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Cold Enchanter

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Oooooh I gots it guys.....Infernitys!!!!!!![/sarcasm]


Yeah' date=' they work with discarding, so it might work.




What's the point of starting a sarcasm tag at the end of your post? o.0


He forgot the / in it. It should be [/sarcasm].


As for the card, a WATER deck would suit her okay until all the Ice cards are made. There isn't much else to say about it.

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The Idea of Ice counters is Amazing...But FUckonami used it in this...And even then Why didn't they make this an archetype?

I mean One card is called Cold Enchanter the other Ice master...

Why they didn't just make something like Frost archetype...or Something...>_>

I'm Pissed off now...

of course the idea of ice counters are amazing ther just spell counters with a different name and these two guys could have used more support but honestly i'm tired of archtypes, they make deck construction less creative
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