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Hey guys remember the old CN?

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Hey guys remember the old CN when they still showed shows like

Zatch bell

Scooby doo

Power puff girls

samerai Jack

and many more?

Well now they show shows Like

Flap jack." OMG I live in a whale and i want to live on Candy Island"


Othersiders"OMG i saw a ghost!!!"

And also many more.

I mean. what the heck they turned CN into the new 4kids.

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Flapjack is amazing. One of the best shows ever on CN. I like CN's current cartoons, and that's that.

Nothing can top classic cartoons except the creations of John K. but throughout its lifetime CN has always had some good cartoons.

People should stop whining about EEnE or the PPGs being cancelled. Most of those shows are almost a decade old, of course they're not still making new episodes.

However, CNreal and its ilk are ruining what hope is left for the channel returning to its former glory. It had just started to air some quality animation, and they had some good shows on the way, and they were getting good ratings, and then suddenly the executives didn't like animation anymore. That's the death of the channel right there. Even if they're bad cartoons, CN was one of only 2 places making all cartoons all the time. Now it seems those days may be over, unless CNreal crashes and burns (it is doing pretty badly though :D)

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Yeah I miss it but Boomerang exists for a reason.


Ya. For things like the Flinstones' date=' the Jetsons, Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound, and ect.


Boomerang has some newer shows I think.



People, stop whining. The shows are for kids as such people in their teens, aren't going to like them. Think about it, when we were kids are parents hated the shows we watched and called them stupid (well at least mine did). So when we have kids our kids will love these crappy shows till their our age and their shows are gone and new shows have replaced them.


Also CN still has SOME DECENT shows, but really just watch adult swim.


Who thinks we need an adult swim channel?

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I vote yes for FD. I don't watch it, but at least some good anime comes on it and you could watch them any time of the day instead of waiting until 12:00 AM.


I can't really call it CARTOON Network any more, thanks to Othersiders, DBD, Survive this, and Slam Ball on.

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I can't really call it CARTOON Network any more' date=' thanks to Othersiders, DBD, Survive this, and Slam Ball on.



The UK doesn't have any of those, how sh!t are they?



Destroy Build Destroy is ok 'cause of the explotions, the others are boring and/or fake.

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They just [censor]ed up Cartoon Network by slapping a "Real" on the end and saying "we r gunna b teh nu disny chanl but r ratngz r stil gr8t lolololz". I saw Adrenaline Rush. It sucked. The game show wasn't that great. I haven't seen the other reality or live-action shows they slapped on, but I bet they're either below- or sub-par. The cartoons aren't exactly a saving grace either. I mean, Chowder is too weird for me to follow and Flapjack is tolerable and actually kind of funny, but they can't compare with the greatness of Cartoon Network's past.

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