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Sword of Kusanagi


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[quote name='Shard' timestamp='1321075421' post='5634293']
that's nu's sword. Not Mu's. Mu's is entirely different.

*fanboyish ranting*
Technically, they're EXACTLY THE SAME. Just for different users, they have different appearances. Both are Murakumo, just different looks to them =/

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Recyclable Fairy Meteor Crush for Spirits at the start of the Synchro era, because Konami noticed how much use the regular, unspecific, and unrecyclable Fairy Meteor Crush was having around meta players with no Spirit Decks and said "we really can't let Spirits miss the fun of becoming meta worthy".

And thus, Kusanagi Sword was born for Yamata Dragon to wield [s]just like in the legend[/s].

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