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Contest Over, Please Lock


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[align=center]I finally reached 3000 posts, so I've decided to hold a contest. It will be a tournament style contest. Only 1 will win. Will it be you?


[spoiler=Rules]- All YCM rules apply.

- Only 3 Star members and above may enter.

- A maximum of 16 contestants will be allowed.

- Cards you make cannot have over 3000 ATK or DEF.

- No Normal Monsters allowed, they must be Effect Monsters.

- If you do not post your card for the round within the time limit, you will be disqualified.




[spoiler=Dates]- Round 1 Ended July 12th.

- Round 2 Ended July 15th.

- Round 3 Ended July 18th.

- Final Round Ended July 20th.

- After a Round's objectives are posted, you will have up to 3 days (the day I posted the objectives included) to post your cards, unless I say otherwise, or be disqualified.

- The amount of Rounds is undetermined, thus making the end date undetermined.




[spoiler=Winners]- lightdiversion: 500 Points + 5 Reps

- Dark Hero Flashman: 100 Points + 1 Rep




There is no entry fee![/align]

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