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Zodiac Sign Virgo =D


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This is meant to be 1 of the (in the future) 13 Zodiac drawings. I'm not basing them in the Astrology's Zodiac signs that tell you your fortune, but in the 13 constellations.

















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lol ^-^

I'll try to.


Thanks for commenting, no1 commented for hours, I posted this in DA, YCM & Myspace and I only got 1 comment on each :( *sigh*


I'll continue and eventually cover all 13


EDIT: lets see how many different signs there are in the active ALD members :) (of course, no1 will have Ophiochus xD )

Fuzzie = Aquarium

sleepy = Virgo

Saikano = Libra

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I'm a Leo' date=' just throwing that out there.



I'll eventually get to do it ;)

I just started school today and also am working on another project that really want to finish drawing ASAP (fuzzie'sanficdeck*) so that might take a few more days ^-^



[align=center]Constellations are hot! I have a challenge for you. Make every constellation hot!

I izzle cancer. [/align]


Thanks to popular majority' date=' I guess I'll try to xD



Awesome job, but aren't there 12 zodiacs ;)?


yes, but there's the snake constellation that is technically one of them although it was never included in astrology. :)

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