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First Card: Gladiator Beast Essendari


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Please don't say its BROKEN because if its not, I would've put it in the first section where the balanced cards would go.


Anyways, I'm a fan of Gladiators and I'm sure this single card can do the trick of bringing it to invincible.


Here's the full text, the text on the picture is quite small.


This card is also treated as a Non-Tuner Monster. When this card is Special Summoned by the effect of a "Gladiator Beast" monster, Special Summon 1 "Gladiator Beast" monster from your Deck. That monster is returned to your Deck when this card is removed from the field. At the end of the Battle Phase, if this card attacked or was attacked, you can return it to the Deck to Special Summon 1 "Gladiator Beast" monster from your Deck, except "Gladiator Beast Essendari".




Anyways, here are some of the tricks to it if you haven't catch any.


* Crushable Gladiator Beast

* Tuner and also Non-Tuner (can Tune with itself)

* Ability to Special Summon ANY Gladiator Beast monster when Essendari is summoned.

* Ability to Special Summon ANOTHER Essendari from the deck using the first effect.

* The Special Summoned monster's effect is NOT negated.


So this is probably what's going to happen:


Tagging out can be caused by combat or use Test Tiger with any other Gladiator.


1. Tag out for Essendari. Essendari brings out another Essendari. The second Essendari will bring out a level 4 Gladiator Beast Monster. All three monsters can synchro summon for a level 8 monster (or any other levels depending on which Gladiators you bring out)


2. Tag out for Essendari. Essendari brings out Bestiari. Contact for Gyzarus.


3. Tag out for Essendari. Essendari brings out Essendari. The second Essendari bring out Laquari. Contact for Heraklinos.


By using Essendari, Prisma will be rendered useless. (Unless you want to tag for Equeste and retrieve Laquari/Bestiari from your graveyard for a +1 hand advantage).


Hope y'all like it. =)



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With this card, the simple two-card combo of Test Tiger + Prisma goes from simply summoning Gyzarus to giving you five monsters - 3 of this, Darius, and either Bestiari or Laquari. Use them however you want - 2 Goyou plus a spare Essendari, Goyou and Stardust, Gyzarus and Goyou plus a spare Essendari, Gyzarus and Stardust, or Heraklinos and Goyou. Ridiculously overpowered.


Please don't say its BROKEN because if its not' date='



Yes, it is.


Anyways' date=' I'm a fan of Gladiators and I'm sure this single card can do the trick of bringing it to invincible.



It probably can, since it's broken.

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this is like a instant gyzerus when you tag this in.you could also tag gyzerus in to summon 2 essendari and summon 2 bestiari then make 2 more gyzerus.

3 spells/traps gone by 3 bestiaris

6 other cards gone by 3 gyzerus.

this card could pretty much wipe out your opponent's entire field.

this could also be a instant heraklinos if you tag this in,summon a 2nd one,and summon a laquari.

i am not really sure people would start running CCV or synchros with this.

synchros require it to be sent to the grave and gladiator beasts don't like the grave,and your better off summon 3 bestiari and 3 gyzerus rather than CCV,but it does clear their hand.

this card is too broken,it might bring gladiator beasts to the top again if this was made,it's basically like a secutor but more ATK and can do more destruction.

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WAY too powerful. Plus, I'm not sure if it could "tune" with itself. If it could, does that mean, from that monster, you could get a either a Level 2 or a Level 4 total out of that monster?

Gladiator Beasts don't need a Tuner, especially since it is searchable by almost ANY Gladiator Beast invented.

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