.jpg

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17 hours ago, Tythe Scora said:

Aaaaaand this is where my knowledge of the pokemon TCG ends. XD

Well, buckle up son as we've now reached the end of the Gen 1 sets.

Top 5 from Gym Heroes:
ErikaDragonairGymHeroes4.jpg LtSurgeElectabuzzGymHeroes6.jpg RocketMoltresGymHeroes12.jpg SabrinaVenonatGymHeroes96.jpg MistyWrathGymHeroes114.jpg 

Top 5 from Gym Challenge:
BlaineCharizardGymChallenge2.jpg GiovanniMachampGymChallenge6.jpg GiovanniNidokingGymChallenge7.jpg MasterBallGymChallenge116.jpg FervorGymChallenge124.jpg

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Now that the site is back, I can continue with this and move onto the Gen 4 sets, after the last three Gen 3 sets.

Top 5 from EX Crystal Guardians:
CharizardEXCrystalGuardians4.jpg SableyeEXCrystalGuardians10.jpg 642 S041 385JIRACHI.jpg SceptileexEXCrystalGuardians96.jpg CelebiEXCrystalGuardians100.jpg

Top 5 from EX Dragon Frontiers:
AmpharosEXDragonFrontiers1.jpg 645 S037 330FLYGON.jpg GardevoirexEXDragonFrontiers93.jpg SalamenceexEXDragonFrontiers98.jpg CharizardEXDragonFrontiers100.jpg

Top 5 from EX Power Keepers:
SlakingEXPowerKeepers13.jpg GardevoirEXPowerKeepers9.jpg DrakeStadiumEXPowerKeepers72.jpg MetagrossexEXPowerKeepers95.jpgSalamenceexEXPowerKeepers96.jpg

-----Gen 4 time

Top 5 from Diamond & Pearl:
DialgaDiamondPearl1.jpg DusknoirDiamondPearl2.jpg ElectivireDiamondPearl3.jpg RivalDiamondPearl113.jpg InfernapeLVXDiamondPearl121.jpg

Top 5 from DP Mysterious Treasures:
AlakazamMysteriousTreasures2.jpg GarchompMysteriousTreasures9.jpg AbraMysteriousTreasures69.jpg ElectivireLVXMysteriousTreasures121.jpg Magmortar lvx 123.jpg

Top 5 from DP Secret Wonders:
AmpharosSecretWonders1.jpg CharizardSecretWonders3.jpg LickilickySecretWonders12.jpg ElectivireSecretWonders25.jpg BebeSearchMysteriousTreasures109.jpg 

Top 5 from DP Great Encounters:
CresseliaGreatEncounters2.jpg DarkraiGreatEncounters3.jpg Porygon-ZGreatEncounters6.jpg AmuletCoinGreatEncounters97.jpg LeftoversGreatEncounters99.jpg 

Top 5 from DP Majestic Dawn:
DialgaMajesticDawn4.jpg EspeonMajesticDawn18.jpg SuperScoopUpDiamondPearl115.jpg WarpPointMajesticDawn88.jpg GlaceonLVXMajesticDawn98.jpg

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Time to end Gen 4 and start Gen 5

Top 5 from HS Unleashed:
MagmortarUnleashed2.jpg MetagrossUnleashed4.jpg JudgeUnleashed78.jpg KingdraUnleashed85.jpg TyranitarUnleashed88.jpg

Top 5 from HS Undaunted:
EspeonUndaunted2.jpg ForretressUndaunted3.jpg TeamRocketTrickeryUndaunted78.jpg SlowkingUndaunted85.jpg UmbreonUndaunted86.jpg

Top 5 from HS Triumphant:
Porygon-ZTriumphant7.jpg JunkArmTriumphant87.jpg CelebiTriumphant92.jpg MagnezoneTriumphant96.jpg AlphLithographTriumphantFOUR.jpg

Top 5 from Call of Legends:
HoundoomCallLegends10.jpg LucarioCallLegends14.jpg PachirisuCallLegends18.jpg LostWorldCallLegends81.jpg RayquazaCallLegendsSL10.jpg


Top 5 from Black & White:
KrookodileBlackWhite65.jpg ZoroarkBlackWhite71.jpg KlinklangBlackWhite76.jpg PokémonCommunicationBlackWhite99.jpg ZekromBlackWhite114.jpg

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Top 5 from BW Noble Victories:
VolcaronaNobleVictories21.jpg ConkeldurrNobleVictories64.jpg HydreigonNobleVictories79.jpg HaxorusNobleVictories88.jpg NNobleVictories101.jpg

Top 5 from BW Next Destinies:
ChandelureNextDestinies20.jpg KyuremEXNextDestinies38.jpg MewtwoEXNextDestinies54.jpg ShiftryNextDestinies72.jpg ChandelureNextDestinies101.jpg

Top 5 from BW Dark Explorers:
VolcaronaDarkExplorers22.jpg EelektrossDarkExplorers47.jpg DarkraiEXDarkExplorers63.jpg GardevoirDarkExplorers109.jpg ArcheopsDarkExplorers110.jpg

Top 5 from BW Dragon's Exalted:
GolurkDragonsExalted59.jpg RayquazaEXDragonsExalted85.jpg GiratinaEXDragonsExalted92.jpg HydreigonDragonsExalted97.jpg ToolScrapperDragonsExalted116.jpg

Top 5 from BW Boundaries Crossed:
KeldeoEXBoundariesCrossed49.jpg CrustleBoundariesCrossed85.jpg BlackKyuremEXBoundariesCrossed101.jpg BiancaBoundariesCrossed147.jpg CherenBoundariesCrossed148.jpg

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