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YCM Legends Tournament - November 2011 [Congratulations to Olly Problem!]


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1st YCM Legends Tournament - November 2011

Tournament Begins: November 11th 2011

(props to DGz for giving me inspiration in design of the thread and in general)


Round Info




Click here to go to the coverage blog


General Rules


-- Tournament is swiss style and will be lasting several weeks to allow players proper amounts of time for each round.

-- That being said, rounds are three days long, with one day after if time extensions are necessary.

-- The third day of a round will be Activity Dispute day, where people who have not played in the current round will explain and try to get a time extension if needed. I really don't want to resort to time extensions, so play your matches as soon as possible.

-- To repeat, SWISS STYLE. If you lose, you are not eliminated. Players with the most wins after a certain amount of rounds will go to top x with single elimination.

-- At the beginning of a round, contact your opponent as seen in the pairings and organize a time to play.

-- Amount of rounds will be determined by the amount of participants.

-- Matches will take place on Dueling Network.

-- Matches will be played thanks to the new Dueling Network rematch system, so side decking is allowed as well.


Deck Rules


-- All cards up to Photon Shockwave and Duel Terminal 13 - Star Knights Sacred will be legal.

-- This means Order of Chaos and Structure Deck 22 - Dragonic Legion will not be legal for this event (they will in the next one however!)

-- Decklists must be PM'd to me () before you play in Round 1. Any results you report without a decklist turned in will be invalidated. Each round you do not turn in your decklist will result in a match loss.

-- Players will be notified on November 9th to turn in their decklists if they have not already


Participation Rules


-- You will be dropped from the tournament if you or your opponent have not turned in a proper report in this thread twice after the designated end times of the rounds.

-- This means:

- Not getting the chance to duel your opponent without providing a reasonable explanation (thus no time extension).

- Not reporting a result after your time extension.

-- If your opponent does not report the result of a match, it is your responsibility to report it yourself at the risk of getting a loss

-- When reporting the result of a match, post who beat who in this thread, as well as if you want to drop of not. If your opponent wants to drop, they have to say so themselves.


Miscellaneous Rules


-- For issues regarding rulings, message one of the designated judges for this event over whatever medium they're available on, primarily Dueling Network. If none are available, result to calling regular mods, as that's why they're on Dueling Network.


-- 1-3 feature matches are most likely going to be held each round, selected by Tournament Staff


Tournament Staff


Tournament Organizer: Leviair the byakk Dragon

Judges: Leviair the byakk Dragon, evilfusion

Coverage Reporters: evilfusion, BehindTheMask, Jesus's Whistle


If you want to help out as a judge, PM me () for more info.


Registered Players


1. Klavier Gavin - Tenjo_Kaito - [email protected]

2. Rodrigo Rubio - CDDRodrigo - [email protected]

3. Gus Lockhart - Welche - [email protected]

4. Kaito Massamoto - aracinid - [email protected]

5. Burning Soul - silversalamence11 - [email protected]

6. Evoltile Westside - GreigaBeastDS - [email protected]

7. Marsuvees Black - Marsuvees Black - [email protected]

8. Horus CyberEltanin - cybereltanin - [email protected]

9. Rai Say - ArticBrush - [email protected]

10. Shard YouProbablyKnowMeOnYcmBecauseImBadAtYgo - Epic Win - N/A (Shard on YCM)

11. CipherAdmin MirorB - Miror B. - [email protected]

12. Rainbow Dash - Dementuo - N/A

13. Jesse Hall - Red W Mage - [email protected]

14. Brandon Geren - RobotBowtie - [email protected]

15. Dante Sparda - akasudds - [email protected]

16. Kimberly Heart - subzerosakura - [email protected]

17. Aggro Drago - DrRED - N/A

18. Black Bend - Zextra - N/A

19. Dog King - Dog King - N/A

20. Star Lastname - DuelGate - [email protected]

21. Tristan T. Taylor - Hounds of Anubis - [email protected]

22. Russell Mannino - Chaosinfiniti - [email protected]

23. Olly Problem - Pot of Problem - N/A

24. Michael Ojama - BoosterBoy - [email protected]

25. Carl Fluttershy - Proto - [email protected]

26. Zen Vikuda - Thedarkster - [email protected]

27. Alvin Yakatorie - Zerochill - N/A





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Username: Read it. I don't feel like writing out.

Dn: aracinid

Msn: I'm chrome and I think man sux. Do I have to use it? Will pm decklist asap


as long as you feel you're capable of properly contacting your opponent, MSN isn't needed

however I don't prefer to use nonenglish characters. Just give me a random first + last name to use if you're that lazy.

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