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Field Spell for the Earthbound God

Phantom Roxas

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Field Spell

As long as this face-up card remains on the field, the following effects of "Earthbound God" monsters are negated:

● "Only 1 "Earthbound God" monster can be face-up on the field."

"Earthbound Immortal" monsters also gain the following effect:

● "You cannot control 2 "Earthbound Immortal" monsters with the same name."

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It weakens the Earthbound Gods. Granted it allows you to get all 5 out at once, but it also allows multiples of 1 of them to be out. Perhaps you can take out the negation of the "this card cannot be selected as an attack target" part in exchange for "Two Earthbound God" mobnsters with the same name can be in play at a time. That way thy won't be able to be attacked, but they can't attack directly.

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