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YMB 4 Match 11 Round 1 - Team 12 vs. Team 27 - CLOSED



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  1. 1. the Doctor is listening to Death Metal

  2. 2. To Clair-ify, Toot your horns on my signal

  3. 3. We need an Espada in this Wahr, amigo

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1) Knight is pretty cool. I'll vote for him. Haven't seen much of Metal or at least haven't seen him in a while. *Shrugs.*

2) Clair. Just plain Clair. No need to get into any more details because it's Clair. Did I mention Clair? No? Clair Clair Clair. Oh, and I don't think I even like Toot that much. Or maybe I'm thinking of somebody else. *Shrugs.*

3) Wahr's a major douchebag. And not the tolerable kind of douchebagery like DD. Just saying. Starrk is pretty cool though.

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Guest Fusion X. Denver

I'm voting:

Whooves-I remember good times from Mushroom Kingdom days and brawling each other. I'll beat you one day >:I

Clair-You're just fun.

Starrk-This kid's legit. F*cking boss.

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