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Custom Yu-Gi-Oh Format Idea

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(Since the general Yugioh Discussion section is gone, I really don't have anywhere specific to post this huh?)

Hello fine peoples!

So I was browsing reddit yesterday and I saw a yu-gi-oh topic that caught my attention:



Custom Format: Only the first sentence of a card's effect is permitted. Which cards and/or archetypes is now broken though this change?


  • You must only count the first line sentence of an effect as the entire effect of a card.
  • Extra Deck cards will have the first line of text after their materials counted as part of their effect.
  • Unless stated otherwise TCG only.

If you want to attempt a deck build, Standard TCG ban list is applied with the exception that Forbidden cards that have more then one line of text is now limited.

(My brother and I are planning to try the format and we decided to amend the rules for clarity and because restricting to TCG only felt pointless)


I thought it was a really interesting concept, so I wanted to bring it over here and see if people can come up with some decent cards/strategies for a format like this.

*Exodia is banned in this format.


Some general trends to keep in mind:

  • Nomi/Semi-Nomi Effect monsters (i.e. monsters that say "Cannot be Normal Summoned/Set") basically just boil down to hard-to-summon big beaters.
  • Similarly, Rituals are essentially glorified Normal monsters.
  • Cards that have HOPTs are infinitely better because you can actually loop their effects.


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Ok, so my brother and I were putzing around with this format and it seems pretty clear that the "Wind-Up" archetype is probably the best set of monsters for this format, hands down.

If you can get "Wind-Up Magician" on the field with almost any other "Wind-Up" monster, you can Summon "Wind-Up Hunter" and hand-loop your opponent until they're out of cards.

If you happen to go second, "Wind-Up Soldier", "Wind-Up Warrior", and "Wind-Up Dog" are all perfect turn 2 insta-kill monsters as they all have self-boosting effects that aren't OPT in this format.  They can each go up to infinite ATK and just kill the opponent or be tributed with Catapult Turtle for infinite burn damage.


Speaking of infinite burn damage: "Performapal Extra Slinger" is my favorite card for that.  If you can get 1 Pendulum monster into your Extra Deck and then place Extra Slinger in the Pendulum Zone, you've got infinite burn damage at 300 a pop.


I think my favorite draw spell in this format is "Sylvan Charity".  Because of how the restriction is worded and where the sentence ends, as long as you do not draw a second Charity off your first Charity, you don't have to actually place anything back on top of your deck.  "Card of Demise" also loses most of its downsides which is nice.


Can anyone else find/think of some interesting interactions in a format like this?

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This is a very interesting idea, and yeah Wind-Ups just showed me how broken some cards can get. 
Poor HERO Fusions that all now just have "must be Fusion Summoned" as their effect xD
I'm definitely gonna look up cards to see more of this. It's a bit harsher than simpley "he #1 effect" as it can include other clauses at "all of it".
It for one might eliminate a ton of hard OPT clauses from S/T cards.

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