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I'm not an active member anymore, but just today I remembered some old threads in Creative Writing I wanted to take a look at, but I can't find either of them. The first was a fanfic that I think was called Yu-Gi-Oh! Dead Zone, but I can't remember who wrote it. And then thinking about Creative Writing made me remember Crab Helmet's Foe Fiction.

The last time I was here Creative Writing had some kind of archives subforum, but it looks like that's gone now. Even then, I think Foe Fiction was old enough that it didn't appear there and you could only find it by searching for it or looking through Crab Helmet's activity feed or some rigamarole like that. But I don't think Crab Helmet's (original) account even exists anymore, and even my activity feed seems to be missing a lot of content.

So, any ideas for finding these musty, dusty old topics?

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For better or worse, the forum has gone through a number of pretty big updates over the past 18 months, and the biggest casualty seems to have been old threads.  It is pretty much impossible to find threads that are more than two years old using the on-site search function.

Fortunately, you knew the exact names of the threads you were looking for, so good ol' Google has your back!  This is what I found for Dead Zone.  And this is what I found for Foe Fiction.  Hopefully those were what you were looking for?

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