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Jappio's Splicing Tutorial

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Well due to popular demand, I have made a tutorial for splicing. Hope it aids everyone else, and stop asking me for how I do it now! Watch out, it's huge.


[spoiler=Splicing Tutorial]SplicingTutorial.png?t=1220972696



Also feel free to show your results that you got from using this tutorial to see how good it works.

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Here is my new fancy video tutorial.



Here is another Video tutorial, this one is shorter:





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Scratching Tutorial


I have finally done it. I have finished the spriting tutorial.


This is it, every video.


I will reiterate, you should watch all parts. The main meat I will admit are in parts 4 and 5, but useful information is in each, all of which can help you become a better spriter.







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I don't really think there is any other advance stuff to go over. I guess I didn't go over reshading, but reshading isn't something that I don't think I've ever really done, maybe once or twice. Other than that I think I covered it all. I could be wrong though, I might have missed something, if I did let me know, I could maybe update the tut then.


Perhaps there were some things I might have not included, but the reason for that probably is because splicing comes natural for me. This "advance stuff" you speak of may be more of habit or natural skill I have, so I don't notice it as anything advanced or needed to be taught.

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Ok, I guess I'll copy the same thing TKill did, and ask that people show examples of the stuff they were able to make using this guide. Also by people doing that, I can find out what I may have missed in the tutorial, or what things to underline.

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Now I did find this tutorial very helpful, but I really think one part is wrong. You just copyflipped Nuzleaf's leaf without doing the lighting again, and this can be recognized by an observant person. The light comes from the top-left so the left leaf should be lighted on the left side and the shadow should be on the right side.


Sorry if I made a mistake, I'm still a newb.

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No need to apologize, you're absolutely right. I do mention that is a step that is needed to be done, but I don't go too deeply into it. I had viewed it as a bit of an advance technique, more suited for something like a spriting guide. Since you brought it up though, and since a lot of people don't know about reshading, I guess I should add to this guide then. I should have this update up soon. Thanks again Spirit of Touma.




Well, I finished adding a new section in on that. I also go and give a few tips and suggestions too, but I don't get too detailed.

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Spelliing mistakes aren't a good enough reason for me to go in, fix, and then re-upload everywhere =P, wait till the next time I do an update if I find something is going to be added.


I've always wanted to make my own splices. Maybe i can now!


2 hours later: Ok' date=' i finally made 1 here it is:


Yes i know it sucks, but its my first splice ever!


No excuse really. My first splice I wouldn't consider bad at all:


So this being you first isn't exactly a good excuse at all, and I didn't even have a nice full tut like this. I'm not trying to be rude here, but honest and now I'm going to critique your splice.


First off, you did a poor job keeping the borders right. I'm guessing you went and grabbed a mewtwo sprite, and just erased the black, getting rid of the border. It's usually a basic rules of sprites that you don't just copy and paste a sprite from an image in most cases. What you should have done was save it, or found a sprite of Mewtwo that wouldn't lose its border.


A few other problems are things like how you attatched pieces. The Lucario leg isn't on right at all, it should raised higher. Lucarios thigh/hip should be where Mewtwo's is, not attached lower. Another problem is they are all mix matched. You have a Lucaro leg, but also a Mewtwo leg. You probably should aim for having it where both arms or legs are of one of the Pokemon.


You have a black blotch under Mewtwo's arm also, that isn't appealing at all.


Another problem, you obviously didn't folow the guide, because you didn't even atempt to recolor it. Your splice because of these things just made it look like in 5 minutes you slapped random pieces of Lucario onto Mewtwo.


I guess I must also remember to add some stuff in at the beginning concerning stuff like getting clean pieces.

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Jappio, i would have given you a rep for this tutorial but i'm not so sure that you deserve it after what you said about my splice. But you are partly right because i did just copy and paste. And i've never been genius with a computer so the recolouring bit was a bit to complicated but i will try again later. You should see the 2 i've made after that first one. They're a bit better. Please tell me what you think of them.


Yes, i know one of them is similar to your tutorial splice but it seemed like nice one to get started with. And about the black around the sprite i actually just clicked that paint bucket and set to white and clicked on the black. Phew, I think thats the longest post i've ever made.



P.S. You still get your rep:)

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Honestly, I don't care if you give me a rep or not, I see them as pointless. Also if you plan on doing any form of art or anything, be ready for critique. I do critique knowing a lot of people like the harshness, it gets what is wrong out there, allowing the artist know how to improve. I use to just sit around and not even look at other people's sprites. I now look around and try to help people, because I know I would want the same.


Well once again you had some bordering issues, like on Poliwhirl and the Nuzleaf legs. Also it's fine that you used those pieces, it makes it easier for you tell how you are doing. Some things like the arms are put on pretty bad. Also I don't like how the leaf is on it, it really isn't even growing out of it, just hovering over its head. As usual, it could use some recoloring, and perhaps there is an easy guide you can find somewhere else.


The second one isn't actually too bad. The lack of recoloring I think is Ok on some things, like Regi fusions. It still has a few problems though. The legs are on weird, and there is a weird indent behind the right leg (our right). The left arm looks weird the way is attached. If done a bit better, it could look cool, but the problem would be the other arm doesn't do it also. There is a weird black splotch on the top left corner of the head too, and the far left dot on the head ahs some dark blotch too.


Hope you don't find this critiquing offensive, I honestly am trying to help you though.

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