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Generic Pendulum Synchro

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I know this isn't the first Synchro Pendulum Monster I've made (I made one for the YCM archetype "Awakening Legend"), other people have made their own Synchro Pendulum Monsters. I just decided to make a generic one.




Pendulum Effect:LIGHT and DARK monsters on the field lose 300 ATK and DEF.


Monster Effect:1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters
During your Main Phase: You can place this card in an empty Pendulum Card Zone. Once per turn: You can shuffle 1 monster from your Graveyard or face-up from your Extra Deck into your Deck; Activate 1 of the following effects:
● Change the Battle Position of 1 face-up monster on the field.
● Destroy 1 Spell/Trap Card on the field.

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This is actually a pretty good card. Due to your card's monster effect, it would allow you to recycle monsters and also pendulum cards if they are stuck there with the bonus of either changing the battle position to a monster or destroying pesky backrow. Allow, the pendulum effect is rather underwhelming so I suggest changing it so it affects all attributes and buffing the reduction to either 400 or 500. Anyways, nice job,

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The card seems mostly good as is.

I think the part where you can choose from Graveyard monsters or face-up Extra Deck Monsters rather than limiting yourself to one of them or a specific type/attribute/level/archetype/whatever is a little too easy. Basically, the cost virtually always will be able to get paid for and will allow you to potentially recycle limited cards that might be very easy to search back, like Qliphort's vanilla pendulum searcher for example. At this stage this is pretty much only theoretic though.


Other than that, I like that if you have no scales in hand, you can just fabricate one with this card, which is more than a good investment considering some Tuners like Junk Synchron are already a +0 Synchro Summon, that you can use the monster effect first to get an extra advantage before moving it to the Pendulum Zones and proceeding to Summon 2+ monsters from your Extra Deck, and that she can Pendulum Summon herself with her own scale if you make a second copy down the road.


Being completely honest here, the Pendulum Effect is not important in this case and could even be a completely blank box and it wouldn't demerit this card's uses in the slightest. 

This card in particular might not be tightly attached to a strong archetype, but I think this would have still fit better for discussion at the Advanced Singles section rather than Casuals. It is just potentially in that margin of good. 

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