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Collsion OF THE WORLDS!!!!!!! still accepting more!!!Seriously we need loyal members!!!!!!


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Welcome this is my second RP. there is 1 slot left. If you join and become inactive and dont post for two months you will be kicked off and I will control your character unless I feel the need to let it slide.

[spoiler=plot] You are in average character of your favorite video game. One day all the video games collide so now YOU have to save the worlds from the Dark masters Army and hopefully get the worlds to separate.


Member List:

me:Tpopoli My character is Tre.

Kuja the magnificent: the Prince and Sasori

:.untouched.: :Ulquiorra

Chaos sonic: sora from KH

Nightmare Zarkus: Albedo

The Omega: Vayne

Kaikea: Rallen

Pegasasu: Zelda

RudgerTM: Alucard

DemonX: Naruto

Anime-Manga Lover: Cell




World/ video game from:






1. NO FLAMING!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. we are all in this together so dont be mean to each other.

3. PM me with Ideas.

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Can I be two?


Character: The Prince

World/ video game from: Prince of Persia; The Sands of Time/Warrior Within/The Two Thrones

Powers: The Prince wields a sacred weapon called The Dagger of Time, which he can use to manipulate time itself by pressing the button-like outgrowths on the handle. He can slow down time, rewind time, and freeze his enemies in time as he slices them. To use these abilities, however, he needs a substance called Sand of Time, which he receives when he kills Sand Creatures that has been warped by the Sands of Time.

Evil/Good: Good


Character: Sasori of The Red Sand

World/ video game from: Naruto Shippuuden

Powers: Sasori has the ability to make Human Puppets, meaning that he turns human beings into puppets to expand his collection. He normaly fights with only two of them; Hiruko and the Third Kazekage. While in Hiruko, he has a great amount of traps at his disposal, and when controlling the Third Kazekage, he uses the Third's ability to control Magnetic Chakra and the Iron Sand. All of Sasori's puppet weapons are coated with a lethal poison.

Evil/Good: Evil

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Character: Vexen

World/ video game from: Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories

Powers: Vexen is a genius scientist who can create identical replicas of people if he gathers enough data. Also he is a skilled fighter with a shield and a powerful Cyromancer. Finally Vexen can teleport like all Nobodies are capable of.

Evil/Good: Evil

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OoC: sure sure accepted!

IC:Tre was thinking about his memories with his friends Lucas and Claus.

Tre's Memories from 3 years ago:

hey Claus I bet when you get back from your Grandpa's it will be Midnight!

Claus: yeah and wolf will come! Lucas: you guys are Crazy!. Tre remembered how on the way back claus' mom was killed by a Drago. Claus went after it and was probabley killed too. Lucas is too sad to come beyond his house. Tre sighed and wished what happened three years would reverse itself. his PSI powers increased over the years. But tre didnt relize the worlds would soon collide.

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OoC: Wohoo, it began!


IC: The Prince was fighting a mass of Sand Monsters in Babylon, his hometown. "You...really think you can beat me?" he asked the monsters, who roared in reply. The Prince sighed, and pressed a button on his dagger. Suddenly, time started to rewind, and he saw himself run backward, away from the fight, up a wall, and behind a wall to hide. "Whew! That was a close one..."




The Akatsuki had just captured and extracted another Bijuu, the Three-Tailed Sanbi. "This is going as planned..." the leader, Nagato Pain, announced. "Now we only need six more, umm?" said another one, Deidara, while forming some of his C3 clay. "Yes, Deidara. But these will be more difficult to retrieve..." answered a red-haired man, Sasori. "I will go and see if anyone caught our trail..." he added. The others nodded, and Sasori went off.

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