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Questions that go unanswered?

Dareko Taylor


Hello, my user is Dareko Tayler. I have a lot of questions regarding this site and I am not getting any kind of feedback at all!!!!!! What are you people, to busy to answer my questions? Your site to to complicated to figure out. Either you help me, or else, I'll ask somebody much smarter than any of you Stupid Moderators!

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As Black already pointed out, if people don't answer your questions, it means that either we've answered it several times already [and should already be listed in the FAQ thread stickied here] or you don't warrant getting replies (and this is usually due to your post history/behavior). Looking at it, most of your posts can be considered as spam, considering you have been advertising in other people's threads.


If you want people to give you answers, you need to improve your behavior/show us that you're worth giving answers to. Never demand that we give you answers; doing so will result in you getting no such answers at all. If the behavior you're showing here does not improve, you can expect your stay on YCM to be quite hellish, if not short-lived.


YCM isn't that hard to figure out; actually read some of the guides for answers to questions, because most have been answered in the past. There is a reason why the FAQ thread isstickied at the top of the forum. The mods (or for this matter, older members) are not under any obligation to give you all of the answers; we'll help you with some things but the rest of it is left to your own common sense. 


(The TCG question could've be answered by simply looking at the Elemental HERO page on the Wikipedia; answer is obviously no because HEROs have never gotten an Extra Deck monster outside of Fusions)

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I mean, obviously if no one's answering you're either not worth their time, asking stupid questions, or just generally a shitposter.


And you're full of shit. You posted 2 questions; 1 of which had replies, the other of which was spam in a topic it did not belong.


The mods shouldn't have to tell you everything, you should be abl to use some basic logic for yourself.

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Have you considered the possibility that you ask your questions in the wrong places, and therefore those who see the question either don't know, don't care, or aren't really good at explaining things? Alternatively, you post in the wrong area and no one even sees the question?


Looking at your posts, you have 4 of them including this one, which doesn't really imply you've been asking a storm of questions all over the place.


One of your questions actually did get a reply extremely recently (so about 2 hours after you made this post), one of your questions got no response, and the third question was the one about Rank-Up Magic for E-HEROs, with replies suggesting what you saw was either a fake card (most likely) or that you got it confused with "Mask Change". 


 Either you help me, or else, I'll ask somebody much smarter than any of you Stupid Moderators!


Got to be honest, I have no idea what this part even means.


Like...who do you know that knows the site or info you're looking for, and why aren't you asking them in the first place if that's the case? Throwing around petty insults will certainly get attention, but not positive attention, and it doesn't really help you.

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