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Arrival of the Chained Gods [School of Roleplay]


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The purpose of this thread is for the roleplayers to adjust to the use of the Advanced Clause. Therefore, only those who want to learn this or those who are interesting in teaching will participate.


Deep within the earth, darkness stirs. Several millenia ago, six dark spirits known as the Preachers were sealed at the center of the earth. Now, the spirits have returned, and possess six humans. These humans have been given godlike powers, and call themselves the Chained Gods.


After being sealed for so long, the spirits now realized that they no longer had the same ideals and thoughts. It led to a discussion, which in the end led to a full-scale war between the Gods. The six of the Chained Gods have now split up into two factions of three each, who hate each other to the core.



You play as one of the Chained Gods, a human possessed by a dark spirit and given inhuman powers. Your mission? Take down the other Gods and stay alive.



As the purpose of this roleplay is to teach others how to use the Advanced Clause, I will be forgiving about it. I will overlook flaws until you have mastered the three rules.



Fill out the below form and submit it to either myself, Kio-kun or one of the accepted teachers. You can also post the form directly in the thread.




Appearance:(This includes physical appearance, such as eye color and hair color, clothing, and any other items.


Abilities (be reasonable):

Bio (other than the obvious): (Details about your life before, during, and after the Preacher possessed you.)

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Name: Kio Covalin

Age: 17

[spoiler=Appearance:(This includes physical appearance, such as eye color and hair color, clothing, and any other items.] Wears a white jacket, with black chains on his side's. He has blue eyes which occasionaly change to brown for a few days. He has brown hair that is always covering hisleft eye. He carries a large black sword that curves inward as it gets to the tip. His sword has a long string that hold a blue diamond at the bottom. He wears a black T-shirt under his jacket. Moderaly musculer with broad shoulders and a hansome face. Wears blue jeans and usually has 2 chains connected to the belt loops. He also wears white fingerless gloves with a black stripe on the back of the hand. He aslo wears black skater shoes.



Abilities (be reasonable): Cloning Technique and Piercing Soul Blade's

Bio (other than the obvious): (Details about your life before, during, and after the Preacher possessed you.) The kid everyone made fun of for no reason. Both his parents were killed by a man with silver hair and snake like eyes. He kept to himself letting very few people get close to him. The only one who really ever got close to him was a girl named Yui Kiyone. After the Preacher Sokiomaru possesed him he left his village, called Tamira, and searched the world for other Preachers. Hoping to find them and the one who killed his parents. He somehow managed to keep control of himself to a point. If h is ever in a pssition where he will die, the Sokiomaru steps in and keeps his host alive.


Now let's just hope that others join...

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Good, we need a roleplay like this.


Name: Arthur Lycos

Age: 16

Appearance: Arthur is a tall boy, dressed in brown pants, a black shirt, and a green vest. His black hair is long, just barely going past his blue eyes. He wears two black gloves and black shoes.

Gender: Male

Abilities: Simple, he has the powers of magnetism.

Bio: Arthur was born while his parents were still in high school and was given up for adoption. Arthur was adopted by the abusive Vicross family, who often beat him for things he had never done and kept having to move. When Arthur was chosen by the Preacher, his first act was to kill his parents. One day, while he and his parents were in a car together, Arthur made the car drive off the bridge they were on. Arthur made his escape, but his foster parents ultimately drowned. Arthur, who was 14 at the time, was sent to a boarding school, where he made minimal use of his powers. Now, he seeks the other two Chained Gods that will be his allies against the rest of the Chained Gods.

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Finally, An RP with structure. Hopefully this one lasts.


Name: Edward Zarkus (Changed to Zak Yato)

Age: 17

Appearance: Zak is a well built teen, in a black and white striped shirt under a tattered brown jacket. His blue jeans usually have grass stains (Go figure) and his black shoes are scuffed from life. His jet black hair has green highlights in them, he keeps it spiked at the front. His piercing emerald eyes see more than others do, and his face is very handsome. He wears a pendant with a black rose around it, almost never taking it off.

Gender Male

Abilities: He can control plant-life.

Bio:Before possession, Edward loved the outdoors. He enjoyed the grasses, the trees, and the flowers. But when he was 12 years old, a blizzard hit his town, all plant-life died. He was forced to spend his days indoors with his photosensitivity parents. It made him go insane, locked away in his room. When spring came back, he visited a botanical garden, admiring the plants. But there, a savage preacher named Hana-Etai possessed him while smelling a rare flower. It caused him to turn into a gigantic tree. During this 5 year slumber, he was wracked with agonizing pain. The, when he was 17, the garden was set to be taken down. He was then awoken violently, unleashing an unfathomable display of his powers, killing all in the garden. He now seeks someone who can understand what has happened to him, and if anyone out there is like him now.

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Name: Kenji Masaru

Age: 23

Appearance: Kenji is a young man born of Japanese heritage. He has jet black hair which spikes up in a distinctive pattern. On his left arm, he bears a mark that was branded onto his skin by the Preacher that possessed him. He wears a white shirt, and is usually seen wearing his old Marine Camo pants, and boots.

Gender: Male

Abilities (be reasonable): Gravity. Highly Advanced Stealth

Bio: Former Gunnery Sergeant for the USMC, Unemployed as of now. His Personality can be extremely charming in an understated way, and he has a dry sense of humor. He was unforgiving of his colleagues' mistakes and demands high standards of his team as well as himself. Kenji is usually portrayed as a complex man of mystery and intrigue. He likes to use his marine training to give him an advantage over other people, such as when he silently appears behind people and he can enter a room without anyone noticing. He has a coffee addiction. He even has a personal rule about it: "Rule 16, never mess with a Marine's coffee if you want to live". During the time the Preacher had possessed Kenji he was in the heat of battle fighting for his life. The enemy had the upper hand and a bullet was about to strike him when he felt sick and leaned over to his side as the bullet whizzed by. This was the first stage of the possession. Kenji feeling sick decided he would rely on his stealth to retreat, Though the Preacher had a different opinion. During the second stage of Possession the Preacher had part control over Kenji, though not fully merged with his host the preacher did what he could to ensure his hosts survival. By the time the 3rd stage had started Kenji was unconscious and the Preacher had fully merged unveiling the usage of his powers. After the possession, becoming Surrounded by enemies both Kenji and the Preacher worked together with their combined Stealth and Gravitational abilities and defeated over 20 enemies. After the possession had occurred and Kenji noticed everything that was happening he was released from the military with a dishonorable discharge for not showing for two weeks and showing low respect for his commander and partners.

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Well one of the things that occured to me, is that if there are Gods then there must be Demons too. So for certian sections were there is one peson all alone, I think that in the interest of exitement there should be Demons added too. As well as causing more exitement, they also present opportunities for other characters to be introduced. For example:


Kio walked through the forests near the city of Forthes. The whole time he felt like he was being watched. He turned hi eye slightly to loo behind him, and stopped walking. The wind blew lightly through his hair. His entire body tensed. Suddenly, he jumped and rolled to the side as a giant creature slashed at theground where he stood. He looked up and saw a large lizard like creaure with multiple spikes on its back that looked like they were just cruedly thrown in its back. On it's face was a large white boney mask with two red glowing eyes staring bac at him. Kio pulled out his sword and ran at the creature. He swung and missed as the creature jumpe above his sword. He was about to finish it off with his Peircing Soul Slash, wen a spear was thrown at it pinning to a large tree. Kio looked at were the spear came from. Th spear was hovered back to the owner. Tiger was smiling back at him. "Waaaasuuuup!!!!" he said.


You see what I mean? Two characters were just introduced into the story in an exiting way. ;D But that was just an example. I don't know if ayone wants a guy name Tiger.

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Name: Hendrix Allen

Age: 18

Appearance: Black hair, grey eyes, black jeans, white shirt and a blue sports jacket

Gender: Male

Abilities: Matter conversion/manipulation. Faster healing than regular humans.

Bio: Hendrix was born in the small family of the Allens. His father and mother were never around so he learned to take care of himself quite early and matured fast. In his teens, he was really bright and graduated at the age of 16, 2 years early than he should have. When he turned 17, he discovered a way to convert matter into liquid energy, but the success was short lived because one day, his invention backfired because the unstableness of the liquid matter. It exploded and burned his face, leaving him blind in the left eye. It was that time when the Chained God noticed Hendrix and chose him to be his vessil. From that day forward, Hendrix gained the same powers as his invetion had, but on top of that, he can control and manipulate the liquid energy that he converts.

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How could I miss a chance to teach?


Name: Nathaniel Flint

Age: 32

Appearance: Nathaniel is 5'9'', and weighs 64 kg. He has light skin, that occasionally tans but is more prone to sun-burn. His hair is a light brown, chestnut colour, and of mid-length. It naturally spikes slightly. His eyes are on the verge between blue, grey and green, almost a sea colour. He has quite a pleasant, rounded face, lightly speckled with freckles across the cheeks and nose. The nose is fairly small and inobtrusive. Nathaniel is fairly slight, not well-muscled, having the body of a runner.

Gender: Male

Abilities: Nathaniel has the ability to manipulate memories. Since the Preacher possessed him, he has had picture perfect details of every single that happened to him since then. Very occasionally, he will "remember" things before they actually a happen, a sort of premonition, although in this case the details are so vague that usually the information is useless until after the event has occured. If another person is thinking particularly strongly about something, or a particular memory holds large significance to them, Nathaniel can remember their memories if in a radius of about ten metres, and with said person in his line of vision. His final, and possibly most potent ability, is to force someone to forget a particular memory. This requires skin-to-skin physical contact on Nathaniel's part, and is physically tiring for him to do.

Bio: Nathaniel was a fairly ordinary kinda guy. Spent most of his youth in the United Kingdom, and still has an Oxford English accent, where he was raised by his mother, his parents being divorced and his father living in America. He was a nice child, friendly to get along with, good at English, if not so good at Maths, a tad quiet, the usual sort of thing. Passed through school, on to university at 18, got a degree in journalism and public relations, went on to have a brief stint as a journalist, and was sent to America as a correspondant, aged 24. Nathaniel rather like America, although he found it a tad backward and compulsive sometimes, and ended up staying, quitting his former journalism job at 31 and succesfully applying to be a public relations manager for a local politician, Robert Pike. He was chosen because he was relatively young for that kinda industry at the time, and they thought he'd connect to the younger generation of voters. This year, Robert Pike is a Democrat running for Senatorship in Indiana. Around the same time, Nathaniel started having a relationship with one of the other PR people, Lilith May, who he has been going out with for a little over a year now. He's not entirely sure when he met Nameless. He'd have been about 30, maybe, when he just started hearing someone whispering thoughts in the back of his head. As time went by, they grew stronger, and he knew that it was someone else. Strangely, it doesn't scare him. She (for they are female thoughts) has never told him her name, and dodges the question often, hence why he calls her Nameless. Nameless and Nathaniel get on fairly well, or at least, as well as you can when one side of the conversation is incredibly secretive. Nameless was the one who showed Nathaniel his abilities, when he began to see Robert Pike's early childhood, and the things that shaped the man who was now running for Indiana office. Sometimes, Nathaniel does wonder about why Nameless spoke to him, rather than anyone else, but things are the way they are.

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havent RPed in a loooong time. guess that's why i'm here =D


Name: Rei/Eden Scarr (name of his personalities)

Age: 14

Appearance: Rei and eden scarr are both half japanese and wear a black shirt, marked with the japanese symbol for "Akuma" on the back. their pants are pitch black bell bottoms with the exception of a thin dark lavender line on either side of the outer side of each leg. they has a necklace that is shaped like a rectangle and has the symbol "phi" (Φ) on it.

Gender: ♂

Abilities: can summon the undead, though the bones must all be available (I.E. he can't suddenly make a living skeleton appear in space where there aren't any bones) and can only make the animal that the bones were originally from. (though extra limbs can be added if needed)

Bio: Eden lived in a cruel English orphanage, where they were beaten. he was especially beaten because he was different. first off, he was a half japanese person in england. second, he had multiple personalities. his other personality was called "Rei". Rei was a very cruel person and even managed to take down the head of the orphanage when he got mad. then he was sent to be beaten. he manage to escape when he suddenly found out that he had never been outside before. he walked the dirty streets of london for three months eating garbage until he suddenly blacked out. when he woke up he saw a man with a crack in his head. he was dead. Eden was surprised. Rei had killed a man, and in cold blood too. Eden went back to the orphanage at night, and took a rope. about to hand himself, the head master struck him in the head with a bat. he woke up three days later, but he felt different. suddenly, the man that Rei had killed was sitting next to him, but withe only his head, and the rest were bones. his life suddenly changed. he could control the dead. instantly, he measured the extent of his power. he found out how it worked, and learned to control it.


OoC: is that good enough. havent done this seriously for months >.<

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Name:Cacnea Yoshino


Appearance:(This includes physical appearance, such as eye color and hair color, clothing, and any other items.)

[spoiler=Appearance]His appearance changes with his Mood Spirit...

Normal ~ anime_guy-1.jpg Wears a plain black short sleeve shirt, smart black jeans with a small skater chain hanging from a couple of the loops, a black fabric belt, and black shoes. In all his forms he is about 6'2".

An-Cacnea ~ hot_anime_guy.jpg Wears a blue shirt over a black t-shirt, wears a leather band on his wrist, wears jeans and trainers, normally wears sunglasses.

Da-Cacnea ~ Emo-Anime-Guy-anime-guys-2461951-300-379.jpg Wears purple head phones, a grey jacket over a purple and black striped t-shirt, a pair of fingerless black and purple striped gloves, some grey jeans with a black belt and some black shoes.

Pu-Cacnea ~ 59916.jpg Wears a biege short sleeve shirt underneath a dark biege poncho, wears some biege combat design trousers, and some trainers.

Ig-Cacnea ~ Anime_Guy_2.jpg Wears a white shirt with loose black tie, wears glasses and a gold watch, black belt, black trousers and smart black shoes.



Gender: Male

Abilities (be reasonable):

His appearance changes with his Mood Spirit...

Normal ~ no abilities

An-Cacnea ~ Has great fighting skills.

Da-Cacnea ~ Can cause small things to turn to dust.

Pu-Cacnea ~ Can camoflauge into the background.

Ig-Cacnea ~ Can create illusions.

Bio (other than the obvious): (Details about your life before, during, and after the Preacher possessed you) Before I was possessed by a Preacher I would just go day to day, mood to mood. I was often bullied and people didn't want to know me. Then while I was looking through some rubbish in an antique shop I found a small ivroy statue that was about a foot tall, then I felt an energy surge through me, then over the next few days I found out that I gained abilities and my look changed with my moods, after some research I found out that the statue was said to hold the entity of a "god" of emotions to say. So now I'm possessed by a Preacher.

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I wonder what happened to Salvation? Meh, I'll participate in this one, maybe help set an example to those who are new to the Advanced Clause?


Name: Sino Satanealo

Age: 20


Sino is around 6' 10'' easily, with a good body structure, not to muscular, not to thin, just perfect in fact. His eyes give out an impossible red glow, making others notice undoubtedly. His hair, a slight dye of silver added to his original black hair, makes his hair seemingly mystical, or unique as you might call it. He wears usually semi tight to tight clothes, to show his muscularity or just because that it's the only clothes in his closet. Another noticable feature no one can miss is the birth mark over his heart, which shows a rough match of the Seal of Satan.

Gender: Male

Abilities (be reasonable):

--Able to sprout Fire from his arms, manipulating it into either a shield, sword, etc.

--Able to sprout a Dark mist from his arms, also being able to manipulate it.

The following will be variant of the above abilities:

--Faster by at least 2 and at most 4 times the normal speed of almost anyone (Has a side effect, he is tremendously weaker) Requires Fire Flame

--Stronger by twice at least and 4 at most (Tremendously slow however) Requires Dark



Before, Sino was just a trouble kid, did whatever was considered a "sin" to his Christian Family, mainly because he was the opposite of having a religion. So he just stole, cheated, lied, everything. It was then when he met the preacher, that his life turned upside down, inside out, everything. He was granted powers that would be able to make him do much worse than what he could do before. After he met the preacher, he decided to keep his powers to a minimum, but still do enormous amounts of damage, without him getting caught. When he found out he had to take out other Gods as his mission, he swore that he would do anything to rid of their existence even, even sell his soul to Satan.


Remember, I don't want to join out of the joy of RPing, just to help other get used to the Advanced Clause.

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Name:Ferdanda Geraldo

Apearance: AnimeGirl-web.jpeg

wings are black

Age: 16

Gender: F

Powers: She can tell what emotions a person is extrudeing, by being able to konw this she can tell when some one is scared or is lieing. she aldo has a dagger that morfs in to manny difrent shapes from dagger to,katana, to spear , etc

Bio: Her nationality is german but she was raised in japan.

She is easly angerd and short temperd is the stright forward kind of person.

Her family was killed and was out for revenge, when she got posesed she was an easy posetion becaous she extruded extrodinary malice and evil.

i hope my bio wasent to small

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Name: Wayne Alex Ray

Age: 16

Appearance: Wayne is about 6' 4". Wayne comes from an Italian background, mother being Italian, while his father was American. He inherited most of his facial features from his mom, having blond hair, gilded a golden color in the sunlight and light-blue eyes. His skin is a tannish color, but soaks up a lot more sunlight than regular. Wayne would never find the time to get any clothing not consisting of gold, white, and/or orange, claiming he despises all other colors. Wayne isn't that muscular, more of a slim shape. Wayne would always wear a bracelet consisted of 6 minerals: Gold, Amethyst, Iron/Steel (Mixed together so that the Iron doesn't rust), Cobalt, Bronze, and Silver. This bracelet was handed down by his mother.

Gender: Male

Abilities: Wayne has the ability to control light as he pleases. He can only do this during day, and his powers decrease until the Winter Solstice, where they are completely deleted, then increase until the Summer Solstice, when they are at it's peak. Wayne cannot use this power in an area with no light, so he stays in the brightest places possible, or else he will faint. Extending the use of this power too long will cause all in a certain radius, including Wayne, to be exposed to ultra-violet rays from the sun, which cause radiation, and possibly death. As a side power, he moves at a very fast speed, about 3 times faster than a human. He can run short distances only, and is very vulnerable. While he is using his powers, touching Wayne's skin will burn you.

Bio: Wayne wasn't put together right. He would smile at everything. Anywhere he went, a smile was guaranteed, and a frown was impossible. He would have a short memory span, so he would forget most things, and remember them a year later. He was also energetic, always moving, never stopping. He has insomnia too. When he met the Preacher, he obtained the power to manipulate light. In his optimism of gaining this power, he mastered it. As he learned of his destiny to kill the other gods, he just smiled. He could only think of how much easier life would be living on this planet by killing others who abuse it. And how fun it would be.

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Name: Xarynubite


Age: 24


Appearance: He is 14 in appearance, a young teenage boy. He is lean and has white hair. Tan skinned, with long fingers. He is 5 feet in height, and has his hair in a ponytail.


Gender: Male


Abilities (be reasonable):

He can regenerate based on his will to live. If his will to live is strong, he will keep regenerating.


Bio (other than the obvious): He was born in a small town, populated only by 48 people. These people worshiped the Dark gods by sacrificing every first born in their town, to extend their time of living. They did not know however that their children would adopt some of these traits. They noticed their children became still born, and could no longer sacrifice of the Preachers. This is when they arose, one of them chose one of the desperate woman's womb to go into, and take the baby as his own. He gave it life, and aged it afterward. The baby had become 14 in appearance and middle-aged in the mind. It gained knowledge, and began it's quest to meet it's other counter parts. Now it travels to meet others who are like it, as it is drawn to them. His quest: To make him the only one. The Unique ruler, who is the last of his kind...

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