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Trans-Daemon (Trans-Archfiend?)

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[center]DARK/Fiend/Level 4/1500 ATK/500 DEF[/center]
[center]Once per turn: Discard 1 Fiend-Type monster; Increase the ATK of this monster by 500. When this monster is destroyed; Add 1 banished DARK monster to your hand.[/center]


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(D-Fissure opens)
[b]Birdman:[/b] What's this?
[b]Trans-Daemon:[/b] HEEYYY! I'm gonna save you by giving you a hug
[b]Birdman:[/b] No just No
[b]Trans-Daemon:[/b] you have no choice *hugs*
[b]Birdman:[/b] NOOOOOOOO!!

like Shard said, i'm also willing to bet that Konami will do a Wattcancel on this card in TCG

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[quote name='Yuzuru Otonashi' timestamp='1321386068' post='5644302']
Thsi will be called Dimensional Archfiend in the TCG.

IT shall be dubbed D'Arc.

which is again, giving out a bad message with the cenorship of "Trans"
when will people learn that simply covering something up to make it look like nothing happened is a bad idea? In the eyes of some it can be seen as offensive. Like, hypotheticially, there's a OCG card released with a national flag in the background. TCG come and censor it, now what would people from that country now think?

There is nothing wrong with a word, and konami need to learn this.

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