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Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter [It's Electric Type]

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Lore: During your next turn, Raikou cannot use Zap Cannon.


Lore: FLIP: You can select 1 card on the field and destroy it. Send the top 3 cards of your Deck to the Graveyard.


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dat retardedly bad raikou.

People seem to have some horrible something against using even a single copy of this in a deck involving Tengu. Thing is, the whole deck benefits from the fit, except from Tengu. The benefits outweigh the chance of milling Tengus. Besides, deciding when to use something is all part of learning how to be a good player.

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Lots of people on DN tend to run 3x Ryko.
Well.... Mostly I tend to if I have room + want additional milling.

[quote name='~OW~' timestamp='1322604376' post='5674711']
Who the hell uses Steel Pokemon in the TCG?[/quote]
I would love to, but the only Steel Pokemon I own is a half-FIRE half-STEEL Salamence, and I own [i]1[/i] copy of the Special Energy version of Metal Energy.

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