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Angelic Meditation

I Hate Snatch Steal

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yeah... I would say overpowered.. pot of greed + you win life points.. and the only condition, you have to run it in a fairy deck... that's unfair....

I would suggest something like:

If you control at least 3 Fairy-Type monsters in Attack Position, draw 2 cards.

or something like that.... pic is cool :D I like it...I've seen it before but you are the only one that has cropped the corners and done a close up.

I would say you should get rid of the increasing of life part of the effect.. only because is what the deck is about doesn't mean every single card is going to have some boost to your life...

idea is good..... 6/10 :D it would be 8.5/10 but its overpowered and you need to repair OCG as told above by Final Fantasy Revolution

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OP that is all


Please elaborate


To everyone else: Thank you for your ratings/comments, I will consider them. The draw/lp gain does trigger during the endphase so you have to wait a turns to use the cards you drew, no one mentioned this so I don't know your thoughts on it. Maybe have you skip your battlephase seeing as you are meditating that turn?

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