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SSBB RP: Brawler's Hotel. Guess who's back? X)


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Firstly, this is actually my first RP, so if I get anything wrong then please let me know right away!


Now then, this RP is based on NeatHat’s Smash Mansion RP that ended a while back, so if you’ve been in that before then my RP is quite similar, but at the same time different so just in case, you’d better listen! :mrgreen:


The plot of this RP is basically what the Brawl Characters did in their spare time after the Sub-Space Emissionary situation, which will usually take place in their home, the “Brawler’s Hotel”. During this time, your characters can chill out, take part in their own hilarious Misadventures, and also I’ll introduce some funny events that’ll randomly occur, such as an invasion of Mites (Which I won’t actually do, as 1. NeatHat did this and 2. That’s just an example) etc. You can have your characters take part in brawls, but usually they’ll be in the Brawler’s Hotel doing who knows what!


A max of 3 Characters will be in each Hotel room (Kind of like dorms, but higher quality) and I’ll state which room you’ll be in as soon as you post your application, which is this:



Character: (As they say, first come, first served, so if your favourite Brawl character is taken, then unlucky! :mrgreen: )

Friends: (Who you would like your character to be friends with)

Foes: (Same, but for enemies)


As soon as, oh say, about 8 or 9 people join, we can start straight away!


[spoiler=My Application]


Username: TurboTom

Character: Meta Knight

Friends: Link, Yata and Kirby.

Foes: Jigglypuff, Sonic (After the whole "Taking a picture of Naked Samus" episode in the Smash Mansion RP), and Samus (Scariest. Woman. EVER!)





[spoiler=Room numbers and occupants]


Entries so far:


Room 1:


Meta Knight (Me!)

Yata (Flandre Scarlet)

Captian Falcon (WiiOmi)


Room 2:


Zelda (Golden Light)

Link (AfterlifePalidan)

Christian (The 2nd made up character) (Alex Ryder)


Room 3:


Mario (Ansem)

Ness (jeroukoo)

Pit (howling_torment)


Room 4:


Toon Link (One Word)

Lucario (.:Super Sonic_Zach:.)

Samus (SwatKing55)


Room 5:


Sonic (~Wulf~)

Lucas (Tpopoli)

Captian Olimar (WhiteWind)




The only rule here is that not only can u control ur own character, but also any other Brawl characters that havn't been selected yet! However, as soon as a character is chosen by a User, like Mario for example, then only that User can control him.


The only 3 characters that you can NEVER control besides me is Master Hand, Crazy Hand and Mii, since they run the place, and are potentially the most powerful characters...well, until I met Yata that is, but thats besides the point...


[spoiler=Layout of Hotel]


Also, to make things easier I'll explain what is on each floor of the Hotel, using the castle from Super Mario World 64 as a template:


Ground Floor:


The 4 doors that usually lead to a painting are Rooms 1, 2, 3 and 4, and the basmement doors obviously leed to the basmement floor. Up the small stairs, the middle door goes to the 1st floor, the door to the left goes to the cafeteria and the door to the right goes to the game room.


1st floor:


After going up the fleet of stairs, you go into a round corridor with two doors on opposite ends, and another fleet of stairs. The door that leads to the room of mirrors (In the game that is) Is the Disco room, and the other door leads to the Rooms 5, 6, and 7.


2nd Floor (Employee's/Employer's only!):


This is the rooms for Master Hand and Crazy Hand. The Grandfather clock up there takes them to Final Destination.


3rd Floor: Off limits!


What could lie up here? Well, Mii goes up there a lot, but not only is the door to these stairs locked, but climbing up the stairs gets you no-where!




The garden in the game is now the beach behind the Hotel, and the double doors leads to the proper basmement, where all of the props, equipment etc is stored. But what other secrets are stored down there???





Righty-o and there u go! I hope u enjoy the Brawl experience :mrgreen:

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Cool its Jack Frost! Ok ur definatly in, and ur in room 2 with Lucas!


Note: This was for Death Wisper Ryko when he posted his app, but he then put it on a PM instead, so don't worry!


1. Its ":mrgreeen:" not Mr. Green

2. Yeah ok, thats completly fine with me! Besides, i've got a character thats not in the game as well! Ur in the same room as Marth and Squirtle!

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You see, in NeatHat's SSBB Smash Mansion RP, me and Death Wisper Ryko were the only people who were left when the Thread was about to die, and when he first came on, he asked NeatHat if he could use a made up character. And that was when Meta Knight (My character) and Yata first developed a rivalry!


Infact, that brings back a lot of Nostalga...Hmm, I have half a mind to change my character from Mii into Meta Knight now...

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Yata-Aluria is the Main Villan in my First RP of the Death Whisper Series, He was the King of Death Whisper(A disease that gave Psychokinesis and Telepathy, but kills you in 9 years unless you have a specific strain that goes to a stage other than Stage 8, Other Powers include a Powerful Weapon and the ability to spawn Poisoned Knives out of thin air(I'm not going to use that in this RP, cause i don't want this turning into a Death Whisper RP, Wouldn't we), while other Strain-Isolated abilities range from Planar Control to being able to turn into a Werewolf to being able to change weapons at will)I tend to Modify him and Bring him into other RPs(An Example, i Turned him into a Yugioh card for Yugioh RPs and he has Gained and Lost powers if he goes into a SSBB RP)

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Yeah, i'm sorry about the confusion :oops:


Then change Mii on link's allie list to meta Knight


Only you can edit ur posts, so u'll have to do that. sorry :oops: thats the same for you Death Wisper Ryko!


Anyway, I'm logging off now, and chances are, more people would ave joined, so we'll start on 6:00pm/7:00pm or 9:00pm (UK Time) tommorrow, kk?


:mrgreen: Laterz :mrgreen:

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Character: Wolf

Friends: None. But, the other members of Star Wolf he considers "unconditional friends"

Foes: Fox, Falco, everyone who interferes with his job.


Also, I'd like Wolf to be kind of a mercenary in the Hotel who gets to be a gun-for-hire for other Smashers.

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