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The Nightingale Family(NG)

Big Bad Pennar

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[spoiler=The Purpose and Notes]Due to the Advent of the Elitist Clause, I have Created this club for the sole purpose of protecting and Educating other Mid-Level RPers, and helps Refining One's RPing Skill.......


[spoiler=How this Club Works]This Club Works Halfway like an RP, We discuss using our Characters to Talk in the Club, RPing as we would, But Mods should take note that this is Mainly a School that should not be Moved into to the Roleplaying Section



To join this club, One cannot Be Elitist, The First sign of elitism will result to being banned from the club, if you are on the Elitist List and are not in the club, You will be Denied on the Spot, and if i see another post from that person, they will be negged


If you are not a member, The only acceptable reason to post in this thread is to join this club, if you are a member, you can discuss about The advanced clause or anything related to RPing.... but preferably as your character


[spoiler=Oh and those who did not Spear the Troll]Elitist Clause = Advanced Clause




- No Spamming

- No Elitism of any kind

- No Flaming

- New! Minimum 2 RPing Sentences per post, as we are Training for a War RP



[spoiler=How to Join]Username:

Character Name: (Must have a Last name of Nightingale)

RP Sample: (At Least 3 Sentences, Preferably of the Situation 'you are walking into a Spooky Mansion with Ravens all over the Place trying to find a Nightingale Officer and asking him to Join the Club....' )




[spoiler=Want to Affiliate?]Club Name:

Link to First post:




Flandre Scarlet - Andinios Nightingale - Leader - 15 - 4 - Niox, Andrion, Yir, Carny | Ryoku, Nix, Zeot, Genesis, Noiscir, Teresa, Diana, Noveas, Kirnias, Xinrox, Qion

Freeman - Martha the Nightingale - Non-Kin - 0 - 0 - N/A

eliteduelists - Zach Nightingale - Officer - 7 - 2 - Arenz, ??? | ???, ???, ???, ???, ???

Zenrias - Crow Nightingale - Non-Kin - 0 - 0 - N/A

Ramanga - Rizumu Nightingale - Elite Member - 4 - 1 - Kyuukei | Rei, Sen, Kei

False Hope - Eisaka Nightingale - Member - 1 - 0 - Wrath

Merciful Idiot - Rey Nightingale - Officer - 7 - 2 - Xing, Xang | Okoto, Norak, Tahu, Maximillion, Shadow

Whitewind - Natsuki Nightingale - Member - 2 - 0 - Dark, Light

TurboTom - Thomas Nightingale - Officer - 4 - 1 - ??? | ???, ???, ???

shadowferret - Diego Nightingale - Officer - 10 - 2 - Gatito, Horchata | Leche, Queso, Yogurt, Ganado, Blanco, Darkwing Duck, ???, ???

VK-Duelist - William De Nightingale - Co-Leader - 11 - 3 - ViVi, Tai, ??? | ???, ??? , ??? , ???, ???, ???, ???, ???

820reborn - Morgan Nightingale - High Officer - 8 - 2 - Carnivoar, ??? | Lucifer, Loretta, ???, ???, ???, ???

Dark Necro - Omaru Nightingale - Non-kin - 0 - 0 - N/A

Άř¢ħėłäűŝ - Arch Nightingale - Member - 1 - 0 - ???

Blakie - Xemnas Nightingale - Reincarnated Member - 1 - 0 - ???


[spoiler=The Banlist]

Skuldur - Spamming and Flaming in the club



[spoiler=Class System]

Non-Kin - The Lowest Status in the Club, You achieve this Rank when you have no Ravens, If you have this Rank, you will be Watched in this Club by Others......


Member - Your Basic Status here, and a Status you always get when you enter the Club with an at least Moderate RPing Sample, You Start with 1 Raven.......


Elite Member - Basically an Upgraded Member Status, You get this Status if you had a Great RPing Sample when you Entered the Club, Or is known as a Great RPer. You Get Promoted to this Status if you Have 3 Ravens. They carry a Trainable Large Raven......


Officer - They can Use their Character to Accept others with the Leader's or Co-Leader's Consent, They are Appointed by the Leader and Co-leaders of the Club, or if you Have 6 Ravens, They carry 2 Trainable Large Ravens......


Co-Leader - Highest Attainable Rank..... They can only Be picked by the Leader and Can Accept others, They can Also PM the Leader(ME) to Mod the number of Ravens for Others, They carry 3 Trainable Large Ravens......

[spoiler=What Are Ravens?]

Basically Status Points, They are Given by RPing with the Advanced Clause, Making Banners for the Club, Being Active, Taking good Care of your Own Ravens, or for any reason deemed Acceptable by the Co-leader and Leader, And Taken if you Break the Rules of YCM, Being Elitist, Taking Horrible Care of your Own Ravens(Not Being Active), or for any reason deemed Acceptable by the Co-leader and Leader, If you do Something that gets a Raven Taken and You do not have any, You will be Banned From the Club


If you are a Good Member in this Club or are an Officer or Co-leader, You can Get and Train Large Ravens for your own Use....

[spoiler=Trainer's Handbook for Giant Ravens]


You need a Rat or an Apple, Based on your Raven's Diet, You must have A name for your Raven, You also need to Learn the Language of the Raven Trainer.....



A Language of a Trainer is Unique and Varies from Person to Person, Beginner Trainers can Use Vocal Commands to Train their Ravens, But Eventually They Stop Understanding you unless you start Hybridizing The Commands with a Trainer Language, Trainer Language Can be made of Random sounding Words, But It You must be able hear an 'I' Sound(Or basically Requires an I in the Word), Adding 'L's, 'E's, and 'S's in the word, You MUST use different words with each Command.


Also, the Raven Must need to Learn what to Do with the Word, And Example of what to say to train a Raven is "Stay Nienx" Ravens Learn Fast, So you just need to Do this 3 Times.......


However. Moving Commands, Like 'Hunt' Are a Little Harder to Teach because your Raven Must Hear the Command 3 Times to have them Learn the Command in Trainer's Language


An Example of a Training Raven Command with a Giant Raven named Faith:


"Faith....Carry Me Fierndeme"


An Example of a Completely Trained Raven Command:









[spoiler=Urgent News:]The Advanced Clause is Going to Become Mandatory again, We all need to Fight to Get Back all Basic Rights To Roleplay, How about A Suggestion?


If in case you need to Train up in the Case that the Advanced Clause is Inevitable, Me and a Friend of mine Collaborated a Teaching Role play in that Very Case


Monster Hunter: Dragons of the Divine Wing


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I have to say' date=' this did make me laugh. You're not going to be teaching anyone anything if you don't make them use the Advanced Clause...


this club doesn't force the Advanced Clause onto others, I prefer a different Method, Letting one improve on themselves, feeding one little by little with knowledge like I did to myself, I Improved myself.... little by little by little until i became an advanced level RPer(Minus the Crapitalizations from Flatspace, i need help to get myself out of it)

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Character Name: Zach Nightingale

RP Sample: Zach opens the door of the mansion and takes a carefull step in. He knew that the house was over 300 years old and any part could collapse at any time. But he was on a mission to find a nightingale officer and one more member to the cause. And that cause is to make sure the advanced roleplaying clause is abolished forever. Zach headed twords the stairs and the further he went in the more he noticed. There were ravens everywhere. As he started his climb up the stairs he saw a mouse scamper by. When he was halfway up he heard a splintering noise and the stairs below him gave way. He flung his arms up and he caught onto the edge of the stairs. He looked down knowing he had little time before these stairsgave way to. He saw the drop was about 35 feet down. He knew if he fell it would be over so he musterd up all the strangth he had and pulled himself up over the edge and into safety.

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Great.... The ball has dropped again......


@ Legend: Just Write 3 sentences just you would in an RP..... using your character as a Part of the sample

@ Elite: you can put any situation, but the best one is that you are walking into a Spooky Mansion with Ravens all over the Place trying to find a Nightingale Officer(the Current one is me, but there will be more) and asking him to Join the Club....

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I did not spam the RP section when I was DWR, or the person I am today, in fact, i am an Advanced level RPer aside from the Crapitalizations from Flatspace.....


this arguement is Invalid because I can use a previous Post to counter this argument..... *coughseepost9cough*


besides, You've gotten yourself Reported for Flaming and Spamming, as i have said, Take the matters about this club to the PM unless you are willing to join


Andinios then said "Easy Flandre, I'll Handle this" at which I back away from Skuldur. He punches him in the face for spamming and Flaming in the club and reports him to the Mods. I walk over to the Banlist of the Club and writes Skuldur's Name on it. Afterwards, I throw Skuldur out.....

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