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[DISC] Breaker the Magical Warrior

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Okay then. These arguements are better than mine.

I agree' date=' it should be banned.

Is there anything you can think of that should be unbanned if this card is banned?



There's lots of banworthy stuff still running around before unbanning should occur. Destiny Hero - Disk Commander is the first that comes to mind. For that to be unbanned, stuff like Exodia, the remaining generic revival (Monster Reborn), and banworthy win conditions need to go. Knowing Konami, they will probably ban Breaker and bring back something else that shouldnt come back like Raigeki. Remember. They did bring back Monster Reborn.

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summon priest can sp. summon any lv4 tuner giving you any lv8 synchro


Cool story bra.


The difference is that Summon Priest costs a Spell from your hand, and doesn't give you any options on the Level. Spending two cards on a Synchro Summon is perfectly acceptable; nay, it is what is expected.

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there is only 1 playable priest it's dark and lets you win the game if you have 2 spells

summon priest


ya i forgot witch and scientist


Why on earth would you want to ban him? Just kill Airbellum.


Meh. Ban nothin'. Why make a fuss about this mode of Synchro Summoning anyway, unless somethin' is wrong with Synchros themselves?

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sacred crane for +1 and the possibility of summoning any chaos monster that you draw after.


10/10 argument.


lets see here, should I run this level 5 d-hero those only two uses is discard for draw or summon another copy of itself when in the grave so I have a partner for krebons, or just ignore those two altogether and use this summon priest guy who brings out a level 4 at the cost of any spell?


thats actually a hard choice


new thread.

that is actually a hard choice.

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