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Duel Acedemy - The New version(Started, accepting through post)SHADOWridersAREhere !


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The Duel Acedemy has been neglected for many years. This is 40 years after the fall of the Dark Signers. It has been rebuilt and now has new ownership.New adventures await for the young ones...


[spoiler=Current Plot Twist]

So, The Shadow Riders have fallen, They're back again. At least now they're just Tiny Invertebrates(Not ALL OF THEM are tiny). So your job is to duel them! Beat the sh** outta them! They have not struck YET...


Heres the app if you wanna be a Shadow Rider! Max 7:



Shadow Rider Name:

Species9Must be Invertebrate):



Deck Type:

Ace card:


My shadow rider app:


Username: Victa zeh Victa

Shadow Rider Name: Arachnidon

species: Black Widow Spider

Bio: Being a male, This puny bug is not deadly, but his Deck is. He practices Dueling with his prey that will be trapped in his web. Since they don't all have decks, his victims are plenty.



Deck Type: Black Widow

Ace card: Black Widow Dragon


I'll place the Shadow Rider apps of others here later, if people sign up.









Dorm number:

Deck Type:

Spirit Card (max 8 ): (Ya know, like Jaden has winged Kuriboh... and seperate with commas!)






[spoiler=[b]My Characters' App:[/b]]

Name: Alexis Joltasworth

Age: 18

Pic/Description: Long Brown hair and fair skin, very tall.

Dorm: Ra(Now Obelisk)

Dorm number: 001

Deck Type: Barney & Friends, Nuclear Robot, Black Widow, Internet and Victory Hero

Spirit Card: Nuclear Angel, Nuclear Devil, Barney the Purple Dinosaur, Baby Bop, BJ, Riff, Victory Hero Diamondback

Bio: Being the Female Twin of Cephalodon, she tends to be bad at times.

Crush: Probably many

Position: Student


Name: Cephalodon "Ectoray" Joltasworth

Age: 18

Pic/Description: A tall guy with Purple short hair.

Dorm: Obelisk

Dorm number: 116

Deck Type: Nuclear Robot, Black Widow, Treant, Ectoplasmic, Mollusc and Internet

Spirit Card : Nuclear Angel, Nuclear Devil

Bio: Being the twin of Alexis, he likes to tag-duel with her as his partner, obliterating weak students.

Crush: None yet...

Position: Student


Name: Alexis Joltawing "Victa zeh Victa" Goh (Yup, that's me)

Age: 12

Pic/Description: This young lad has black hair, fair skin and red eyes.

Dorm: Silfer

Dorm number: 009

Deck Type: Yugi Muto Deck, Joey Wheeler Deck, Club Penguin Deck, Jaden Yuki Deck

Spirit Card : Dark Magician Girl, Jinzo, E.P.F. Agent Jet Pack Guy, Yubel

Bio(Optional): Little is known about the Ultimate Victa zeh Victa. All they know is that he's the best Silfer around. He has defeated everyone around who uses the Internet Reference deck, thanks to his Jinzo.

Crush: None yet.


Name: Otto Joltingson

Age: 17 (Looks 13)

Pic/Description: Has pink hair, fair skin and purple eyes.

Dorm: Ra

Dorm number: 06 (Same as Justin, I know)

Deck Type: Internet References, Morphtronics

Spirit Card : Internet Ref. Shoop Da Whoop, Morphtronic Cameran

Bio : She came from Domino City and was an avid fan in Internet Memes and Gadgetry.

Crush : Nearly anyone she sees.


Name: Valentino Tan

Age: 15

Pic/Description: He basically has black hair and black eyes.

Dorm: Silfer

Dorm number: 009

Deck Type: Internet References, Periodic Table of Elements

Spirit Card : Internet Ref. Orly Owl, Periodic Element - Au

Bio : Before he came to Duel Acedemy, He studied about Internet Memes and the Periodic Table of Elements.

Crush : None yet...




I also control the school council...


Pack your bags! This place has many places! A few are:



Counseller's office

Many others...


There isn't much of a plot. You can control up to 3 characters. Do whatever you want. You can kidnap, Steal cards, and many other bad stuff. It's bad, so you MAY be punished. The Council isn't very unreasonable. If you accidentally do something wrong, you'll be forgiven.


And Use pictures while Dueling...


Edit: It has started!

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Name: Rey

Age: 17




Dorm: Slifer

Dorm number: 36

Deck Type: Red-eyes

Spirit Card: Red-Eyes B. Chick

Bio(Optional): Rey's Parents died in an Unknown Accident. One day he was given a Deck by a Mysterious Man, Rey lived by dueling with this Deck. Although he is in Slifer, he is an excellent Duelist. He has been able to beat many Ra and Obelisk students but for some reason refuses to go higher.

Crush: ---------

Position: Student


Name: Rucario

Age: 19

Pic/Description: [spoiler=Rucario]guy121.jpg


Dorm: Obelisk

Dorm number: 45

Deck Type: Holy Grail, Gravekeeper's Promise

Spirit Card: Saber

Bio: He is kind to everyone although when someone from Ra or Obelisk make fun of Slifer, he duels that Person. He is a really good Duelist.

Crush: ---------------------

Position: Student

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To post more info:

Use pictures of cards, do not use text...

Only 1 Field Spell at a time, unless there are special cards played, those that can make the field have more than 1 field spell.

Only up to 5 monsters.

Only 5 face downs max.

And other basic rules...


Edit: Rucario and Rey are accepted!


IT has begun. PM me to duel me, or I'll try dueling you if you wanna be dueled.

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OK, I'll need another... Wait You are 2 characters! Let's duel!



4000LP Each

No cheating or 1-hit KO cards (Like those that can attack on the 1st turn, or those low levelled ones with over 4000 ATK)

Order: Rey, Alexis, Rucario, Cephalodon


Rey first!


Edit:Rey and Rucario together

Alexis and Cephalodon together.

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Rey: I'll go first, draw. I summon Red-Eyes B. Chick in ATK position and activate his effect. By tributing him, I can special Summon Red-Eyes B. Dragon from my Hand. Then I'll tribute Red-Eyes B. Dragon for Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon. I'll activate Double summon and then Normal Summon Koumori dragon in ATK position. I'll remove him from play to Special Summon Red-Eyes Darkness Metal dragon from my Hand. I'll activate the effect of Red-Eyes Darkness Metal dragon and Special Summon Red-Eyes B. Dragon from my Graveyard. End my Turn.


Red-Eyes darkness dragon's ATK is 2700

[spoiler=Cards Used]Red-EyesBChickDR3-EN-C.jpgRed-EyesDarknessDragonSD1-EN-UR-1E.jpgRed-EyesBDragonYAP1-EN-UR-LE.pngDoubleSummon5DS1-EN-C-1E.pngRed-EyesDarknessMetalDragonJUMP-EN-UR-LE.pngKoumoriDragonSKE-EN-C.jpg


Heh, not one custom card was used.

Alexis, it's your turn.

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Nuclear Devil appears beside Alexis and says,"Darkness, I'll handle this!"


"Draw! I summon Nuclear Devil! Straight in attack!"




"Destroy Red-Eyes Darkness Metal dragon!"


That's its effect... Another effect is trying to say that its risky to kill Nuclear Devil... It has Nuclear Energy!


Please note that you are tagging with Rucario, Rey.

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Rucario: My turn, draw. It's too bad. I activate the Ritual Spell, The Sword in the Stone! I'll send Saber to the graveyard and Ritual Summon Excaliber! Then I'll activate it's effect and revive Saber. I'll then equip Excaliber to Saber (ATK 4500). What's more is that the Monster equipped with Excaliber is not affected by any Card effect, your Nuclear energy is useless! Saber, attack Nuclear Devil!

Alexis LP= 4500 - 600 = 100

I'll then end my turn. Wonder how will you get out of this mess. ? . Nuclear Devil explodes damaging everyone with 600 LP. Alexis has lost.


[spoiler=Cards used]saberw.jpgtsits.jpg311479s.jpg


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Kyza: Wow they beat Alexis and Ectoray


Indeed... They shared the same Life points...


Alexis and Cephalodon said together,"Well, we lost, but we had fun!"

I'm not sure if short duels are fun.

"Bravo! Bravo!" said a voice from the corridor. There was Billy Dickinson, the Chancellor. "You must have had a whale of fun!"


Little did anybody know, he could see Duel Spirits. He whispered into Alexis' ear,"Could I borrow Barney, BJ, Baby Bop and Riff for a while."


"Sure!" Alexis said. So, Barney and friends went with the Chancellor to his office. When they left, they saw lots of snakes surrounding them.


Meanwhile, at the office, Chancellor Dickinson said as he pointed to a few coloured boxes, "Barney, inside these boxes, beholds a mechanism that can only be activated with a song, the song must be sang by Duel Spirits. It kills snakes."


"They must be robotic mongooses!" Exclaimed Barney, excitedly


"Barney, what's a Mongoose?" Baby Bop asked, curiously.


"A Mongoose is weasel from India! It loves to eat delicious snakes!" Then, they all sang 'Pop goes the Weasel'(Excluding Chancellor).


Every time they said 'Pop', the Robotic Mongooses came out of their boxes one by one, they matched their box's colours. The Mongooses went down to where the snakes were.


Meanwhile, Alexis, Cephalodon, Rey and Rucario were still surrounded by these rough reptiles. "I wish more people were here!" Wailed Alexis.

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But it was hopeless... Rey couldn't defeat these beings. The Culprit stood up and said,"No matter how many you kill, it's hopeless... You have to duel me and my minions in a duel! Or my minions and I! Only then will these snakes perish."


Well, Alexis' Spirit Cards came back from the Office, so did the Chancellor. The Robotic Mongooses were still no match for the snakes. "Since Rucario was gone, where could he be? We can't possibly take a flute and do stuff... Nothing will happen, unless we duel him."


If you want to duel 'The Culprit', the following must be applied:


No cards on the banned list ae to be used.

No attacking your friends.

No attacking on first turn.

Other basic rules...

Anybody can join


"The Culprit': Many against 1, that's quite unfair.*Summons minions to duel*

Each of a different Element...

Alexis: I won't let ya get away with this!

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Meanwhile, in the air Thing (People usually escape by going through these things)...........


Rucario: I've studied reptiles before and I know how to beat them, by putting them to sleep. I just have to change the Temperature but the question is, where do you change the Temperature?

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Meanwhile, somewhere in the School.....


Rucario (Being chased by Reptiles): Come on, it's right over there! *Get's to the Temperature Machine Thing and turns Handle to COLD* *Suddenly, all the Reptiles go to sleep*


Rucario: Whew. Now there's only the culprit, I leave the rest to them.

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'Culprit': You can't do the same to my deck!

Blue, Pink and Green Robotic Mongooses: You're never getting away with this!

Alexis: Let's duel!

Duel Time! This is a 13-way duel!

Order: Kyza, Chancellor, Cephalodon, Alexis, "Culprit", Blue Robotic Mongoose, Pink Robotic Mongoose, Green Robotic Mongoose, Fire Minion, Water Minion, Light Minion, Dark Minion, Ice Minion.


Kyza, you start first. No attacking friends, only the Minions and the 'Culprit', you can assist friends and use their monsters (You said you helped me take him down).


Plus, you cannot help your friends counter an attack, but you can counter something coming for you! You can tribute, fuse, tune, and even attack with your friend's monster!

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Chancellor's turn!

"Draw! I summon Acrobat Monkey! Straight in attack!


Place 2 Face Downs, Turn END!"


Cephalodon's Turn!

"Draw! I summon Mollusc -Vampire Squid! In attack!


This guy's stronger than you think...2 face downs... Alexis!"


Alexis' Turn!

Barney(Alexis' Duel Spirit) says,"Maybe let Riff have a Try!"

"Alright, my Purple friend... I summon Riff in Attack Mode! Wait til' you have a load of this...


A couple Face downs... Turn End.. Your Turn Culprit, By the way, you look quite familiar..."


'Culprit's' Turn!

"Mwahahaha! I AM! I am your old friend! I summon, me, myself, Victory Hero...



and a couple face downs..."

Alexis was shocked."You are Diamondback! Part of my abandoned Deck!"




Kyza, if you don't want to counter, just say you don't.

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