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Yu-Gi-Oh! ~Guardians of the Zodiac~ Lovely Lady Production {Started, Accepting Via PM}

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This is the very first Lovely Lady Production RP ^^


[spoiler=Plot] A new era has begun. It was 20 years ago that Yusei Fudo and Jack Atlas defeated the Dark Signers, and it was 10 years ago that the Signs vanished from their carrier's arms forever. The world has been at peace for 30 years. Now, however that peace is about to be torn about. New signs have revealed themselves upon the Right Arms of 12 different people. The NEW Signers. However, they are not the only ones chosen. 12 others have gained a sign, but on their Left Arms and are reversed. These signs are known as negative signs. The NEW Dark Signers. The world that had been at peace for 30 years is about to re-enter the world in which Shadow Duels exist once more. Which side will you be? Which side will be the victor?



[spoiler=Details]This is an RP with 2 sides. New Signers and New Dark Signers. Each side will have each person entrusted with a different sign. Each sign grants you powers according to what sign you have. Powers are as followed:


Aries: Speaks to duel spirits.


Taurus: Ability to bring the Spirit of the card out. Others cannot see them except for those who carry the Signs Leo and Aries.


Gemini: When dueling a smarter, quicker, more analyzing personality takes over.


Leo: Has the ability to enter the Spirit World (Like Luna could).


Cancer: Has the ability to bring the cards to life (As Akiza could).


Virgo: Can sense immense power from Signs.


Libra: (Revealed and realized after all Signers meet, meaning you dont "have" a power until after all the Signers meet) Communicate with other Signers telepathically.


Scorpio: The possessor of this Sign is unaffected by the terms of a Shadow Duel. (This means that when a Dark Signer opens a Shadow Duel, the possessor takes no real damage. It is as if the monsters are once again holograms).


Sagittarius: The ability to open up the ring for Shadow Duel.


Capricorn: Mind Manipulation (This means that they can manipulate their own memory. They can view other's memories but they cannot change them).


Aquarius: Slight Telekinesis (This means that they can move objects with their mind. This does not include damaging anyone in anyway. This can be used outside of duels in a none fighting way).


Pisces: (Revealed and realized after all Signers meet, meaning you dont "have" a power until after all the Signers meet) The ability to mentally locate other Signers.


The Dark Signers also carry these same abilities. Each Signer and Dark Signer will start off ignorant of the fact that there are others like them until the Fortune Cup. They do not fully understand their power but eventually they begin to.





1. All normal YCM RP Rules apply.

2. No Godmodding which in this case means activating some MIRACLE card that you just made up to save you when you lose your last life points.

3. No illegal cards.

4. If using your made cards when an opponent asks to view the card either post the card in a spoiler or post the thread link.

5. No overpowering cards.




[spoiler=Application Form]

These must be filled out.



RP Name:



Deck (Up to 3):

Duel Disk Style:

Duel Runner Style:


Zodiac Sign or Negative Zodiac Sign:

Bio (Not optional must be at least 3 sentences):





[spoiler=Example Application]

My App ^^


Username: Lovely Lady Duelist

RP Name: Mizuka Izinski (Yes related to Akiza Izinski)

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Deck (Up to 3): Dark Ruin Beast, Magical Breaker, Power Synchro

Duel Disk Style: Akiza's Duel Disk (Passed to her from Akiza herself)

Duel Runner Style: Resembles Yusei's but red and white

Side: Signer

Zodiac Sign or Negative Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Bio (Not optional must be at least 3 sentences): At a young age she used to play with her mother Akiza Izinski, however as she older the they grew apart. The two shared a common power. She shares Akiza's abilities to make the power over her cards real and also carries the same burden. Her mother passed down her own duel disk to Mizuka. She is a solemn person much like Akiza was during the events of the Signers versus the Dark Signers.

Image: Signature but more serious looking and with clothes similar to Akiza's.





1) Lovely Lady Duelist => Mizuka Izinski (Sign: Cancer)

2) Lord JZ of the Enigma => Josep/Jazeth Zavara (Sign: Gemini)

3) gil2m => Raiden Tanaka (Sign: Negative Sagittarius)

4) Kuroda Naoki => Hikari Naoki (Sign: Libra)

5) Kuroda Naoki => Yamika Naoki (Sign: Negative Libra)

6) Soul Legacy => Kryton Corbinus (Sign: Negative Virgo)

7) Radio414 => Gemin (Sign: Negative Gemini)

8 ) Zack was here => Zack (Sign: Sagittarius)

9) Bankz => Kyza Banks (Sign: Virgo)

10) Galesonic => Bradon Mitchel (Sign: Leo)

11) Galesonic => Asher Mitchell (Sign: Negative Leo)

12) Seito => Seito Mashima (Sign: Negative Cancer)

13) Jadengt => Valon Tora (Sign: Capricorn)

14) MartialRocks => Daniel Mitzuki (Sign: Taurus)




[spoiler=Taken Signs]

1) Cancer

2) Gemini

3) Negative Sagittarius

4) Libra

5) Negative Libra

6) Negative Virgo

7) Negative Gemini

8 ) Sagittarius

9) Virgo

10) Leo

11) Negative Leo

12) Negative Cancer

13) Capricorn

14) Taurus



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I think I might join this, but can we have 2 characters? (since 24 different members is pure overkill)


And also, I have spotted an error in your app: If your character is Akiza's sister, and 17, and it was 20-30 years since the Dark Signer's was defeated, they can't have reunited since Mizuka wasn't born yet. Just making a point.

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Username:Lord JZ of the Enigma

RP Name:Josep/Jazeth Zavara



Deck (Up to 3):Dragon Synchro, Mystic Guardian's(YCM), Megagolem deck

Duel Disk Style:Black and white battle city duel disk.

Duel Runner Style:Like Kiryu's except black and white


Zodiac Sign or Negative Zodiac Sign:Gemini

Bio (Not optional must be at least 3 sentences):Born in the regions of the Aztec pyramids, he watched the battles of yusei Fudo with great pride as he felt he was the representative of those who are frowned upon. When he decided to move to the city he immediately felt odd, though he feels it's just a sense of placement. He's a bit oblivious to his surronding, but he has a good heart.


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RP Name:Raiden Tanaka



Deck (Up to 3):New age(when he becomes a dark singer) ,and oblivion(before )

Duel Disk Style: dark singers duel disk

Duel Runner Style:dark singer duel runner

Side:good at frist then turns bad

Zodiac Sign or Negative Zodiac Sign:Sagittarius

Bio (Not optional must be at least 3 sentences):hes headstrong and does things with out thinking.he was born in new domino but not in tops. his famliy was sacrificed to summon the earth bound immortals so he doesnt have a famliy. he has also been to the facility a couple of times

Image:heres the link:http://media.photobucket.com/image/anime%20guys/Yoshitsumi/guys/guys.jpg

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Okay, then I'll control 1 Signer and 1 Dark Signer:


Username: Kuroda Naoki

RP Name: Hikari Naoki

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Deck: Dragunity

Duel Disk Style: Like the one most people used in 5D's, except red and white

Duel Runner Style: Like Jack's, but with red trim

Side: Signers

Zodiac Sign or Negative Zodiac Sign: Libra

Bio: When she was young, she was left alone often by her unresponsible parents and in that way suffered from strong DID. This remained until when she was 6 and was in an accident in her mother's llaboratory and her dual identity, Yamika Naoki, was created. Yamika was however taken care of by an orphanage. Hikari doesn't know that she has a "sister" and she doesn't remember anything from before the accident. After this, she learned how to duel and quickly became an averagely skilled duelist. Hikari is loyal to her friends and loves them more then everything else, even more then dueling.





Username: Kuroda Naoki

RP Name: Yamika Naoki

Gender: Female

Age: She was created 12 years ago, but she looks like and acts like if she's 18

Deck (Up to 3): Nightmares

Duel Disk Style: 5D's one, only black

Duel Runner Style: Like Bommer/Greiger's, but more ghostlike (if that's possible)

Side: Dark Signers

Zodiac Sign or Negative Zodiac Sign: Libra

Bio: She was created during the accident that Hikari was involve din 12 years ago, and she is in fact Hikari's alter ego from before the accident. Unlike Hikari, Yamika has memories from before the accident (even tough Hikari was the "original one" of the two), and knowing that she is just a fantasy made up by a lonely child's mind she has created a hatred for most living things. Yamika learned too duel at the orphanage and never lost. All her opponents fell into sleep, which they never woke up from (they are still alive, altough they sleep) and are terrorized by terrible nightmares. She was thrown out of the orphanage when she reached an apparent age of 10 (4 years after her "creation")





Hope I get accepted :D

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Username: Soul Legacy

RP Name: Kryton Corbinus

Gender: Male

Age: 32

Deck (Up to 3): Dark Rising, Machine Damnation and Spider's Deadly Bite.

Duel Disk Style: Orichalcos Style

Duel Runner Style: 5D's except black & red with the Orichalcos seal on the side.

Side: Dark Singer

Sign: Virgo

Bio (Not optional must be at least 3 sentences): He is mostly unknown to the people around him. But it shall all be revealed in the side. It is also said he holds all three Orichalcos cards, the only ones left in exsistance. And nobody knows which deck there in.

Image: dartz.jpg

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I'll join.

Username: radio414

RP Name: Gemin

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Deck (Up to 3):

Zombie reanimation (real)

Arcana Force (some YCM)

Millstone Grinder (all YCM)

Duel Disk Style:


Duel Runner Style:


Side: Dark Signer

Zodiac Sign or Negative Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Bio (Not optional must be at least 3 sentences):

A strange birthmark made Gemin an outcast everywhere. Everywhere he went he was challenged to a duel, and everywhere he went, their minds were crushed. he never realized the extent of his altered self, however, and he is just learning to control it.



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All accepted and hold on we can start in a little bit

OoC: Alright we can start.


IC: It was morning and Mizuka Izinski was just getting out of bed. She yawned loudly and stretched. As she walked to her window she gazed outside and muttered "Well...It looks like a nice day." She sighed and turned around to walk to her dresser and get dressed.

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OoC: Does the characters know about the Fortune Cup yet? Like, have they already been invited to it?



Hikari is walking around Neo Domino City, looking for something fun to do. She's very bored and decides to call her friend Mizuka and ask if they should take a walk, so she pulls out her cellphone and calls her.


OoC: Let's assume they know eachothers :3



"I summon Chainsaw Insect (2400/0) in attack position!" The boy said and placed the Chainsaw Insect card on his duel disk. The insect appeared in front of him and clapped with it's chainsaw equipped claws. "I also activate the trap card Reinforcement to increase his attack with 500! (2400-->2900) Attack her Dream Eater Dragon!" The insect attacked the big, pink phantom-looking dragon that the white haired girl had on her field, but suddenly the insect fell asleep. "What is that?" The boy asked.

"It's my trap card." The girl said calmly. "Pitch-Black Shield, activate!" The trap card was opened up

"What does that do?" The boy asked.

"It puts two Nightmare Counters on an attacking monster, which means your insect falls asleep and is changed to defense position." The girl answered and smiled. "I guess it's my turn." She drew a card. "I activate the spell card, Sudden Wake-Up! This let's me remove all Nightmare Counters from one of your cards to change it to attack position and decrease it's attack by 500 for each Nightmare Counter on it!" Chainsaw Insect woke up, but it's attack points quickly fell. (2400-->1400) "Now! Dream Eater Dragon! Erase his last life points! Dreamdust Erradicator!" The dragon attacked the insect with a pink breath of what looked like small dusts and detsroyed it, making the boy lose his last life points.

"Now, the punishment of defeat!" The girl said and pointed at the boy. "Feel the pain of nightmare!"

The boy fell asleep, and he appeared to have terrible nightmares.

"I'll leave you here..." The girl said and turned away and started to walk.

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