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Mods, read


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Lord of the Rings is horribly overrated. Discuss.


The title is just there in case any of you mods are Lord of the Rings fans.


When Crab says something' date=' that means it is, no arguing xD.


I've never seen it. Probably just seen the first which I barely remember. I'm not dumb enough to sit & see every movie of it >_>


Especially where there is stuff like Elephonts [spell Check?'] & stuff like that. [My friend told me about those xD]

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Do we even have any fans beyond the mods team?

I think it's overrated. A compilation of stereotypes' date=' old ideas, lack of originiality.

The only hot thing is Gollum.


I'll have to admit hearing him say "PREECCIIOOUUSS" Makes me excited :P It's true! Sends a shiver down my Spine.

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