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Gladiator Taming

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Quickplay Spell:
If a "Gladiator Beast" monster is face-up on the field, select and activate one of these effects:
● Change the battle position of 1 face-up monster your opponent controls.
●Select 1 face-up "Gladiator Beast" monster your opponent controls. Take control of it until the End Phase.

TGC Exclusive. I lol'd at all the GB-Hate from Konami. Really though, WTF.
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[quote name='Zkaiser' timestamp='1300365868' post='5078636']
If they're going to make anti Glad stuff that works with Glads they should have at least named it Gladiator [b]Beast[/b] Taming.
So you could grab it with Equeste and Samnite?

... Meh, that could be said of a lot of Glad Support TBQH.
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