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Post and I'll make into a supervillain


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I am already a supervillian. I am everything.

I already was one when I was a dog and people would argue I probably still am one now that I'm this particular fish but go ahead and take a shot at it.

You're called "Landshark". You're a humanoid being from the Batman universe. You were the result of illegal genetic experiments meant to give humans the ability to breath on water and land. It worked, but you're more shark than man, so you essentially are a cannibal always looking for prey. You only had 1 comic appearance however.


I am already a supervillian. I am everything.

They call you "Absolution". You know all and see all. Because of this, you know exactly how to persuade everyone to your cause of creating total anarchy, as you believe it to be the best course for a truly free society.

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