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>>>>~The Weakest Link~<<<<-[Final Round underway]

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[align=center]Hello, and welcome to




~How things will work~


-There will be 16 contestants and 9 rounds.


-You will be paired with another contestant. The pairings will be decided through random.org


-1 card per pair of contestants


-There will be a different task for you each round (DUH).


-The 1st round will last 3.5 days.


-Each round (except the last one), 12 hours (.5 days) will be taken off of your time limit.


-The last round, The 2 contestants remaining will face eachother. This round will be waited out until both contestants post their cards.


-Each round (except the last) you guys, the contestants (the ones still in the contest), will vote off which pair they thought did the worst that round. The pair with the most votes will be eliminated.


-The last round, when both contestants turned in cards, I will grade them seperately and the person with the higher grade will win the prize of 6 reps and 60 points. The other will leave with nothing.


How I will grade the cards:

Pic - ?/10

OCG - ?/50 (Yes, I do pay special attention to OCG)

Balance - ?/20

Name, pic, and effect fitting together - ?/20

TOTAL - ?/100 = ?%


~Other rules~


-All forum rules apply.


-Must have 2 stars or more to qualify.


-NO COMMENTING OTHER'S CARDS!!!! <--Negative reps to those who do :evil:




(The bolded rules are so that you don't throw off the rhythm of the game, or how it should be played. I apologize if it looked like I was yelling.)


Entry fee: 10 points


Good luck to all contestants 8)




-X-31 Fighter



-K.B. strategist


-Primal Release









-~Colonel Sanders~



[spoiler=[b]Round 1[/b]]


Make a field spell card. Try to make it as unique as you can. Simple, yes?


Ending time: January 9, 2009 @ 5:45 AM (YCM time)


[spoiler=[b]Round 2[/b]]


Make an Anti-support card. Can be any type of card you want and it can be anti-support for any type and/or attribute.


Ending time: January 19, 2009 @ 12:45 PM (YCM time)


[spoiler=[b]Round 3[/b]]


Make a last-resort based trap card.


Ending Time: January 24, 2009 @ 5:40 AM (YCM time)


[spoiler=[b]Round 4[/b]]


Make a level 8 effect monster with 2900 ATK. The rest is up to you.


Ending Time: January 29, 2009 @ 6:10 PM (YCM time)


[spoiler=[b]Round 5[/b]]


Create 1 monster of the existing Archetypes or Subtypes.


Ending time: February 2, 2009 @ 9:40 AM (YCM time)


[spoiler=[b]Round 6[/b]]

Make a Level 4 or lower monster. The pic MUST be from either Google images or Yahoo images; nowhere else. You'll need to provide a link to your pic as well.


You'll have a greater chance at strongest link if the card is realistic.


Ending time: 24 hours


[spoiler=[b]Round 7[/b]]

Make a card with listed effects. Try not to go all random with them though. Make them flow with the theme of the card.


And I want the listed effects in this format:


-Effect 1

-Effect 2

-Effect 3

-And so on...


(Basically hit "ENTER" after each listed effect... you know the drill. lol.)


Ending time: 24 hours


[spoiler=[b]Round 8[/b]]

Level 7 or lower WATER Synchro Monster.


Ending time: 24 hours


[spoiler=[b]Last Round[/b]]

Create a Valentine's day themed card. No destroying or anything like that. A kind of card that keeps peace on the field (stalling would probably be best, but it doesn't have to be)


Ending time: There is none for this round. You can take as much time as you need.


The cards for this round will be judged through the rubric on page 1. NO VOTING THIS ROUND.


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