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> Zexal deck

> no utopia

The point is that every monsters is basically "Summon me to make Rank 4s with" while some of them can do other things/come back later/etc.


Honestly not much use of Higurumi without Luster/Wavering Eyes.

No Abyss Dweller?

No Norden?

No Pleiades?

No Thousand Blades?

No Wonder Wand?

No Ghost Bunny?

No Rafflesia?

No S39?

No Brilliant Fusion?

I had a version of This Deck earlier that had Wavering/Luster in it. And for whatever reason, I swapped them for Juras and Upstarts. In hindsight, it looked cool. in reality, not so much. I'll revert it back later.
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