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Stardust Dragon

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[center]Shard's banned, and when he's back, he's really screwed. Bazinga! Discuss.[/center]

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Thank god, he is so annoying lately 0_o
Even more so than when he was bad. Well he's still bad but now he acts like he's better than everyone. And that only works BEFORE people have worked out you're the most arrogant and terrible playing person on the site.

Best along with Scrap Dragon. tbh I don't remember an Extra Deck without him or what they looked like.
obviously AFTER he was released, that is.

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I actually met someone on DN who thought Stardust could be chained to Seven Tools of the Bandit.
Of course, that's DN for you.

[quote name='-Noel-' timestamp='1323213668' post='5691458']
Dark Armed Chicken will


Chicken out.[/quote]
I read this post in Rainbow Dash's voice.
I wonder why.

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[quote name='.:Corbenik:.' timestamp='1323224965' post='5691985']
were those threads saying that this card is THAT threatening??
It was actually along the lines of reusable destruction negation being a bad thing for the game.

This is one card that I have very few of (only 2). I can never decide if I should get the Ghost Rare or the Gold Rare.

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