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Infinite Stories: The Falling of Existence [Started! Would like two more Ancestors and one more Unlimited]

Encalade Shinamisu

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This is the final frontier. Unknown to most beings in this realm, they are all going to die. The Ancestors and the Unlimited clashed. The Ancestors used primal strength to defeat the Unlimited. Their goal: to release this Existence into the Void. Rips in reality already appear, and creatures descend that have never existed. These creatures will suppress our realm soon enough, unless we fight back. There are those who have been given certain skills, as a will of the Unlimited, and these gifts will help our warriors of today repel the Ancestors, but in the end, are they up to it? These are the events that tell the story of the end of the world...







Class: [Like mage or ninja, any customs accepted, but customs must put an explanation for the class]




Alliance: [unlimited/Ancestors]


Appearance: [type it or use an image]

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Name: Sen Iyuma

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Class: Healer (Minor offensive magicks, mostly focuses on healing)

Abilities: Minor Telepathy (can sense the emotions of another person, and can tell easily when someone is lying), heightened sense of smell.

Weapons: Chain, small Handgun

Alliance: Unlimited

Bio: He was just a normal guy before these things started happening. He lived his life, he had a daughter and a wife. Those two were lost to the Ancestors. He was naturally drawn to the power of the Unlimited. He was ecstatic when he'd realized he'd been chosen to receive their gift. Now with a grudge to bear, memories to carry on, and nothing else to really live for, he fights against the Ancestors.

Appearance: Tall, blonde, short hair. Wears a lot of funky colours, and could be described as a "hippie".

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[spoiler=Application]Name: Rena Yanagisawa


Age: 16


Gender: Female


Class: Selkie. They usually wear animal fur, and very little of anything else. Female Selkies have a larger bust than most females, and male Selkies sometimes wear kilts. Their hair ranges from bright blue variations to plain white and grey. They are extraordinarily quick, yet fairly weak when it comes to combat.


Many wield bows, but some are seen holding staves.



Abilities: Extraordinary speed, high jumping ability.


Weapons: A small blue shortbow. The arrows are tipped with a blue gemstone.


Alliance: Unlimited.


Bio: Rena has lived in the Selkie tribe most of her life, she had seen very little of the outside world. She generally spends her time in the forest around her village, killing small creatures, using their hides as pelts and meat as food. She lived a peaceful, normal life.


Then her sixteenth birthday came along, and things changed. She was told by the elder of the village, that when selkies come of age, they must make a choice. Either stay in the village and continue your peaceful life, or set out in the outer world, seeking adventure.


Rena had pondered this for the longest time, she was quite the thrill-seeker, and it was a hard decision for her. Adventure and treasure, those are the tales of which she fantasized.


She thought it over, and decided to leave the village.

She regrets the decision to this day.


Appearance: Rena has light blue hair that comes down past her shoulders, almost reaching her 'rear', and wears quite revealing clothing. Her eyes are a bright red, and she has white, fluffy cuffs on her wrists. She also adorns long stockings and occasionally wears a blue pendant.


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Abilities:make any man made weapon out of the earth around me


Weapons:can create any man made weapon


Alliance: unlimited


Bio:Maze had a terrible child hood and still is not going well because he use to lived in a town called Shaziku and one day his town was attacked by a group called "the BIG city". They killed his family with no mercy and did not find me but took other kids with the same powers like me. Then he was taken by a "Hero" as they call themselves to train me to use my power with out loosing control of it. When he turned 18 he left the Heros school to help more people and train harder to get revenge on "the BIG city".




OoC: is that better

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Name: Maeya


Age: 80 in Voxnii years (approx 20 in human)


Gender: Female


Class: Voxnii - a race of shapeshifting animals who can shapeshift into anything except inanimate objects, fish, humans, mythical creatures, or plants. They can usually come up with some bizzare combination (e.g. snake with wings). Although no one knows what they really look like, every Voxnii has a unique prefered form. They are balanced in terms of attack and defence but not very strong.


Abilities: She can detect nearby presences


Weapons: Claws and fangs


Alliance: Unlimited


Bio: Maeya had a typical upbringing. Although her family lived in a thick undisturbed forest like all other Voxniis, they did occasionally fly to the city, as to teach her how to survive in both a crowded and a lone environment. When she became an adult, she lived life normally and even had a mate until the war between the Unlimited and the Ancestors disturbed them. Despite being told to stay impartial, Maeya became an outcast when she announced her decision to support the Unlimited. This forced her to break all contact with any family or friends or her mate, and she has since lived in cities, feeding off whatever she can get claws on.


Appearance: meowclops_215.gif (this is her prefered appearance)

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[spoiler=You may not get the class joke because you had to be at the conversation about them]

Name: Venith


Age: 17


Gender: Male


Class: Bard Ancient- Cling to old ways, and refuse to use any kind of machine whatsoever. They are normally knowledgable, and often where little armor. They don't use much magic, and mostly use physical attacks.


They mostly use swords. Some use bows and axes, but swords are the most common.




Abilities: (I can use battle related, made up abilities, right?) Heart of Valor - When in near death situations, their strength is boosted somewhat.


Weapons: Two-Handed, light katana. Uses it for swift, draw slashes.


Alliance: [unlimited/Ancestors] Unlimited


Bio: As a young boy, he often thought and thought about various things, mainly because he had nothing to do. He lived in a forest area, and loved to fight. He lived a fairly normal life, and very peaceful. He always had a natural sense of honor in battle. When an opponent would drop his weapon, he would put away his sword, pick up his opponent's weapon, and hand it to him. He is always happy, cheerful, and sometimes sarcastic. He has some knowledge that he's collected from thinking about who knows what, but he's worried he'd look like an idiot if he was wrong, so he never expressed it. He trained and worked hard all his life. He decided to ally with the Unlimiteds because he wanted to help the world, and do something meaningful. Plus, if the Unlimiteds failed, he'd probably die, so he decided to help. In retrospect, perhaps going and fighting probably quickened his death.


Appearance: [type it or use an image] Animeguy9.jpg


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Name: Hawkeye


Age: 34


Gender: Male


Class: Warlord. Stronger than most warrior, but also alot smarter. Usually wears light armour that they can move easily in. Often very bossy and commands others around from having to much power.


Race: Human


Abilities: Flight and thermal vision.


Weapons: Fists, gauntlet.


Alliance: Ancestor


Bio: Hawkeye's real name is Alan Perter, but he abandoned his old name after he joined the ancestors and chose to have a name that suited his look. Usually dark and uncaring of others, his only thoughts on a mission is to get it done quickly and easily. Almost always the first one to step up for a fight, his gauntlet's claws are made out of actual Hawk talons so that he can become more of a Hawk. Used to be a bioligist and studied Hawks. Joined the ancestors at the age of 30.


Appearance: AvengerDarkenedHawkeye.jpg

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