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This takes place 1 year after the Sky Signers are defeated. Damian Atlas, DJ Kaiba, Izumi Fudo, and Yuki Fudo are now attending Duel Academy. Akiza is running for mayor, and Yusei, Jack, Carly, and Crow are micromanaging a movie based on the previous Dark Signer incursion.

The teens have also become the newest generation of Signers, though there are a few slots open.

But things aren't as idyllic as they appear.

The Arcadia Movement seems to be making its move as it sponsors the election of Cyrus Borgmann, a redical anti-dueling politician. They are also increasing duel-related violence across the city, and encouraging illegal dueling activity, such as the increasingly popular Duel Races.

Can the new Signers stop the Arcadia Movement's evil plot? And can they solve the mystery behind the Black Knight, the popular Duel Racer?And who are these keepers, the holders of the ancient and powerful Gaurdians?

(credit to YRPOtaku169 for plot)






Duelist Type (Student, Pro, or Other):

Faction(Signer, Keeper, Arcadia Movement, other):


Duel Disk:

Duel Runner:

Bio(don't have to do it if you don't want to):

Gaurdian/Signer Dragon/Ace card:



My app

Name: Nicholas Hawk

Age: 18


Duelist Type (Student, Pro, or Other): Other

Faction(Signer, Keeper, Arcadia Movement, other):

Deck: Dark Steel, Star Beast,

Duel Disk: 006631551.jpg

Duel Runner: Motorcycle.jpg

Bio(don't have to do it if you don't want to):

Gaurdian/Signer Dragon/Ace card: Gaurdian of the light Helios Ultimatum

Synchro: Star Beast-The Gemeni, Dark Steel Knight, Crimson Mirage Dragon(and a few more i can't think of)

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Guest TheFinalFan

Time for Y-Tak's Q and A Section!!!


Question 1:

Ace Daimon asks:

What are these "Keepers" you referenced?


We have an answer from Exowolf himself!!!


The Keepers are an elite society of Duelists' date=' each one holding one of seven Guardians. They are extremely powerful and more ancient then the Crimson Dragon. The Guardians are the peacekeepers of this world, and rarely get involved in conflicts, but now there getting ready for war. A Keeper can restore souls, can't have there souls taken away, and can heal minor injuries or most of a big one.


Does that answer your question?



Yes it does, Exowolf!

(I actually was wondering that myself...)


Question 2:

Kuroda Naoki wonders:

The latest RP seems very interesting' date=' but since I wasn't in the RotEI I don't know who the Sky Signers and the other guys you mentioned are, so can you sum up what happend in the last RP and who the Sky Signers is?



Umm....RotEI is still in progress, but we have changed the plot on here so that this RP could be seen as an alternate future, rather than a direct future.

That way, the outcome of RotEI might be different from the start of RotAM, but not much.

According to what I came up with, the Sky Signers were created due to the Skybound Immortals, cousins of the Earthbound Immortals we have all come to know and hate. The Skybounds guard the planet from any invasions (yeah...great job), but have recently seen the development of nuclear weapons as a threat from within, and see our current civilization as a lost cause.

So they sought to clean house by releasing the King of the Underworld, who would kill all life on the planet. The Sky Signers, their chosen champions, would use their flying castle as an Ark and start the world anew once the King died.

Unfortunately, they failed in their objective a few months before the start of RotEI, but caused Satellite to be turned into a wasteland...again....and reawakened the Earthbound Immortals.

All 12 of them.


A few months later, the Dark Signers, who had infiltrated New Domino City, responded to the re-emergence of Sky Signers, and began dueling them across the city. Many of them wanted revenge, such as young Damian Atlas, who had been tricked into believing that his mother had been killed by the Sky Signers, and, ironically, pledged his loyalty to his mother's old Earthbound Immortal, Aslla Piscu. Others were in the war for the kicks, like the Dark Signer Bebe, who hunted down Sky Signers for the thrill of it. There was even the occasional battle between members of the same team.

Eventually, a Dark Signer of the Spider by the name of Alucard came along and claimed to be the leader of the Dark Signers. He quickly organized the scattered members of his team and "found" a base of operations in the devastated Satellite area. The Sky Signers, shocked at the turn of events, only fought harder.

Eventually, Damian found a mysterious Dulist who was being chased by some unknown force. he rescued the poor duelist, only to find that the "duelist" was fake, and the Duel Runner she was riding on was actually a cyborg by the name of 'AKI'. The two unlikely friends quickly bonded, and became close as the cyborg joined the side of the Dark Signers, albeit unofficially.

AKI and Damian experienced a falling out when his darker side was unleashed, but reunited when Damian lost his Dark Signer powers. Eventually, AKI was damaged beyond repair in a critical battle with the Chaos Signer Zarkus, causing her to be reborn as Izumi, a Dark Signer of the Tree. This gave her a more human appearance, as well as an uncanny resemblance to Akiza Izinski, and a in-depth knowledge about the origins of the ancient conflict between the three types of Signers. Zarkus executed the leader of the Dark Signers, Alucard, and took his place. Saizen, one of Alucard's subordinates who wanted the same position Zarkus just took, became disgruntled and fell out of Zarkus's favor, vowing to get his revenge.

Meanwhile, Damian lost his soul to the Shadow Realm, and was trying to get it back as the Dark Signer regime abruptly turned on its head. Izumi then filled Zarkus in on the history of the Dark Signers, and how, every century or so, they reappear to harvest souls, only to find the latest generation of Signers and Yliaster waiting to stop them. Only with Rex Goodwin and his rogue sect of Yliaster has the cycle been disrupted, and the Dark Signers reborn prematurely. But now they are back on their cycle of harvesting, only to find the Sky Signers, servants of the Crimson Dragon's redeemed Immortals, are here to stop them, and the Signers are scattered to the four winds.

After Damian is freed from the Shadow Realm, Zarkus orders Izumi to try and lure out the Signers by kidnapping and converting someone dear to them. Izumi chooses Carly Carmine-Atlas, editor of the Daily Duel, wife of Jack Atlas, and Damian's mother. In a duel atop the Daily Duel building, Izzy creates a special Shadow Duel with Carly in which Carly would become more like a Dark Signer as she lost Life Points, while Izumi would become more robotic. Eventually, even with the return of the Fortune Ladies, Carly was no match for the full power of Izzy's Earthbound Immortal, and succumbed to the darkness once more.

Jack cursed the Dark Signers as both his wife and his son left him, now belonging to the darkness. He contacted Yusei Fudo, the Head Signer, and urged him to return.

Exactly as Zarkus planned.


More RotEI summarizing later!


Thank you for viewing the RotAM Q/A!!!

Please PM either me or Exowolf your questions, because we will be updating if you have questions and answering them the best we can!!!

Thank you!!

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Name: Protheus

Age: ?



Side: Other

Faction: Immortal

Deck: Dark Ones

Duel Disk:


Duel Runner:


Bio: After the Sky Signers were defeated. Protheus was revived and then suddenly disappeared. Shortly afterwards, an Island in the middle of Korea and Japan suddenly disappeared though people can sometimes see it but when they go to confirm it, they never come back. Lately, Protheus has been appearing all around the World.

Ace card:

[spoiler=Dark One - Alpha Omega]

Fiend / Level -12 / DARK / ATK 0 / DEF 0

This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card can only be Special Summoned by the effect of "Dark One - Omega Thanatos" or "Dark One - Alpha Akribis". The original ATK and DEF of this card is determined by the Number of Cards on the Field x500. This card cannot be sent to the graveyard. When a card is sent to the graveyard, inflict 500 LP to the owner of that card. These effects cannot be negated or ignored.




[spoiler= Dark One - Zetharus]

Warrior / Level 12 / DARK / ATK 2000 / DEF 2000

1 Dark Tuner + 1 or more "Dark One" Non-Tuner Monster(s)

Once per turn, you can select 1 monster on the Field. Treat it's Attribute as DARK, treat it as a Dark Tuner, and that monster's original level is multiplied by -1.


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My application.


Name: Yuki Fudo

Age: 19

Appearance: A young woman of petit frame, pale skin, and long, blue-white hair with icy-blue eyes. Her facial features are remarkably similar to her mother, Akiza. She has a soft voice, and a bit of a shy personality. She seems to have some sort of glowing circuitry underneath her skin in the right lighting at the right angle. She normally has on a variation on the traditional yuki-onna kimono, but wears a female Duel Academy uniform with a sash and bow and a long, white skirt under her uniform's skirt.

Duelist Type: Student

Faction: Signer (Left Wing)

Deck: Black Ice Deck

(can be viewed here: http://www.yugiohcardmaker.net/thread-122140.html)

Duel Disk: A white and ice-blue Duel Disk that looks like a combination of her parent's Duel Disks. She wears it on her right arm because she is left-handed.

Duel Runner: The "Duelhog"

Bio: Formerly the leader of the Sky Signers, she spent most of the past year recuperating and had intensive psychotherapy performed on her. She is now back to normal, but occasionally has nightmares of the days that she spent under the "care" of the Arcadia Movement. She is the "twin" of Izumi Fudo, and is currently a senior at Duel Academy. She has the Psychic ability to manipulate temperatures at will.

Signer Dragon: Zero Kelvin Dragon


Synchros: Black Ice Shark, Black Ice Golem, Black Ice Dragon


The original character concept of Yuki Fudo was created by YamiSakura88, and the Black Ice cards are used with Griffin999's permission.

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Guest TheFinalFan

My application.


Name: Izumi Fudo

Age: "19' (technically 3)

Appearance: A young woman with close-to-ideal measurements, spiky maroon hair, golden eyes, and a slight tan. Her facial features are remarkably similar to her "mother", Akiza. She sounds like a female version of her father, and has a boisterous and fun-loving personality. She seems to have some sort of glowing circuitry underneath her skin in the right lighting at the right angle. She normally wears a "Save the Earth" tank top and jeans with floral embroidery, but can also be seen with a female Duel Academy uniform with sandals and very short khaki shorts underneath her uniform's skirt.

Duelist Type: Student

Faction: Signer (Right Wing)

Deck: Plant Swarm/Lockdown Deck

Duel Disk: A red and pink Duel Disk that looks like a combination of her parent's Duel Disks. She wears it on her left arm because she is right-handed.

Duel Runner: The "Duelhog".

Bio: Formerly "AKI" and "Izumi Izagozen", Izumi was adopted by the Fudo family shortly after she was turned back to normal form being a Dark Signer. She is actually a clone of Yuki Fudo, and used to be a cyborg that could transform into a Duel Runner. She cares for her "twin", Yuki, and is the girlfriend of Damian Atlas, who also attends Duel Academy with her. She has the Psychic ability to instigate rapid healing in others.

Signer Dragon: White Rose Dragon


Synchro: Queen of Thorns


Ace and Rucario, your characters are accepted!

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Name: Suiko Naoki

Age: 17

Appearence: He has quiet long, blue hair that cowers the right eye. His eyes is red-coloured. He wears the normal Male Duel Academy clothes.

Side: He's a sort of Anti-Hero, so he's neither good or evil

Faction: None

Deck: Sea Serpents

Duel Disk: The standard 5D's disk, white with marine blue trim and a red gem.

Duel Runner: A small, marine blue one

Bio: Both Suiko's parents is believed to be dead, he has never meet his father and her mother always said that he left her before Suiko was born, and during the end of the last Signer Wars his mother commited suicide and left only a note saying: They killed him... Knowing thatthe Signers defeated the Dark Signers Suiko thinks that his mother lied to him, and that his father was alive all the time but was killed by the Signers (aka he thinks his father was a Dark Signer). Because of this he has grown very aggrasive and wants tosteal the Signers Dragons to fullfill what his father started.

Gaurdian/Signer Dragon/Ace card: Neptulon - Dragon of the Fathomless Abyss

Synchro(s): Several Sea Serpents

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Name: Damian Carmine

Age: 17

Appearence: what he looks like in RotEI but without the Dark Signer stuff.

Side(pro-duel, Anti-duel, other): Pro-Duel

Faction(Signer, Keeper, Arcadia Movement, other): Signer

Decks: Plant, Dark Plants, Virus

Duel Disk: 5Ds duel disk but in green

Duel Runner: Same as before

Bio(don't have to do it if you don't want to): Damian has had a lot through his life; dying 3 times; alternating between Dark Signer and normal person, and finally being able to have a normal life...and go out with Izzy.

Ace card: 186831d.jpg

Signer Dragon/Synchro: 186831k.jpg

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Name: Zarkus Syuren

Age: I lost track



Duelist Type: Pro (Dark Signer)

Faction(Signer, Keeper, Arcadia Movement, other):

Deck: Dark Soul, Chaos deck

Duel Disk:

An all black Battle City disk.

Duel Runner:

A black version of Jack's

Bio: Retired from being a punch-clock villain to become a pro duelist. One of the top pros out there, since he started using his Dark Soul deck again. Unfortunately, not all is as it seems...

Ace card: Will reveal later on. Its kinda plot relevant.

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Name: DJ kaiba

Age: 15

Appearence: check my app on RotEI

Duelist Type (Student, Pro, or Other): Student

Faction(Signer, Keeper, Arcadia Movement, other): Signer

Deck: Ancient gear crystal beast, Dragon.

Duel Disk: Acedemy disk

Duel Runner: simaler to Yusei's but Black and Gold.

Bio(don't have to do it if you don't want to): DJ is now running for kaiba corp leader. the leaders are supporting the duel races and DJ thinks he needs to return kaibacorp to its former glory. he is stressed a lot lately and no one has seen him very much due to the fact he is in the acedemy.

Gaurdian/Signer Dragon/Ace card:(signer dragon)Shine Dragon264958h.jpg,Ancient Gear crystal dragon, Red eyes darkness dragon.

Synchro:Ancient Gear crystal dragon, Shine dragon

Yeah!!!!!! DJ is my character!!!!!! can DJ have Claw mark?

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