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Do you believe in ALIENS coming to earth??????


Do you think they already came?  

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  1. 1. Do you think they already came?

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I believe in aliens, but I don't believe in them coming to earth, The chance that they will come to earth and be able to survive the earths atmosphere is about the same chance as a Man playing Fetch with a turkey on the sun... <_<..... It might happen...

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If they were to exist, they would be nothing like how we picture them. Nor do I think they'd be as intelligent as everyone presumes. I would assume they'd be small creatures similar to cockroaches (as they would have to endure harsh temperature and other space hazards).


That is, if they exist. I personally don't believe in any extraterrestrial life form, let alone them coming to Earth.

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Think of this.

Aliens coming to earth= Super advanced space stuff

Humans on earth= Brute primates

If aliens exist(which i think they do) they will simply ignore us because we are a simple and young race which haven't mastered the way of spacecraft yet.

Also, aliens would only live in isolated places (like 100's of galaxies away)

People who don't think aliens exist are actually dumb, because there's no way we are the only sentient race in the ENTIRE the big bang must've happened somewhere else in the ENTIRE galaxy.


But then again, their existence would be mere coincidence like our existence.

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I kinda believe in aliens, but if aliens did come to Earth, we're screwed. They'd be much more technilogically more advanced than us, and easily crush our civilization. Why would they "Come in peace"? Why would they treat us better than we treat ourselves. They'd squish as as casually as you would squish a fly.


But, I imagine aliens more like the Transformers.

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Says the kid who is called Super Cheesy.


You believe that we, humanity are the only form of advanced lifeforms in the millions of existing galaxies?

Besides to reach us, the most isolated galaxy that has lifeforms on it needs more than petit minds. If humanity wanted to make a trip to an exoplanet it would take centuries of hyper advanced technologies.

If aliens where actually visit our planet then it would only be for destruction and planet broking.

Again, i only believe they exist. It is still to be proven.

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The universe is a very big place.


Sure, there might be a one in a trillionth chance that life would be able to develop into sentient and intelligent life. But, as I said before, the universe is a very big place, so big that most probably that one in a trillionth chance would most probably almost be certain. Also, another thing is this: the aliens won't be human.


No human forms of communication. No human concepts. No human-like anatomies, even. Not to mention that they're probably very far away.


I believe in aliens, but I don't believe they're on Earth.

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Aleins exist, but they probably haven't came to earth yet.

Just think, every star in the sky is another sun.

Some of those suns are big enough to have an orbit we several planets.

One of those planets has to be like earth and be in the right temperature to support life.

Their technology may not be high, it may be really high. We don't kow that.

But I highly doubt they visited earth yet

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Ultimately speaking, the answer is Yes; it is both philosophically and scientifically impossible for there not to be, given the infinite possibilities of Creation. However, "aliens" in the popular sense since World War II as being UFO people is quite another complex question.





It is likely that there are aliens. There are so many infinite universes and planets and solar systems that there must be other intelligent life. We don't know for sure if they exist, and vice versa. My thoughts are that they are likely superior to us. If they have UFOs and can travel millions of light years to find us, they probably have superior technology. But, being ignorant, conceited homo sapiens, most of us would think of them as inferior beings. We probably shouldn't refer to them as aliens - they would probably consider us aliens. Some of us would be smart enough to recognize them as normal, thinking, living beings. Who knows? They may look just like us. Or they may be like the green aliens many of us draw. No one knows the facts, but there is at least a strong chance that other lifeforms exist out there.



The usual argument for the non-existence of alien life is that none have openly contacted us here on Earth. Advanced civilizations might have good reasons for not doing so, or, as could happen with us, they may have reached a point where they gave up on space exploration. If so, they would have ceased to exist once their parent star evolved and died.




UFO's and eyewitness testimony notwithstanding, there is no positive evidence that the Earth is being visited, or has been visited, by intelligent extra-terrestrial aliens. This is a commonly used theme for science fiction because life elsewhere in the universe is strongly probable.



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