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Pokemon Gijinka: The Fallen God [IC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

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Oasis, the only city in the desert that was remotely habitable. The heat was so intense that staying out in the sun without protection for longer than an hour more often than not resulted in passing out, or worse. Thus everyone had some kind of cover over them, making it sometimes hard to determine their species.
There were many buildings scattered throughout the city. All of them were made of adobe and the roofs were slanted to one side, allowing rainwater to fall into specially built troughs that were attached to the wall.
A large amount of these buildings didn’t actually serve much purpose, and were built for the sole reason to keep people who have passed out away from the blazing sun.
People are only able to thrive in Oasis because of the lake that is right outside the city limits. A stream flows through the city, cutting through the middle and ending in the exact center where it formed a small pond, where the city’s only tree was. A palm tree that has been there for many more years than even the oldest Gijinka remember.
The shops were all set up near this spot, as it was the place most people went to besides their own homes.
Camels were very popular in Oasis and it was very evident. They were all over the place, and treated very kindly. The largest building in the city was "Camelpalooza" which sold, as the sign out front said, "Camels and camel accessories".
There were few cacti in the city itself but directly outside of it there were many more, what the natives jokingly referred to as the “desert forest".
There were no streets in Oasis, only sand. Beyond the single main road that cut through the western part of the city. The natives have learned how to walk on top of the sand quite well but visitors sometimes struggle with it. That being said, the citizens are always willing to lend a hand to those that get stuck. Though visitors best be careful, thugs are not entirely uncommon and if you get stuck around the wrong people they might lose their purse.

“Alright Mac this is it, time to start out on your adventure to fight the Legends and win the grand prize!” A young Helioptile Gijinka was looking into a mirror, making sure her hair wasn’t sticking up and her clothes were fitting right. She grinned at her own reflection and flashed it a peace sign before scooping up her bag and heading out. She didn’t notice the hole in the bag from which several of her items she snagged had fallen out.
Her parents weren’t home, they were busy chasing down their camel that Mac had set loose to get this chance to head to the center of town.

They didn’t want her to have anything to do with Chasers but Mac wasn’t having that. Se would become the best Chaser in the world. and this would be the perfect start. A man, claiming to have beaten a legend, was setting up in the middle of town. He had spread far and wide that he would describe his adventure to whoever showed up. A lot of people wrote it off as fake but Mac believed, he had to be telling the truth! She would take what she learned here and use it on her adventure. Maybe she could join with this Gijinka on a team!

Of course first she had to get there. The young Chaser pushed her way through a crowd that was gathering near the pond. A larger crowd than normal, for obvious reasons. It was frustrating and Mac could be heard yelling at people to get out of her way. She pushed and shoved and elbowed her way through the crowd, earning some annoyed looks, until she reached the front. She practically bowled over a Scyther that was glaring at the stage. The Gijinka glanced over at Mac but shook his head and scoffed before moving away.

The Gijinka standing there was not what she expected at all. A scrawny and short Mr. Mime; he didn’t look like Chaser material at all. But, maybe they had some hidden power or something? Mac decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.

He was standing on a small, long, platform that had been set up earlier today, pacing back and forth across it and looking out towards the crowd, seeming to count the numbers. After a few minutes he nodded to himself and began to speak. “Hello everyone, I have come to you for one purpose. To tell you of my defeat of a mighty Legendary Pokemon! I have done what many consider impossible and this is my proof!” He pulled out a shiny, silver, badge. “This was given to me by the Legend after I bested them in battle. They told me it would make me stronger and that it was only gifted to those with great fighting prowess.”

Mac scratched her head, confused. Badges? Since when did Legends give out those? Something was really fishy about this situation...”Hey Mister Chaser guy, I ain’t never heard of a Legend handing out anything, what’s that all about?”


"Ah that? Well...have you ever met someone who beat a Legend before? How would you know? Now if I can just continue..." Mac didn't like him brushing her off like that but...maybe he was right




The Great Flatness. The Land with No Curves. Juyu was famous for flatness and they made sure this was kept up. There were no holes within the city limits, all the buildings had totally flat roofs, and not a single tree grew in the city.
Each and every building was painted in bright and exciting colors, and the people wore outlandish and colorful outfits. There was an air of happiness and joy that spread throughout the city.
There was a massive open space in the middle of the city, which stretched from one end to the other. This is where all the musicians set up shop and played regularly. However today, one day from the weekly music festival, it was especially crowded. Stages were set up so that musicians could more easily perform, as opposed to the norm of them sitting on the ground.
Stalls were set up that would sell food, instruments, and other goodies. And in the middle was a massive stage, twenty feet wide, with a curtain surrounding it. This is where the singing competition would be held.
On the eastern end of the city were the shops, inns, and other businesses, while the west was where the homes were.
There are several roads in the city but none of them go into the center of the city.

Gwen was pacing back and forth. She had arrived in Juyu early in the morning and now it was around mid-day. She wanted to continue on but once she learned about the music festival being held the other day she wasn’t quite sure. “I could leave now and be sure not to be caught up in people leaving, but I did just travel a full week without break so maybe it would be good. Plus I might be able to meet someone to form a team with. Last battle was a close one...yeah that sounds good.”

With a plan in mind, she decided to stroll through the festival area. There was a lot of energy here right now. People were setting the stalls up and milling about. Everyone seemed excited about the day to follow and it brought a smile to Gwen’s face.
She noticed several children running about and chuckled lightly at their antics. However nearby there were a group, no two groups, that didn’t seem as amused.


There were eight Zangoose and ten Seviper, all of them separated by species in a stand-off. What seemed to be the leader of either group were arguing loudly, loud enough to hear even over the sound of people practicing their music and kids yelling. “This here is our sssspot you hear?” The Seviper said angrily, gesturing around him.
“Yeah well I don’t give a damn.” The Zangoose said, as she spit to the side. “You better move outta here right now before we make you.”
“Make me? Make ME? You ssstupid b****.”

“Well that was entirely uncalled for.” Gwen said, heading up to them. They seemed so surprised to see the Mismagius floating towards them that she wasn’t stopped before she was near the leaders. “There are children here, if you’re going to squabble take it elsewhere.” She said in a polite, but firm, tone. “Or do I have to alert the officers?”

The Seviper and Zangoose both let out a laugh. “You don’t get it do ya? The officers ain’t gonna do nothing.”
“They don't get involved in our fightssss.”

Well that was a problem. Gwen had gone in here with the intent to scare them off with the threat of authority. If they were right....well Gwen had found herself in the midst of two angry gangs, and she had just scolded them like little children. In for an Oran Berry in for a forest she supposed. “You should be ashamed of yourselves acting like this, utterly reprehensible. Especially in front of everyone like this.” She glanced around and noticed that everyone was giving them wide berth, and the few that were watching seemed to be looking at her incredulously. Hmm. This may be a problem.



Alright folks here's the deal. It's about noonish time in both places. In Oasis basically I want you to have your character coming to town/being in town, doing whatever you wish. But remember that the guy is giving his speech around noon. You can respond to what has been said so far.


As far as Juyu is concerned, similar deal. Enter/already be in town, describe what you're doing. You may get involved with the little fight-to-be or not. But just remember around noon is when it is happening, and it's happening in the festival ground.

Any questions let me know. I am more than willing to answer things and even let you know basic reactions to your actions if you want to write a bit more.

Have fun :D



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“Excuse me~”


“Sorry about that…”


“Watch where you’re going will ya?”


“Pardon me, sir”


A single voice could be heard all around town, as four clumsy young Weavile seemed to bump into anyone they could manage. If one where to have been paying any more attention than the standard town folk going for a stroll in the afternoon, they would probably take notice of two rather peculiar things. For starters: all four of these Weavile where exact copies one another with not single discernable difference in their appearance or even voice for that matter, and the fact that every single one of the people who had been unfortunate enough to have made contact with one of them, left the sudden collision with one less item that they started their day with.





Road going through the Housing District


The girl let out a large sigh as she lazily strolled down the path leading to the festival grounds. In her gloved hands, the Weavile held a small collection of jewelry and an even less impressive amount of poke that she had “barrowed” from the old man that she’d thrown herself into a few yards back.


“And it looked like a nice neighborhood too…” She mumbled to none in particular as she inspected the goods she had acquired for a second time.




Assorted Building District


Humming a cheery melody, the second copy of the Weavile casually stood amongst the small crowd of people, her eyes dancing around their garments in an attempt to single out anything worth stealing. She had been going about this for the better part of the day, and had by now had already established a pretty efficient routine.


“Bingo!” She smirked, as her crimson gaze settle on what would be her fifth victim of the day. Still humming her tune, the Weavile made her move; stealthily walking up to behind her target, then deliberately stumbling forward and falling into them.


“Whoa, you’ll have to excuse me…” She cried, as she made a skillful move for whatever was in their pockets.




Far Edge of the Festival Grounds


As their sisters continued their criminal escapades, the final two copies walked side by side as they made their way towards two dark figures that sat under the shadow of the buildings in the shopping district. One of the Doppler gangers brandished an astonishingly large pile of trinkets ranging from souvenirs to what would seem to be very expensive jewelry and other personal items, the other held a Fire Gem and what appeared to be a small bag of assorted poffins.


Upon finally reaching the two figures, the clones where met with the site of the fifth member of their sister hood fast asleep with her head placed lazily on the shoulder of an all too familiar Sableye. "Well ain't I just precious..." Both clones cooed in unison as they looked the real Wesley up and down a few times, before the copy that held the jewelry dropped it's loot into a pile and the pair's feet. Her task complete, the clone then exploded, leaving a small puff of smoke and the pile of valuables as the only proof that she'd ever existed.


"I got us a snack~" The remaining clone held up the Fire Gem and bag of poffins, before tossing the two goods towards the Sableye. "Oh, and it looks like theres some commotion going on in the center over there..." The clone motioned over to where the two gangs where positioned in their squabble, before suddenly dissipating in a manner identical to the other copy; leaving only the sleeping original.

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Cold Crown Wallenstein


Juyu was a strange place, Wallenstein found herself thinking. It was known as the Land with No Curves(sadly that meant she fitted right in but that's another topic), and the citizens were more than proud of that fact. The roofs were flat, the ground was spotless, the city was in a sense, perfect. It was a similar feeling of perfection one holds when seeing a symmetrical shape. Perhaps it was that sense of perfection that drove these people to aim for perfect flatness. When put that way, Wallenstein could somewhat understand.


She arrived at Juyu around two days ago and decided to stay until after the music festival they seem to be holding. The adventure could wait. Festivals meant food and booze and music, and she liked all three. She hoped at least someone would perform a song by the band nidoQueen for the festival tomorrow, that would be a joy to listen to.


"Bloody hangover..." As she naturally didn't own any land in Juyu, Wallenstein was staying at the inn, alone, for the duration of her visit. It was convenient because it wasn't too far from the music square. The road from the inn led straight there, in fact. It also led to an area with a number of shops including the bar she went to last night.


Presently, she was in her room, having just woken up.


"Let's see...the festival's tomorrow. I probably shouldn't get drunk today so I can enjoy drinking tomorrow instead." Happy with her conclusion, she closed her eyes and tried to sleep more, but the sunlight from the windows made it difficult to fall back. She wriggled in bed a bit, groaned, and got up. 


By mid-day, Wallenstein dressed up and headed outside. Perhaps seeing townspeople hard at work would cure her hangover.


What greeted her when she got there though was a commotion. A group of Zangoose and Sevipers were arguing near the performance stage, not an uncommon sight in populated areas. Curiously, a Mismagius stood alone, surrounded by the two gangs. It didn't look to her like they had good intentions towards the Mismagius either.


The onlookers and workers were keeping their distance and Wallenstein didn't like it. Are they going to let some hoodlums ruin the mood of the festival? Perhaps she should interfere herself.


"Hm, fighting might just help cure hangover." She realized, and that was all the justification she needed for jumping in.


She jumped.


And landed on top of a table, attracting the attention of both gangs. Wallenstein pointed a finger in their direction. "Harm that Mismagius girl and I'll beat up both of ya!"

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*Gurgle Gurgle*


"But we just ate like...ten minutes ago...."




"Fiiiiiiiiine....you're always right anyway."  The gijinka rubbed her flat, toned stomach.  She had been floating in the small pond of Oasis, front side up.  Not many Water Types could make it out this far, seeing as how the place surrounding it was nothing but sand and dry heat.  She hated getting out of the water, she could feel the heat evaporate the water in her skin.  She hated it, She hated it, She hated it!  Taiga threw a tantrum, flailing her arms in the water, splashing the denizens sprinkled around the edge.  They eyeballed her, as if asking each other who's child was missing.  Taiga flashed her pearly whites at them.  "Outta the way!  Or do you wanna piece missing from ya?!"  She chomped at the toes of a Vibrava, barely missing as he flinched backwards.  


Huffing in disappointment, Taiga sank to the shallow bottom of the pool.  She gathered enough speed so she would be able to breach the surface and have enough air to jump onto the sand on the outside of the pond.  The landing would've been perfect too, but the sand wasn't sturdy enough and she collapsed.  The Gijinka she had threatened previously snickered at her display of clumsiness.  "SCRAM!"  She yelled, snapping some more.  The tiny crowd had dispersed, but now Taiga seemed to be face to face with a new, slightly larger crowd.  


They were intrigued by the stories of a Mr. Mime, who had held something shiny in it's weird gloves, claiming it to be a badge from one of the legendary gijinka.  Apparently it made him stronger as a fighter as well.  A helioptile had challenged the idea of badges being given out, it was such an absurd idea, but she was quickly shot down.  


"Ah that? Well...have you ever met someone who beat a Legend before? How would you know? Now if I can just continue..." 


"Prove it..."  Taiga rudely interrupted, scratching her teeth.  She started doing stretches one would do before the started swimming, but for Taiga, this got her blood pumping when she was rearing to fight.  "You don't look tough enough...and that whole story sounds pretty fishy to me.  Trust me when I say that."  




His lifeless eyes...peering into the crowds walking past him in the city of Juyu.  So many people...so happy...so lively.  And here he stood, watching from the shadows, like he always has been.  His left eyelid twitched.  He was sort of mesmerized by the scene.  The outside was so much...brighter than what he was used to.  After all, growing up in a cave desensitizes you to most forms of natural light.  It took the Sableye Gijinka a while before his eyes got used to this...what did they call it again?  The Sun?  


He was shook out of his stupor when a bag was thrown to his feet.  He looked up to see Wes in front of him.  


"I got us a snack~"


Of course this wasn't the real Wes.  She had been sleeping on his shoulder this whole time.  He was slightly impressed that even she was too sleepy for thievery.  "Thanks..."  Sid said with a low, creaky voice.  He picked the bag up to reveal it's contest.  A gleam could be seen in his eyes when he detected the faintest glimmer of what appeared to be a red gem.  He grabbed it instantly, unzipped the collar of his tattered vest, and placed the gem inside his mouth.  Zipping the vest back up, he munched on the gem.  The crunching was loud, but he tried his best not to disturb his partner.  A sudden burst of flavor tingled his taste buds, warming his body to the core.  "Spicy..."  He mumbled.   


"Oh, and it looks like theres some commotion going on in the center over there..."   She was right, there seemed to be a throw down between a gang of both Zangeese and Sevipers.  The clone had also dissipated at this point, leaving Sid with the original still resting on his shoulder.  He looked at her...why was she traveling with him again?  She was the first thing he saw after crawling out of that hole...he couldn't help but follow her.  He looked back towards the ruckus, and a Mismagius had stepped in, followed shortly by an Empoleon.  He figured those two could handle themselves...they seemed to be on the stronger side.  However, if Wes were to wake up, she would surely get the two in the middle of it all.  He sighed, the sound being muffled by his zipped up collar.


"Not my problem..."

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A small boy walked through the streets of Oasis. He looked like any other native of the city, with his white headscarf and sand-colored cloak, but underneath he wore clothing that could've easily fit in with the outlandish styles of Juyu, from his buttoned vest, cuff shorts, thigh-length hose, fluffy-collared boots. Not to mention the scarlet cravat embedded with a bright red stone. However, the desert's scorching winds and searing rays made such clothing impractical, as he had quickly found out when he first arrived.


The boy had expected the experience to be similar to the savannas from home, if a little hotter and drier, but he hadn't expected the extreme temperature changes nor the eddying sands that scraped away his exposed skin. Thankfully, he had met a merchant caravan, and they had kindly sold him some desert clothing at half-price. "At least I'm a fire type," he mused. "Or it could have been a lot worse."


Eventually he reached the middle of town, where he had heard a man was going to tell everybody about his experience in beating a legend. This was just too amazing. He, Ari, was going to meet a man who had faced off against a legend. He was still a newbie Chaser, so this would be a good way to get some tips.


After seeing the man though, Ari felt a flash of disappointment. Looks aren't everything though...right? Still, he had expected something...grander. Not as grand as his father, of course, but maybe on the scale of his uncle? Someone quasi-grand. Not...this clownish-looking guy.


When the man started speaking, he was immediately questioned by two others. Ari didn't know much about Chasers, as they didn't get very many down in Pride Rock, but weren't they amazing? Why would good guys like them need to lie? But what if he wasn't a Chaser? Maybe that's why he didn't look so grand? Confused, the boy shook his head. "Father told me not to judge others by how they look..." Assured in his righteousness now, he leapt to the Chaser's defense. "Why should he have to prove it?! Shouldn't his words be proof enough?"




A short, pink-haired girl admired the teddy bear in her hands. "Wooow, you're really giving this away to little ol' me? Like an early present before the festival?" she giggled, batting her eyelashes at a flustered teenage Stunfisk gijinka. "That's sooo kind of you, mister. Thank you ever sooo much!" she squealed, hugging him close.


The boy looked like he had died and went to heaven. In his distraction, the girl smiled a smile that was just a bit too sharp. "You're so sweet," she simpered, her eyes captivating him for a second. They looked as if they had captured the sky. As a breeze picked up, lifting cotton candy-pink locks, he inhaled the scent of strawberries. Girls always smell so nice... he thought, gaze traveling down her body, from her fluttering ribbons, to her pressed blouse and U-neck overdress.


The boy gulped. "It, it was no problem," he replied, turning his head to hide a blush. Keep calm, Fisk. You can do this. Just...ask her if she wants to go to the music festival with you tomorrow. "Uh, I thought you'd like it. Because it's...cute. Like, uh, you. Yeah. Because I think you're cute. So, uh, I was, uh, thinking maybe--"


"Aww, shucks mister, you're making me blush," the girl cut him off, waving energetically. "Thanks for the gift. You're so kind! Byeee!" she flounced off, rolling her eyes when he couldn't see. That was just a bit too pathetic there. Dismissing all thoughts of the hapless teenager from her mind, she opened her purse to put the bear in. Right at that moment, however, a dark-haired girl wearing what looked to be a traditional fan-shaped headdress bumped into her. "Excuse me," she apologized.


"It's fine," the pink-haired girl waved it off, and continued skipping down the path, stopping for a second when she noticed she had lost the teddy bear, as well as a couple other souvenirs she had obtained despite the stalls not even being set up yet. Ooh...that was one smooth operation. It's been a while since I've gotten pickpocketed.


Time passed, and the girl had more than made up for her loss, cuddling a stuffed rabbit in her arms. With this in hand, nobody will be able to resist me! She was still patting herself on the back for that when she reached a food stand selling sticks of round, syrup-covered balls the vendor called "Mitarashi dango."


Two minutes later, three sticks in hand, the pinkette munched on one of the sticky globes happily. I love festivals, she thought. It's so easy to get sweets...especially when everybody thinks you're a girl.


“You better move outta here right now before we make you.”


The "girl" glanced up from the food, taking in the situation in front at a glance. Poison types and normal types, as well as a ghost and water/steel type. Not interested. Sitting down on a bench, the gijinka got rid of the finished skewer with a careless toss. "Might as well enjoy the show, though."

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Johto, Ecruteak City, Two weeks ago


"Goodbye mother, and thanks for all you've done for me, i will see you as soon as my quest is over." Himiko said while bowing down to her mother. Today was the day she would leave her beloved town and region. She, to officially become a priestess has to go on a pilgrimage to bring her town's prayers to the legendaries. She didn't know exactly where they are, but she hard from some people around town that the Adarid region was where they all live, so Himiko decided to go there. She said goodbye to her friends and fellow priestesses, to her family, to the beautiful cherry blossoms that covered Ecruteak in a pastel pink layer and then she left. Himiko "walked" for a few days, until reaching the seaside, there she left Johto, her beloved region that she isn't going to see for a long time.

Adarid, Juyu, Today


The sun was shining, yesterday Himiko finally arrived to Adarid, in the town of Juyu. "What a wonderful day! I'm so hungry that i could eat a house!" She said as she went downstairs. Himiko was staying at a relative's house. "Good morning auntie!" She said with a smile. Her aunt was a Meowstic Gijinka, named Crescente. She came to Adarid with her boyfriend, but since they broke up she decided to stay here. She felt lonely, that's why she accepted for Himiko to stay with her for a while with no problem. "Oh, good morning Himiko, did you sleep well? Tomorrow there's the music festival, why don't you go around the festival grounds? There's always something to do there." Himiko said bye to her aunt and decided to go the festival grounds. She passed through many houses and shops. "Wow, the atmosphere here is completely different, everything is so colorful and it makes me happy." She arrived to the festival grounds, a big open area, now filled with food stands. "Did i just find the promised land?!" Himiko said with her eyes sparkling. From all the stands she could smell a variety of delicious foods. She wanted to eat everything, but in the end she went for a coconut and chocolate crepe, something that she would never find in Ecruteak. "I have no idea what these cochonets, or whatever they're called, are, but they sure are delicious!" She then happily sat down on a bench, looking at the people passing by. There were little to no clouds in the sky and a fresh breeze was blowing, everything was peaceful, Himiko wasn't even worried about standing out because of her clothing, when suddenly, “You better move outta here right now before we make you.” some sort of gang fight was breaking down. She could see it from afar and decided to look closer. Moving closer she stopped by another food stand to get, this time, waffles. Himiko, then, sat in a bench nearby. She really wanted to stop it, but she wasn't very good in combat, and it seemed like two other Gijinkas were already taking care of that, so she decided to just watch until things got dangerous.

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"Finally..." The red-headed Scizor gijinka sighed before flashing a small smile, wiping some sweat that she had on her forehead. It has been a while since Scarlet was in the sandy town of Oasis, and she had forgotten how hot it was. Of course, unlike last time she was in Oasis she wasn't here to simply sight-see - rumors had it that the own who managed to defeat the Legendary Volcanion was giving a speech today, and there was no way she was going to miss it. Without hesitation, she started to dash around Oasis, searching for this Chaser


. . .


Not long after, she had found a large crowd forming. She looked into the crowd and found them surrounding a scrawny looking Mr. Mime. Before she could dismiss him as a street performer, though, he declared “To tell you of my defeat of a mighty Legendary Pokemon! I have done what many consider impossible and this is my proof!” She stopped, shocked about what she heard. "He's the one who...?" the scizor thought to herself, before the Mr. Mime revealed a small badge. Shortly after, someone in the crowd said ”Hey Mister Chaser guy, I ain’t never heard of a Legend handing out anything, what’s that all about?”. The voice seemed to belong to a young Helioptile who was in the crowd. It seemed that Scartlet wasn't the only one who was skeptical of this "legendary hunter". The Mr. Mime, however, simply brushed her comment aside - shutting her down. Before Scarlet could say anything, however, another ginjika beat her to to punch. "You don't look tough enough...and that whole story sounds pretty fishy to me.  Trust me when I say that.". The Sharpedo that said these words looked like she was ready to fight the Mr. Mime. Of course, she didn't go unopposed - "Why should he have to prove it?! Shouldn't his words be proof enough?" were the words that came out of the young Litleo. "You shouldn't be so gullible" She sighed. This wasn't the first time she encountered a con artist, but she didn't think that someone would pretend to beat Volcanion. Of course, maybe he was telling the truth.... "I say we let the Mr. Mime prove that his badge works."





Lok let out a yawn as he left the Inn at Juyu. He wasn't used to traveling at all - he usually just stayed in his hometown of Alpha. It didn't help that he didn't get much sleep at the Inn to begin with. Stretching his limbs, he headed towards the center of town - after all, he wasn't going to miss the reason he traveled so far! A music festival would be the perfect place to team up with other gijinka like him to hunt down the legendaries, not to mention it was a music festival! Lok was very impressed with the flat town - the flatness of the town meant he could see basically the whole told. Not only that, but it was very colorful and upbeat - a huge contrast to his hometown Alpha. Lok started levitating towards the direction of the center, excited to see who else was around


. . .


As he reached the festive area, he saw a lot of other gijinkas - most of them busy, but clearly having a good time. He knew he had made the right choice of coming here when he saw the children playing around in the street. However, not everything was cheery here, as there seemed to be a large group of people arguing. Levitating towards the group, he saw that it was two different groups - one of them a gang of Zangooses and the other Selvipers. There were also two other gijinka with them, and a small crowd around them. While it probably wasn't the smartest idea, Lok had to intervene - after all, they were disrupting the good vibe around them! He levitated towards the group. "Yo! What's with all the hate guys? Don't you know that today is suppose to be a happy day!" He grinned at the group, although he was a bit nervous. Despite his nervousness, however, he knew that he was going to try and solve this the best way he knew how - diplomatically.

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Here was a man, an old Chandelure Gijinka by the name of Cabrakan, who was merely on his way from the city of Moiter where he now called home to the town of Fryst, where his beloved fiancee had been buried, and his daughter he'd left to fend for herself. However, Cabrakan wanted to stop at another city altogether so that he could buy a souvenir of some kind, and Oasis seemed to be the most logical choice, having the least amount of deviation between the two cities. Oasis didn't have a lot to offer though, but eventually he settled on purchasing an Air Balloon for his travels. Hopefully it'd stay intact during the inevitable journey to Fryst, without showing signs of deflation.


Cabrakan was about to leave when a Mr. Mime Gijinka having set something up in the town's center had caught his attention. Apparently the Gijinka wanted everyone to believe that he managed to best a Legendary Gijinka in battle. Well, quite frankly there were two issues with the tale that he told. The first was obvious, being clear the moment Cabrakan took a good look at the guy; he looked nothing like the battle-hardened type that would dare take on the divine powers of the Legendary Gijinka. Heck, Cabrakan was admittedly less musclebound than most, and even he packed more meat in him than this chump! It certainly explained why a lot of the civilians openly stated to each other that it was all a load of "Tauros sheet", or so Cabrakan kept hearing the term. Furthermore, Cabrakan strictly remembered that there was only one Legendary who'd openly challenge other Gijinka to battle him, and not a single soul survived a face-to-face encounter with the boastful being in question. The logistics of the tale were off for those two reasons, but in an effort to solidify his claim despite that, the Gijinka held up a badge and tried to sell it as proof that the tale was true. It wasn't enough to stop the following despite though:


"You don't look tough enough... and that whole story sounds pretty fishy to me. Trust me when I say that."


"Why should he have to prove it?! Shouldn't his words be proof enough?"


"You shouldn't be so gullible. I say we let the Mr. Mime prove that his badge works."


The elderly Gijinka could only breath a heavy sigh. Cabrakan always despised of debates. There was always that certain risk in the air of someone doing something that would be... unprofessional, to put it lightly. There was only one way to settle this whole thing.


"Enough, all of you," Cabrakan stated flatly, before addressing the Mr. Mime Gijinka directly, "I need to inspect the badge you revealed. So if you don't mind..."


As he extended a bandaged hand, Cabrakan gazed sternly into the Gijinka's eyes. If there was even the slightest hesitance in his posture, he'd know about it.

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"And that's all the information you can give me?"  The woman asked, her form hidden beneath a black robe, a white hood pulled over her head, and a heavy crimson scarf around her neck.  She spoke, in a shaded alley in the city of Juyu, to a similarly clothed figure.  The difference was the one she spoke to wore a mask over their face, flat black and depicting a single brilliant blue eye open in the mouth of the robe.  The masked one stood inside of a doorway which lead into absolute blackness beyond, likely heading beneath the city.


"I am sorry, Whisper," the figure said, their voice giving no clue to their identity.  This was one of the Watchers, the anonymous members of the Order of Darkrai that remained in each and every city throughout the region.  They listened to what was said in the cities, and they received the requests of those who needed someone to die.  "There have been no requests since the reported destruction of the order.  However," the figure raised a gloved hand as the woman was turning away.  "I have heard tell of one who may be associated with those you hunt."


"And you didn't mention this earlier because...?"  Whisper raised an eyebrow under her hood, but let out a sigh as she remembered that the watchers had little care for personal business.  "What can you tell me?"


"A Camerupt has been spotted in the city.  A Chaser, who may be affiliated with the group you hunt.  That is all I know."  That was enough, at least enough to start.  A vague sense of direction, towards where the festival grounds were being set up.  Before she turned away this time, the robed pair bowed their heads to each other.


"May the Dark shine your way, Watcher."  With those words, she turned away and swept towards the end of the alley.  Her robe was removed, and quickly stowed in her pack with her other possessions.  When she emerged into the light of day, she appeared only as another Absol, her white and black clothing meant to maximize movement.  She once more assumed the manners of a Chaser, and set herself off towards the festival grounds with her eyes kept open in search of any Camerupt, and her ears open for any rumors floating around.  So focused was she on her search, that she almost didn't notice when she stumbled into an open space being argued over by a group of Sevipers and Zangeese.  Rather than involve herself, for now she simply resolved to sit back and watch the blood fly.  This was exactly the sort of thing to attract Chasers, and she could ask them if they knew or had seen a Camerupt anywhere in the city.  If Darkrai truly smiled upon her, then the fool would show himself.

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Which of us before was more pure, clear and blue?
Was it you, far off in the distance…? Or was it me?


Focusing on one point, the crowd’s attention went undividedly towards the girl standing on the stage. The girl’s voice resonated throughout the place, and its beauty charmed the mesmerized audience as she continued her song.


I wanted to see the end of this flat world
That offered me no answer

I looked down upon its landscape and
No longer did it draw me in


The girl’s voice was loaded with streams from her unchained emotions, yet she did not lose control of herself, articulating those emotions perfectly into words. And it seemed her feelings reached the crowd too.


From this height perhaps,
I thought I might understand you.
At least, let me embrace this dream that I might.


The crowd was feeling what she was feeling.


Surely the stars will rise again.
Surely the sin I feel will weaken

I’ll be crushed by these emotions I cannot resist.
I’ll shut my eyes to this unbearable reality.


The girl who lived and died for her audience continued to sing, putting her soul and her very existence into words. Letting all of those out, the girl smiled as her spirit brightened.


…No matter how we live.
…No matter how we die.

. Ah,
Even if even I will one day completely change.

…in the end, there is nothing we can do to resist!


Perhaps it was not even close to the biggest crowd that she ever had, but she was born to entertain others, and with that ideal on her mind, seeing them enjoying her like this was the best reward she could ever wish. And for this, the girl would do everything to bring them the smile that they were showing her.


I’ll just let myself be.
As long as I’m here together with you.
…Ah, if I could, I wish I could face everything here.


This one distant thing
That will never change


I gaze
Up at the distant sky
In silence, all alone, facing the heavens.


The only thing that remains unchanging.


Making everyone smile…

No more need for strife, no more need for conflict…


The girl closed her eyes, smiling as she ended her song. The crowd’s applause and cheering on her as she bowed out of the stage carried her to the highest of all highs. Having them all smile like this…that was the most important thing for her.


That was the true point of being an entertainer.



Alleria Ethera



“…I fell asleep again, huh? Bummer…”


The blue-haired Altaria opened her eyes, looking not too amused to find out that she had fallen asleep on her bathtub. Looking at the light from outside, it seemed that she hadn’t fallen asleep for too long, perhaps one hour at most, though she took it as a sign that she was too tired out and drained after all the oddjob she had done that day. The less pleasant side of being a travelling entertainer, but it was still enough to give her enough money to continue living for the next several days, and she did still give her “employer”, for lack of a better word to refer to them, a hearty smile once she’s done with them, so that still made her happy inside, somewhat.


But with how physically taxing these oddjobs were for her, Alleria started to consider whether she should find another alternative instead. She had been in this flat city for a week, preparing herself for the music festival that would be held here, but she neglected to consider that she would get less opportunity to actually be hired to perform during the festival and the time near it, thanks to all the entertainers from all across the land coming into the city. Hell, she couldn’t even try doing street performances like she usually would do since well…there’s too many of them happening in every single corners of the city already.


Her body was still aching a bit, and it still felt a bit sticky here and there. Perhaps she should just try enjoying the well-earned bath first before thinking about what she should do next more. To be fair, she did have those gold nuggets with her. However, she would really need it for something else entirely in the future, so she’d rather just keep trying to get money instead of using up her savings. It’s not like the gold nuggets were hers in the first place.


“Gee, making people smile without being able to eat is harder than I thought.”




Around twenty minutes later, the Altaria was seen lazily floating around on the streets, still somewhat directionless as to what she should do next. She could’ve practiced more for tomorrow instead, but the financial issue she was facing somewhat dragged her mood to do it down. Viewing the commotion going on at the other end of the street, normally Alleria, being Alleria, would’ve jumped right in there and try ending the conflict using her entertainment routine, but she was too disinterested for that, not to mention hungry as all hell.


Though…it did catch her interest somewhat, so after she bought and ate a loaf of bread from a nearby shop, she decided to immediately go into the scene and watch it unfold. Mostly, it mainly consisted of what probably the local gang, facing against a bunch of people while some others were watching them from the sidelines.


"Yo! What's with all the hate guys? Don't you know that today is supposed to be a happy day!"

“But that’s tomorrow…” Alleria mumbled to herself. Still, the creepy looking Rotom reminded her about something important. She shouldn’t be constrained with thoughts about money and eating and all that unimportant things when in the vicinity of a crowd, and she was already in the middle of the festival ground anyway. After thinking about it more, she decided that she might as well do her usual routine. That would probably make her more at ease with herself despite her other issues. And hey, if a fight broke out she could smile the hell outta her opponents and get money that way too.




It’s time for her to enter the spotlight. The heavenly lights shone on her due to her use of Dazzling Gleam as she slowly floated to the center of the mess.


“The situation’s going awry, and people are already losing their smiles here…I can’t let that happen! There is no need for strife...I’ll start my show and make you all happy instead.


Yes, I’m going to SMILE the heck outta all of you!”


Satisfied with her grand entrance, Alleria took a deep breath, before she started to Sing to the crowd.


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Cold Crown Wallenstein


"Yo! What's with all the hate guys? Don't you know that today is suppose to be a happy day!"(Lok)


"Yes, I’m going to SMILE the heck outta all of you!”




Perhaps it was just her imagination...but Wallenstein found herself under the impression that these new characters were under the impression that she was part of the cause of the commotion. That can't be. She was just doing her duty as a morally upstanding citizen of the Adarid region by interfering with potential conflict outbreaks.


The Altaria girl started Singing, that wasn't good. With her hangover still in effect, she was more vulnerable than before. At this rate she would collapse and the fight would end and she would look like she was part of the conflict...


Wallenstein stopped thinking.


"Er...Ha! Th-That's right! We're in the middle a fight here! I won't let these Zangeese and Sevipers ruin the booze tomorrow and if you two interfere I'll beat you both up too!"


She aimed her free hand's pointer finger at the Altaria's feet while keeping her right pointing finger fixed on the Zangeese/Sevipers. She felt no guilt towards trying to hit the latter group but the Altaria was equally an outsider like her, she didn't want to hurt her too bad. But she was Singing and Wallenstein needed to interrupt that. Before she passes out...


She shot a strong torrent of water from each pointer finger.

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Kazo walked into Oasis, dusting his jacket off in such a way that would make anyone unfamiliar with the tall Gabite gijinka think he was confident and smooth. In all honesty, he was anything but. But that didn't bother him now. He was a Chaser, searching the lands for the fastest legendary in the world. It was a journey he had not yet regretted, as he got to see a lot of exotic places (to him, anyways) and was out of his damn hometown. The blue haired gijinka wiped off the dark shades he wore over his yellow eyes as he looked around the little town. There was a small crowd gathered around some clown-ish looking man, who seemed to be giving a speech. Maybe it was a preacher for that weird new cult of the Helix Fossil or something. Eh, whatever, all he had to do was walk around the crowd and find some water. The oasis was right... crap.

The crowd was really close to the water. Dang it, that means he would have to... GO to it, and maybe... INTERACT with PEOPLE! Seriously, why? Well, he was a ground type, so all this sand and heat didn't bother him as much as the average gijinka, and being dragon let him survive for longer. Built Dragon tough, after all... still, he was sure he couldn't go THAT much longer without water... looks like he would have to interact after all. Well, maybe if he was inconspicuous enough, he could get around the ground without Gijinka interaction. He tried to walk around the crowd as quietly as possible, and in doing so, he could hear parts of the conversation.
"You don't look tough enough... and that whole story sounds pretty fishy to me. Trust me when I say that." Well, that was a point. The clown didn't seem tough... but then again, he did, but he was the farthest thing from tough.
"Why should he have to prove it?! Shouldn't his words be proof enough?" The voice sounded young... poor kid probably didn't realize people lie, and some people lied A LOT. The clown seemed like he would. It was best they look.
"You shouldn't be so gullible. I say we let the Mr. Mime prove that his badge works." Well, at least someone was trying to teach the kid an important life lesson. Arcues probably reserved a special place for that gijinka in the afterlife.
"Enough, all of you. I need to inspect the badge you revealed. So if you don't mind..." That voice sounded... off... not so much in a bad way, but like a person who has seen a lot in his lifetime... and the tone made it clear it wasn't good things.


In the end, this situation was not his problem. He got to the pool of water without anyone looking at him, thankfully, so he got on a knee and dipped his hand in, bringing it up to his mouth and sipping away at the water. It wasn't the most effective way of drinking, but it was the easiest if he wanted to keep an eye on his surroundings. He took a few more sips and went to stand back up, when in a moment of supreme clumsiness, he fell face first into the water, crying out in surprise as his upper half submerged under the water, leaving his butt and legs in plain view of anyone who turned to investigate the splash.


"And now I wish I could disappear," Kazo muttered to himself underwater as he let the rest of his body slip under the water as well. This was not going well at all...

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Mac watched as the Mr Mime was ganged up on by several powerful looking Gijinka. He started to back up. “H-hey just one second, I’m not lying or anything just umm..." They seemed skeptical, like she had been, but that was kinda rude! At least the Litleo kid was being nice to the guy.

She decided it was time for her to step up to the plate. She wouldn’t let anyone get picked on like that! So what if they did or didn’t fight a Legend this was just not nice! “Hey aren’t you all being too jerkish? Let him speak, or else!” She strolled closer and took a fists-on-hips stance. “You don’t know anything about him and you’re jus-whoa!” Mac was suddenly shoved to the side.

She landed on her butt and looked up at her assailant. The Scyther from before, pay-back was it?
Well, it looked like the Scyther wasn’t even paying attention to her actually. He was grinning from ear to ear as he approached the group near Mr. Mime.



Suddenly he surged forward at a Quick speed, rushing past the trio who had confronted the Mr. Mime. He knocked the Gijinka back and then one of his arms morphed into a scythe-like blade. He Slashed at the staggered Mr Mime.

Surely one who beat a Legend could...nope. The attack landed, cutting clear through the Gijinka’s chest. He cried out in pain, as blood splattered onto the Scyther, and then dropped. The Scyther snatched the badge from him as he fell and swiftly moved out of melee range of the others. “Heh just as I thought, it’s worthless. A sniveling bastard like this couldn’t possibly beat a Legend. It takes some serious skill to even draw one of those bastards out. Guess I’ll just have to show the Legends how serious I am. Boys, it’s time, let’s get this party started!”

At his words a pair of Beedrill Gijinka in the crowd suddenly attacked the citizens, piecing through them with Twin Needles formed out of energy. Everyone went into a panic as they tried to escape the brutality.
“You bastard!” Mac said, getting to her feet. Her shout caused the Scyther to roll his head lazily towards her. “You’ll pay for that!” She then outstretched her hand and launched a burst of electricity at him.

He laughed and snapped his fingers. A trio of Sandslash Gijinka emerged from the sand and blocked the Thundershock. “Gonna need more than that, little girl.” The Scyther’s eyes turned to the trio who had challenged the Mr Mime’s claims. “You seem like a smart bunch, why don’t you all help me out here? If we cause enough carnage then surely a Legend will appear, right? And...if you won’t help, I can just add you to the pile of corpses!” He raised his hand above his head where, kept aloft by it’s small black wings, a Murkrow hovered. It grinned and shot off a Pulse of Dark energy that rushed towards the trio nearest and forced them to move out of the way or risk getting hit.

Gwen was...confused and sleepy. First an Empoleon came in and declared she’d protect her, to which the gang leaders responded by looking towards the new girl, them themselves, and nodded to each other. It was funny in a way, they would work together to fight a threat, and probably go back to their own quarrel after.
“Don’t worry about me, I can take care of myself, you shouldn't get injured due to my actions.” She said, trying to warn the Empoleon off.
But right as she did this another came up. A Rotom, a rare sight indeed, perhaps from the deadlands? They seemed like a sweet, optimistic, kid. Gwen steeled herself, ready to fight to protect this boy. "Stay close to me." She said to him.

But then...the singing started, and she began to feel...tired. She tried to shake off the sleep. She couldn’t afford to fall asleep now, among these enemies. Plus the nightmares...
She stumbled back, bumping into the table the Empoleon was standing right as she shot a jet of water at the gang.
One of the Seviper shot out in front of their leader and took the hit, before succumbing to the Sing. Along with three of the Zangoose and another Seviper. Leaving eight Seviper and five Zangoose remaining awake.

All of whom were still perfectly fine, and looking pissed. “Hey Ssssada you take the Dragon and we get the water sssslinger?” The Seviper asked the Zangoose leader.
“Fine Phinehas, but I’m gonna knock you silly once this is done.”
“We'll ssssee.”
The two grinned at each other and bumped fists to signify their temporary truce before turning on the two Gijinka indicated.
Gwen, barely standing, was still struggling to overcome the sleepiness and couldn’t react as they attacked.
The Zangoose leader started it off, picking up a nearby barrel, which seemed to be full of some kind of liquid, and Flung it at the Altaria, which was the cue for the rest of her gang to rush the singer, readying Scratch attacks.

Meanwhile the Seviper didn’t attack the Empoleon right away, his gang quickly moved to circle the woman and waited, crouching and Coiling, seeming to be trying to strengthen their bodies before striking.



And here we go fight time guys, ready or not here we come!

I will give more info in the OOC regarding levels and to make it more clear what's happening while not cluttering this up too much. Plus you get something to read while I figure out what to put in OOC XD

If I forgot anything let me know, questions are welcome. Especially as I may have missed things.



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Alleria Ethera



Her voice rang clear through the air, and as she continued to Sing, she could see that the ruckus slowly died down, as more and more of the crowd fell asleep, smile on their face. This included an Empoleon...but before she passed out, the Empoleon blasted her with a sudden torrent of water, breaking her from her Singing. Knocked backwards a bit with her clothing entirely drenched, Alleria looked at the woman in disbelief.


"...W-why did you attack me...? I was...I was just trying to help!"


She didn't get her answer, and instead, she watched in horror as she realized that the crowd of Sevipers and Zangeese weren't really amused about her stint earlier; she didn't even manage to put most of them to sleep, yet alone making them break up the conflict. Instead, Alleria realized that she was making the situation worse for her and the others. Nobody was smiling, and in hindsight, she realized that she was simply acting on her impulse; an act that would probably lead to her or others' demise.


"G-guys...let's get along...let us all get along...let's all just smile and leave this place together in peace...sh-shall we..?"


Her voice was ignored, and the next thing that she could feel was pain. One of the thugs has thrown a barrel towards her, breaking it and drenching her in what was seemingly alcohol, if she went with its smell. The intoxicating fumes dizzied her, and she was barely able to move when she noticed the pack of Zangeese rushed to attack her. Frozen in terror, she could only stand there as the thugs started Scratching on her.




S...stop it..."


It hurts. Of course it hurts. As much as her body's durability had saved her before, it was still very painful for her to be attacked like this.


"...I...I just...I just want to...


So please...stop...stop it..."


She tried to scream in pain as the Zangeese continued their attack, but her voice was getting weaker and weaker. It was not due to her body failing her however, as with how much the Zangeese tried to rip her apart, she was still managing to be in minimal harm. It was mainly the fact that...she couldn't actually accept the fact that once again, her approach to break a conflict in peace had failed her. Stupid at it was, it was the method that she believed, and as an entertainer, that was the method that she should even die for if it's necessary. Making her audience smile with her feelings, that was her ideal. And yet, she saw that she completely failed in doing so. And she even made the situation even worse. She even could die here due to her own foolishness.






Without her retaliating, the thugs kept on assaulting her defenseless body, but she suddenly went silent instead of weakly trying to ask them to stop. Her expression slowly changed, from the terrified expression she used to have into something more solemn.


And then she started to laugh. It started out as a giggle, but slowly it grew into something more and more deranged, and it didn't take long for the laugh to turn into something manic.



BGM: Parade


"...Hah...hah...ahahah...do you all think...that you're hurting me...that you're able to hurt me by doing this?!


More! More! If you so wish to hurt me, then hurt me more!


Hit me! Cut me! Beat me up! Abuse me! That's what you all wanted to do to me, right?


Make me suffer! If that is what can make you all smile...then try doing it to me!


Tear me apart! Leave me broken! Defile me! I'm here to make you all satisfied after all, right?!


Kill me...Kill me in any way you like!


Kill me...or I shall kill all of you, my dear audience~!"


The Altaria, battered and injured, stood up, smiling towards her assailant as the tone of her voice changed, Nonchalantly, she then started to dance an elegant yet sinister dance as the Zangeese momentarily paused due to the surprise of the change happened to the once-meek girl before them. The movement of the girl flowed perfectly from one point to another, her eyes closed as she spun around, dancing the mesmerizing dance that had been passed down through the dragonkin for generations. The Dance of Dragons, Alleria was in complete trance as she performed it.


"Come...and give us your biggest smile~!"


Continuing her deranged laugh as she said that, the girl started her Outrage towards the Zangoose around her, beating them around in a crazed, savage dance.


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The two remaining Wes clones watched the scene in the festival square unfold with mild intrest, as even more combatants stepped up to try and break up the gang fight. Though only when the inevitable brawl had finally broken out and fighters were beginning tossed left and right, did they come to the realization that there was money to be made here... 


Turning to one another, the clones flashed each other identical smirks, before tilting their heads back and releasing an evil cackle. Of course in retrospect, it wasn't the most successful nefarious cackle, given the fact that they were both 5'5 and boasted painfully light voices... but the intent was there, and thats what mattered , right?




As their subordinates did battle with outsiders who had attempted interfere with their turf war, the two leaders of the gangs would be approached a small dark haired girl. Causally, she strolled up from behind Sada and Phinehas, her presence only detectable when she was standing directly next to the pair.



"Looks like you guys are getting your ass handed to you..." She deadpanned while motioning towards woman who was thrashing the Zangeese with some kind of savage dance. "Me and my partner are close by, and I'm sure we could help crush these scrubs if you're willing to pay our fee." The clone flashed the two leaders a sly smirk.


"How does 100 poke per downed combatant sound? Think about it," She paused for a moment. "but I'd make up my mind real fast if I where you. Cus I just offered her the same deal..." her smirk turned into a grin as she pointed towards the Empoleon.





"Hey there!" I small voice called over the roar of the brawl. Soon after, the tiny form of a young Weavile leaped over the crowd of Seviper, skillfully landing at the Empoleons side and casually surveying the scene as if she hadn't just jumped into a fight. "Looks like you're in a bit of a mess here." Ignoring the confused look from the Sevipers, the second clone adressed the Empoleon. "Me and my partner would be glad to help out, and it will only cost you 100 poke." flashing the other girl a confident smile, she continued. "Of course, I offered these guys the same deal, so you might want to make your choice quickly..."


Meanwhile, the real Wesley was still fast asleep on Sid's shoulder. If her partner hadn't been watching the show himself, he would made aware of her antics by the her light giggling and the evil smirk that formed across her lips as the memories from her clones came in waves whilst she dozed. 


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Cold Crown Wallenstein


Wallenstein was about to fall asleep when, due to sheer happenstance the Mismagius that she was trying to protect(?) stumbled upon the table she was standing on. She lost her footing and fell flat on her face, her arms spread out from the attempt to shoot and her bottom was up. It was an unsightly posture in every way imaginable.


It also woke her up, physically and mentally. Both the loss of balance and the broken nose.


"Ugh...!' Wallenstein pushed herself up. "My head is clear! But ow, my face..."


"...W-why did you attack me...? I was...I was just trying to help!"


Before Wallenstein knew it, the Sevipers surrounded her, the magician, and the Rotom boy as well. They were Coiled and ready. And the Altaria was cornered by the Zangeese group. Even worse, the girl looked terrified. Was it because of her water blast? She let out a profanity from her mouth.


"Hey you! Altaria girl! Calm down!" The girl didn't.


S...stop it..."


"It wasn't your fault, damnit! Well, maybe a littl-"


It was too late. The Altaria started laughing uncontrollably. She broke down and went on a rampage. Wallenstein's words wouldn't get through anymore. Another profanity escaped from her mouth.


One of the Sevipers hissed rudely at her, returning Wallenstein to the current battlefield. Right, the Mismagius and herself was being targeted as well. The seven Sevipers surrounded them.


Wallenstein may be strong but was she strong enough to fight off seven of them? Supposing the Mismagius girl couldn't fight, could Wallenstein protect her? And if they started targeting the Rotom who interfered, could she protect him too? And suppose they managed to settle their side of the problem, could she go and calm down the Altaria girl in time? Would doing all that without blundering be possible for her, Wallenstein the Empoleon?




"Like hell I can!" She rushed to grab the Mismagius' wrist. Immediately afterwards, mist spewed out from the sleeves and pockets of her coat. With such volume, it covered the two of them almost instantly. Simultaneously, she hummed. The tune was that of her favorite nidoQueen song but that was a trifling detail. The air around her started to feel humid. After a few stansas, the sky would probably darken. She needed all the help she could get.


With her free hand, Wallenstein flipped the fallen table next to them so that the front of it faced the Seviper leader. She pulled the Mismagius into hunching down, covered by it. The move was rougher than she'd like, and the Mismagius probably hit her ankle or forehead against the table in the process. But apologies can come after the fun was over.




It was an uncontrollable situation that sprouted from a minor conflict between some hoodlums. Perhaps due to her interference as well as others', it became a battlefield. A battlefield with no real reason or cause behind it. The Zangeese and Sevipers, previously in conflict, were now comrades even if only temporarily. The fighting continued to escalate only because people kept interfering, mostly out of goodwill. It was troubling but Wallenstein couldn't deny the feeling of enjoyment budding within her heart.


She turned to Gwendoline(whose name she naturally didn't know yet).


"I know I'm meddling and I probably should've left you alone but if you could fight I could really use the help!"


"Hey there!" With such perfect timing, a new contestant leapt into the fray. It was a Weavile girl, and closeby an identical girl was talking to the group of Zangeese. The Weavile's lack of urgency felt out of place, in this battlefield in which everything already was out of place. "Looks like you're in a bit of a mess here. Me and my partner would be glad to help out, and it will only cost you 100 poke. Of course, I offered these guys the same deal, so you might want to make your choice quickly..."


"Deal! And I'll treat ya to some booze later too!" She was quite aware that the Weavile probably waited for this very moment, yet her answer was immediate. It seems the fun was only going to escalate further.

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"Enough, all of you" an older gijinka flatly addressed the group that were arguing with the Mr. Mime. He then turned to the Mr. Mime and asked him to hand his badge. The young helioptile from before also seemed to have enough with the bickering. “Hey aren’t you all being too jerkish? Let him speak, or else!” This wouldn't be the first child to speak for the Mr. Mime. Scarlet let out a sigh as the helioptile attempted to look more threatening “You don’t know anything about him and you’re jus-whoa!” before she could finish, a Scyther had appeared and pushed her out of the way. Scarlet grit her teeth in frustration - now that was jerkish. Before she could tell him off, however, the Scyther dashed pass her and struck the Mr. Mime with his hand which was now a blade you'd expect from a Scyther. This was full proof that the Mr. Mime was indeed probably a liar - he went down in one slash. She was startled by the sudden murder of the Mr. Mime. Before she could react the Scyther started a speech


“Heh just as I thought, it’s worthless. A sniveling bastard like this couldn’t possibly beat a Legend. It takes some serious skill to even draw one of those bastards out. Guess I’ll just have to show the Legends how serious I am. Boys, it’s time, let’s get this party started!”


Suddenly a pair of Beedrills appeared and started terrorizing the citizens. Shortly after, a group of Sandslashes appeared from the earth, blocking the helioptiles electric attack. “You seem like a smart bunch, why don’t you all help me out here? If we cause enough carnage then surely a Legend will appear, right?" Scarlet grit her teeth - she wasn't about to work with him. She was appalled that this thug was even part of her species. "And...if you won’t help, I can just add you to the pile of corpses!” Suddenly, she could hear a strange pulse-like sound from behind her. It had seemed that a Murkrow was attempting to ambush them. Without hesitation, Scarlet dashed right out of the way, dashing towards one of the Beedrills (Beedrill 1). "You know, you probably shouldn't offer people deals right before ambushing them..." she scolded the Scyther. As much as she wanted to wipe that smile off of this bastard's face, her priority right now was to save the citizens from the Beedrills. She performed a quick Swords Dance - it wasn't going to last as long as it normally would, but she was pressed for time. Then she performed a dash right at the Beedrill and fired off a Bullet Punch, aiming right at its chest. 




Lok floated near the group - it seemed that no one was ready to talk it out. At least, that's what he thought until an Altaria made her appearance


"Yes, I’m going to SMILE the heck outta all of you!”


Lok started to applaud the Altaria - not only because he really liked music, but also because this might be what Lok was looking for - a diplomatic way to solve the problem. The Mismagius turned to Lok and said "Stay close to me." He was a bit confused about this until the Altaria started singing. Lok started to drift off to sleep, only being able to keep himself awake by shooting small currents at himself. He wasn't about to sleep - not only was this area dangerous, but he wasn't about to face those terrible nightmares he gets, especially not since he woke up fairly recently. It was clear that the Altaria's singing was not going to solve anything - Lok knew that he had to stop the singing, but at the same time he didn't want to hurt the Altaria. Fortunately, Lok didn't have to make that decision - the Empoleon had shot a stream of water at her, ending the singing.


. . .


The good news what that they had successfully stopped the two gangs from fighting each other. The bad news is the reason why - they were attacking them! The Zangooses were attacking the Altaria while the Selvipers had circled both the Empoleon and the Mismagius. To make matters worst, the Altaria seemed to have lost herself, wildly raging and attacking the Zangooses around her. It wasn't all grim though - not only did it seem that one of the bystanders was going to help (hopefully), but the fact that the Zangooses and Selvipers completely ignores Lok gave him the element of surprise. As much as he wanted to run away from danger, he really wanted to help the Pokemon - especially the Mismagius, who seemed to care about Lok enough to try and protect him. Lok sighed, and let out a yelp as he threw out a Confuse Ray at the Selviper that he assumed was the leader of the group. Then, he used Double Team to spawn 3 other clones of himself to try and disorient anyone that attempted to fight him.

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“Hey aren’t you all being too jerkish? Let him speak, or else!” Cabrakan rolled his eyes in response to hearing this. Who would've guessed that yet another kid would blindly rush to the defense of a man who could've easily fabricated the tale just draw attention to himself? Now that he thought about it, Cabrakan wouldn't have been surprised if the badge had punched on it somewhere "Made From Sinnoh" or something silly like that. Cabrakan turned to face the young Helioptile Gijinka... only see someone push her aside, whip past Cabrakan himself and murder the Gijinka that he now had his back turned to in cold blood. However, for someone who knew damn well he could've stopped the travesty had he paid the slightest amount of further attention, he didn't seem entirely phazed. Instead...


"Well that was rather unnecessary," he said in a partially sarcastic tone.


However, the Scyther Gijinka with blood on his hands wasn't done yet. He'd also ordered a couple of Beedrill Gijinka to press the attack on the civilians, and as he was attacked by the Helioptile Gijinka's Thunder Shock, a trio of Sandslash Gijinka arose from the ground and came to his defense.


"You seem like a smart bunch, why don't you help me out here?" the Scyther Gijinka asked sinisterly, "If we cause enough carnage then surely a Legend will appear, right? And... if you won't help, I can just add you to the pile of corpses!"


With that, a Murkrow Gijinka fired a Dark Pulse towards Cabrakan and the two others that were addressed. The Scizor Gijinka managed to evade the Dark Pulse herself, but Cabrakan and the Sharpedo Gijinka were still vulnerable. Not wasting any time, Cabrakan conjured a fireball of just the right size to counteract the Dark Pulse, and immediately launched it in the air to intercept the attack. As little as he wanted to do this, it was clear that his hand was forced.


"Just when I thought I evaded senseless violence, it pulls me back in," after saying this to himself, he turned to the Sharpedo Gijinka who was next to him, "Be a dear and keep that Murkrow busy, would you please? I'll worry about our friend up ahead."


Then, Cabrakan walked forward, flexing his muscles and sending nothing at the Scyther Gijinka but a cold, blank stare. It may have been a long time since he combated anyone, but Cabrakan was as ready as he was ever going to be. However, before either made a move...


"I should warn you right now(!); I had to defend myself from more competent thugs than you once upon a time, and to say it didn't go well for them would be a severe understatement!" Cabrakan called out to the Gijinka, "I'm giving you one chance only. If you value your life, I suggest you wise up and call this paltry assault off!"

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Location: Oasis

Poke: 350

Inventory: Poke Puff Bag, Berry Case (contains one Haban Berry and one Sitrus Berry), Dragon Gem x1, Breast Pad x2 (C-cup, equipped)


What a run-down little city.  Kah - as she typically did - decided to stop by simply to see what she could belittle about the place.  In the case of this place, there were no roads.  What kind of lazy builders couldn't even lay down some roads?  The tiny buildings around here were a stark contrast to the spires of Skuldafn she was so familiar with, too.  And to top it all off, everybody in this city was weak.  Kah could tell just by looking.  However, it seemed that a large gathering was going on.  There was a Mr. Mime on a platform.  And it seemed like he was boasting about a badge earned by defeating a Legend.


Well, then.  Perhaps something interesting could happen even in this run-down little town.


Kah was about to join in among the lot that challenged his claim, though in her case she would demand that he fight her.  Either he was lying and had to be put in his place, or was telling the truth and had to be defeated.  After all, if Kah couldn't beat some clown who had somehow defeated a Legend, how could she ever hope to actually take the life of one?  But it seemed somebody else beat her to that.  Some Scyther.  The clown went down easy; he was definitely lying.  That wasn't her problem though.


Then the Scyther and what seemed to be a bunch of his lackeys started causing chaos, beating up others and just being savages in general.  That wasn't Kah's problem either, though.


What was her problem was that these shameless thugs were attacking people who couldn't fight back.  What kind of fight was it if the opponent couldn't fight back?  Boring, and dishonorable.  Typical for some Bug-type trash; the lowest of the low.  Truly pitiful.  These petty thugs needed to be put in their place, and it seemed Kah wasn't the only one who felt this way.  A small handful of others were fighting against these pieces of trash as well.  Calling it her fight wasn't quite on the mark, but she'd participate anyway.  Perhaps this could even make for a half-decent warmup.


Directing her glare to the nearest Beedrill - otherwise unoccupied - Kah waited merely a second before shooting forth from her mouth a ball of searing flames.  She wasn't holding back on the heat today; these bugs went and pissed her off, so she wanted them dealt with quickly.  Upon seeing the thing catch fire and hit the ground, Kah ran up to it and looked it straight in the face.  Yeah, he wasn't getting back up from that anytime soon.  Now she could focus on the others.  By that she meant the bugs and the whelps among those resisting.


"This is a fight for...I guess calling them 'warriors' is a bit too generous.  Get out of here," the Hydreigon barked.  Her attention was set specifically on the two really weak-looking ones.  The Helioptile and the Litleo.



Location: Juyu

Poke: 500

Inventory: Dusk Stone, Nugget, Moo Moo Milk x2


Juyu was a nice town.  And with a big music festival coming up, lots of people were distracted by the upcoming festival and not worrying as much about their pockets.  Open season for a thief.  Today, Fawkes managed to snag...a whole lot of nothing.  The problem with the upcoming festival was that while everyone was distracted, there were still lots of people were out and about.  Easy to get caught like that, and for somebody whose very line of work was risky, Fawkes didn't like taking risks.


Which was why, after turning a certain corner, she saw something most interesting.  A pair of people and a big pile of loot.  A Sableye and a Weavile.  They looked tough; not the kind of people Fawkes would normally steal from.  But, there was only two of them, and one of them was sleeping.  This would be easy.  To begin with, Fawkes quickly ran back around the corner.  Then, she made use of her Double Team skill, creating a single copy of herself.


The copy made its way over to the pair of Sableye and Weavile, and asked what seemed a perfectly simple question.


"Excuse me, can you show me where the music festival is?  I got lost."


Pure genius.

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Aegon enjoyed the atmosphere of Juyu. It was different, certainly so, but not unpleasant to say the least. He had arrived in the morning and watched the area come to life in due time. People had begun to go about their day as the Charizard drifted along, choosing to walk rather than fly or glide.

"Hey there. Good morning. Gorgeous weather, am I right?" The Charizard struck up numerous small conversations with anyone that allowed it. The truth was not that he was being exceptionally friendly, but that Aegon had struggled with asking for directions. He didn't want to fly, at all, and scope out the city to find it's center. However he didn't want to ask either, a bit of stubborn pride on his part. He walked to several different roads and not a one seemed to take him to his desired destination.


Of course striking up small-talk with the locals was still fine by him. He was a social person by nature. Too much quiet left him with his thoughts, and that could get old rather swiftly.


This whole "lost" thing of his went on for...well, much longer than Aegon was fond of. It was nearly mid-day by the time he finally gave up his charade of knowing where he was and decided he'd ask the next local he found for directions.

Before he could, though, he faintly heard a sound that was all-to familiar. A sound that, back in Trailsau, one woke and fell asleep to. The sound of combat.

Deciding at last to take to the air Aegon focused a small part of his energy to his cape, altering it's shape and opening out his wings at last. It felt good to stretch them, for sure, it was just that he hadn't wanted to draw unnecessary attention to himself. Why soar above Juyu when you could walk it's streets and learn the city through a more standard experience?

Still, the fact that a battle was nearby changed everything. Aegon soared, eyes scanning the ground below, and found what he had searched for in a moment's time.

The battle in question was medium scale, to say the least. There seemed to be three groups, yet two sides. One group was a pack of Zangoose, the other a pack of Seviper, and the third a...rag tag group? An...Empoleon? A Weavile, and a Sableye to? A small child that appeared to be a Zorua, and a couple of others at that.


Aegon's eyes settled at on what was unmistakably an Altaria, and he felt his blood boil a bit. Altaria were no Salamence, as far as dragons went, but no doubt she had that same complex. Arrogant, power focused.


Aegon descended a bit closer to the melee, and it was a wild one at that, and studied every side. The Altaria bothered him, but Zangoose and Seviper were known to forgo common sense in the presence of each other. He wouldn't be surprised if they were about to fight each other when one or two of these random people barged in to try and stop it.

"Hey there!" Aegon called out loudly. He was used to shouting over the sounds of battle, so raising his voice to that level wasn't a difficult task. "Hate to interrupt this good fun, but I have to ask if this is REALLY the best place for a rumble."


Did he actually care that the fight was happening in the middle of Juyu? No. He'd had battles that practically made their way into his bedroom on more than one occasion. Anywhere could be a battlefield. What Aegon was looking for was a reaction. Who would react in what way?

Which side would make the mistake of turning their aggression on him.

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Kazo let himself float under the water. Maybe he'd drown soon. Yeah, that sounded nice. He closed his eyes and sighed, but then the noise reached his ears. It was a cry of pain, soon followed by the screams of people. What was going on? He slowly emerged from the water to get a better view, looking very much like a human shark. His eyes widen as he watch the scene unfold. They were... killing civilians!! They thought some low act would bring out the Legends?! Thinking that being bullies would give them the one chance that every Chaser dreamed of?! The fact that they would even think that made his blood boil. He gritted his sharp teeth as he started to pull himself out. A pair of Beedrill Gijinka in the crowd seemed to have a gleeful time as they attacked the citizens, piecing through them with energy as a Murkrow smirked fired Dark Pulses with wild abandon. How... could they...?

“You bastard!” Kazo heard a young Helioptile yell as she climbed to her feet. The Scyther rolled his head lazily towards her, obviously not giving a crap. “You’ll pay for that!” She outstretched her hand and launched a burst of electricity at him, but a group of three Sandslash blocked the attack for the bug man. Then the three would team up on her... no! He wasn't going to let that to someone else!

He dashed out as fast as he could, tackling a Sandslash at high speeds, causing the two to roll across the ground, with the dragon stopping on the top. Kazo then began to punch the Sandslash. One jab, one hook, finally grabbing the sides of the ground type's head before his head turned gray like Iron, hardening as he used Iron Head.

Dear god... this was going well. "Just stay down!!" he shouted at the Sandslash.

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It had been a simple observation she had made.  No way a gijinka that looked like that could possibly take down any legendary out there.  Not even a pixie for crying out loud.  However, there were others who had come to the Mime's defense, saying that his word was all he needed to be valid.


"Tch...Naive kids..."  Taiga placed her hands on her hips and closed her eyes.  A sudden outburst from the crowd bursted her concentration, as she saw a Scyther Gijinka slash away at the Mr. Mime's chest.  The gaping wound across his chest was bleeding profusely.  Taiga's eyes widened to a sickening degree.


*Sniff*....*Sniff Sniff*.....*Gurgle*


 “You seem like a smart bunch, why don’t you all help me out here? If we cause enough carnage then surely a Legend will appear, right? And...if you won’t help, I can just add you to the pile of corpses!” 


Taiga's opened her mouth to reveal a twisted smile.  "Add to the pile of corpses?!....I'M GOING TO ADD YOU TO THE MENU INSTEAD!!!"  Before her frenzy could start, a Chandelure Gijinka asked her of something.


"Be a dear and keep that Murkrow busy, would you please? I'll worry about our friend up ahead."


She looked up to see a Murkrow Gijinkas Dark Pulse being intercepted by a fireball of sorts.  She snapped at the Chandelure.  "I CAN HANDLE MYSELF!  AS FOR YOU!"  She looked up at the Murkrow once again.  "I LOVE PLAYING FOUL!"  She jumped at the flying gijinka, her teeth glazed over with frost.  They looked like miniature icicles dangling from her gums.  She was prepared to chomp down onto the gijinkas arms, thinking of nothing other than ripping it off, and consuming it for herself.  






It seemed as though Wes' clones were doing their usual thing.  They were scouting the fight, seeing who was in more need of the win.  She was a mercenary after all, a claw for hire.  He looked to the original and sighed.  "Dirty..."  Obsidian was used to it though.  It's what payed for the food in his stomach...actually Wes just stole that stuff anyway.  He snickered quietly.  Where would he be without her.


"Excuse me, can you show me where the music festival is?  I got lost."


Sid couldn't help but notice something off about this Zorua gijinka.  The thing sort of reminded him of Wes.  However, if he knew anything about Dark-Types, it was that none were to be trusted.  He pointed to the crowd of fighting zangeese and seviper, with assorted pokemon joining in on the action.  "See?"  He lowered his finger.  "No Festival...scram..."  Whatever the little rogue Zorua was planning, Sid could see it coming from a mile away.  From theft to murder, any shimmer of malice or spite could be shown in one's eyes.  Those eyes were all to familiar to Obsidian.  

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Why is everybody looking at me like that? Ari thought. I'm just saying what I think is right.


"You shouldn't be so gullible," a nearby gijinka sighed. Gullible? I didn't think I was being gullible...this guy is a Chaser, right? Chasers are good...why would he lie? He wasn't the only one that thought so. The girl from before also came to the Chaser's defense, prompting a tongue click from the other woman. "Tch...Naive kids..." I'm not being naive though! Right?


Ari didn't have time to think that over for long. A man dressed in greens and yellows swept past the floppy-frilled girl, a big grin on his face. Ari didn't like him on sight. He liked him even less when he...when he... The Litleo turned away, eyes wide, breathing hard. What...what's going on? Why did he...? Chasers were good guys. That guy just...to a Chaser. He...he was a bad guy!


Ari didn't know what to do. He felt frozen. The green guy was saying something, but the words didn't make sense to his ears. Despite himself, his eyes flitted back to the Chaser on the ground. Too much red. The lion started to shake, and then collapsed to the ground, throwing up the remains of the Shawarma he'd eaten for lunch earlier. His hands gripped the ground, holding his body above his recent mess. Tears fell from his eyes, creating small pockets in the mixture. The sight caused him to heave once more, and he closed his eyes to block it out. I pray...that when I open my eyes...everything will be just fine.


But that didn't happen. Instead the sounds of fighting went on all around him, and he moved away from his mess, curling up in a ball to block it out. Eventually a voice jarred him out of his panic attack. "This is a fight for...I guess calling them 'warriors' is a bit too generous. Get out of here."


Ari opened his eyes, catching the blazing purple ones of a newcomer in dark clothing. "A fight for...warriors?" he intoned weakly. "W-warriors? I'm a warrior," he started, warming to the topic. "Yeah...I'm a warrior! I shouldn't be afraid...I'm not afraid!" He had just been caught off guard, that's all. No, he was brave and he would prove it!


Ignoring the chaos surrounding him, Ari ran for the Chaser on the ground, who looked to be still alive. Maybe I can save him! he thought. Even if he couldn't...it wouldn't do to let a little...blood...scare him away. No, he would try his best, because that was what a true warrior did. That was what a Chaser did. "Are you all right?" he asked when he reached him. No, scratch that. He obviously wasn't. "What can I do to help?" he amended.




Easter pouted down at the bare skewers in his hand. "Aww, I'm out of dango," the girl that was really a boy whined. For all the cravings he got, he might as well have been a girl instead. "What do I do now?" he sighed, glancing up. And froze, eyes zeroing in on an Altaria. "Well, well, well," he purred, tone considerably darker than before. "What do we have here? I spy a dragon type." Licking his lips, the fairy type's eyes gleamed with an unholy light, before he frowned. "Oh yes, I might have to use moves for this," he sighed, before crossing his arms. "Well, let's watch for now."


Eventually the Altaria started to Sing. Sighing, Easter summoned a temporary shield to block the effects, and then watched as she proceeded to dance. He had seen this dance many times before, but it hadn't been performed nearly as well. "Beautiful..." he whispered, entranced. Oh, she would make a good target. Such fun to be had. It was worth relying on the cosmos for this. He was about to jump in and attack when her words reached his ears.


"More! More! If you so wish to hurt me, then hurt me more!

More! More! If you so wish to hurt me, then hurt me more!

Hit me! Cut me! Beat me up! Abuse me! That's what you all wanted to do to me, right?

Make me suffer! If that is what can make you all smile...then try doing it to me!

Tear me apart! Leave me broken! Defile me! I'm here to make you all satisfied after all, right?!

Kill me...Kill me in any way you like!"


Easter paused, and then shifted back from his crouched pose till he was leaning against the back rest once again. "Tch. It's no fun if the victim wants to get hurt." Only a few darks or dragons escaped his lust for pain. Among them were masochists. Turning away in disgust, the Sylveon threw his hands up in the air and rocked back to lie down on the bench, pouting. "And she seemed so strong, too. Pity." Though, he thought. From the sounds of it, it's less masochism and more an obsession with pleasing her "audience." If that's the case, then...she could still be a target. Still, the notion of her shouting encouragements while he attacked her was...a major turn-off.


"Kill me...or I shall kill all of you, my dear audience~!" And then the Altaria proceeded to scatter her foes about like ninepins in a breathtaking display of power.


Easter perked up. Masochist and sadist combined? Or perhaps something else... he would have to figure this puzzle of an Altaria out. Until then, she was off-limits. Sighing, he glanced around the area, noting the mist-wreathed figures and the clouds darkening the sky, before his eyes lit upon two identical Weavile gijinka. Oh, that's the girl that robbed me, he thought with a trace of amusement. Using Double Team to play both sides, huh? Plucky...I like it. But a tad arrogant, to think she can get away with it.


He rose, stretching, and ran at the Weavile next to the gang leaders. "Really, now? You think you can pull this off?" he quipped, stepping to the side just so to avoid a swipe from one of the fighters. Despite his blood screaming at him to make her feel pain, he smiled brightly. She had impressed him earlier, so he would give her a chance to prove herself before he did anything. If she proved to be nothing more than a blowhard, well...it had been a while since he last put a dark type in their place.

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The Beedrill hadn’t fared very well right from the start. They had killed several citizens, sure, but at a great cost.
One of them had been suddenly torched by a Hydreigon that hadn’t revealed itself until now. The Beedrill (2) dropped instantly, on fire and burning. His body began twitching as the flames consumed him.

The other, before she could go to its comrade’s help, had been attacked by the Scizor. She brought her arms up to block some of the damage, however they had been greatly injured by the attack. She let out an angry buzz and struck back. The needle-like formation that she had used to attack earlier reappeared, but this time it began spinning. She thrust it at the Scizor, catching her in the chest, hoping for this Drill to Run through it.

The Sandslash were doing much better at their intended job, keeping Electric attacks away from their leader and drawing a Dragon towards them. Though 1 of them had taken quite the beating before the others rushed to their assistance.
They Dug through the sand, which allowed them to move faster towards the Dragon, before popping up behind him and attacked while he focused on the other. They attacked each with a Crushing Claw, tearing into the Dragon’s back. They managed to inflict damage upon the Dragon while also ripping into his defenses, opening him up to take more damage later.


The Murkrow cocked its head to the side as the Sharpedo launched its attack. “Fufufufufu.” The Gijinka didn’t move an inch as the Ice Fang came towards it, but a moment later the Sharpedo was biting down onto a strange looking doll, while the Murkrow itself was several feet back, cackling, though seeming to have become a bit weakened nonetheless. Then it unleashed a Power that had been Hidden. A projectile, in the shape of a spectral fist, shot out at the opposing Dark type.

"This is a fight for...I guess calling them 'warriors' is a bit too generous.  Get out of here,"

“You don’t know what you’re talking about! I can fight too just you watch!” Mac was annoyed that this stupid Dragon was underestimating her and was determined to prove her wrong. The Litleo from before was doing the same, going towards the Scy...no, he totally ignored the Scyther, the enemy was right there what..ooooh! Mac realized a moment later that the Mr Mime was still breathing, if barely.

Though it looked like the Scyther had taken notice of the Litleo trying to sneak past him and was going to try and stop it. Mac was having none of that! “Don’t underestimate me!” She shouted before charging at the Bug, and trying to Pound him with her fist. The Scyther side-stepped her attack and backhanded the girl. She was sent flying to the ground with surprising force. The soft landing made it possible for her to roll back to her feet. She needed to keep the Scyther from attacking the Litleo...though it seemed another was doing a good job at that. As soon as she was attacked the Scyther’s attention was drawn instead to a Chandelure. Mac began to Charge for her next attack, she wouldn’t let this bastard win...

"I should warn you right now; I had to defend myself from more competent thugs than you once upon a time, and to say it didn't go well for them would be a severe understatement! I'm giving you one chance only. If you value your life, I suggest you wise up and call this paltry assault off!"

“You giving me a warning?! You know, with how old you are I’d think you’d know not to underestimate. That’s right your face doesn’t fool me, I can see the age in your eyes....tell me, what do you see in my eyes?” The Scyther grinned wider and adjusted his stance, his Aura suddenly flaring up as he Focused his Energy. Then the wings on his back fully extended and he rushed the Chandelure, striking the Ghost with a powerful blow, a critical hit.


"What can I do to help?"


At first the Mr Mime had been only able to focus on the pain but, strangely, that seemed to be fading away. Though he knew this wasn’t a good sign. He looked up at the young Litleo. This one had defended him. “T-there’s nothing, I’m not...much longer for this world...I-I must confess, before I...” He stuttered to a halt, then licked his lips, trying to croak out his words. “I lied, I never beat a Legend, I just...I just didn’t want to be seen as a...f-failure anymore. I became a Chaser t-to give my k-kids someone to look up to but I-I’ve been so useless...Ah b-but, I...I did see one. Someone needs to know, a-at least I would’ve done something...with my life. I saw it, inside a cave to the east, behind a hidden door, guarded by a puzzle...B-but know this, there’s  Snorlax guarding the entrance...I T-Tricked him to get past but h-he’s a sharp one...Heh...if only I could’ve been someone...like that....instead...” With one last sigh, the Mr Mime perished right there in the sand.


Sada turned to the Weavile who had suddenly dropped in. She was offering to help for some money? “Look we don’t...what the s***?” This exclamation came from the Zangoose leader as she watched the Altaria suddenly go into a frenzy, crushing two of her members, possible killing them, while injuring several others.
The Zangoose gang were put on the defensive, trying to avoid the crazed Dragon with their Detect. Though one brave soul who had taken a hit without going down retaliated, they used their pain to their advantage and swung at the Altaria, intent on Revenge.
“Fine, how about this? 200 Poke if you bring down that Altaria there, deal?”
Sada ignored the Slyveon who had come up, focusing on the Weavile and waiting for his answer. However what she couldn’t ignore was the Charizard who was asking a question. “Don’t you f***in’ tell me where to fight, these bastards decided to get in the way of...important business, stay outta it ya hear?”

Phineas, however, was having very different reactions. He hadn’t noticed the Confuse Ray and was now in a state of total confusion. He looked around wildly, eyes settling on the Weavile. It was saying something, what? Something about fighting? Well fine, bring it! He lunged forward, his tail dropping from where it had been hiding under his jacket, and he swung it at the Weavile, the tip glowing purple and dripping with poison. Once it connected with the Weavile the thing...vanished. Which only added to his confusion.
“Phineas you idiot!” Sada roared, then thought a moment. “A Double Team, eh? Hey Weavile the deal is still on! Bring the Dragon down and you’ll not regret it!” She shouted out, over the din of the fight.
Meanwhile Phineas was staring at the Slyveon with interest. “Hello pretty lady, what’ssss a girl like you doing in a placcce like thisss?”

The rest of his gang, meanwhile, had decided to strike. The Empoleon took cover with the Mismagius but that didn’t stop them. Five of them lunged, their mouths open wide and their fangs extending, intending to Bite down on the pair. Two of them crushed the table while the rest went after the Gijinka, trying to strike despite the covering Mist and the Rain that was making it hard to keep good footing.
The other two, Seviper 6 and 7 went after the Rotom that had attacked their leader, 7 soared right on through a Double Team copy and slammed into the ground. Though 6 was a lot luckier, managing to Bite down on the Rotom’s arm.


"I know I'm meddling and I probably should've left you alone but if you could fight I could really use the help!"

“Ah wha?” Gwen shook her head, having been suddenly dragged away, and regained her composure. She wasn‘t quite crouched down fully, as she still floated above the ground, but her head was ducked to take cover. Realizing she was being spoken to, Gwen responded. “That is fine, but I really would rather you have stayed out of this. It was my own mistake and...oh goodness!” There was no time to talk, the Seviper were attacking.

There was a Seviper(3) heading right for her. It chomped down on her shoulder, causing her to cry out at the large amount of damage taken. But she wasn’t about to let this stop her. She glared at the Seviper, and smiled. “You poor thing you really don’t stand a Ghost of a chance.” She was excited to have gotten to use her favorite saying and she wouldn’t let it go to waste. She pressed her hand on the Seviper and cursed it. As she did minor burns appeared over his body. She wasn’t through yet, though.
Locking eyes with the Seviper she activated one of her most useful abilities. The Gijinka fell away as it suddenly felt the pain that Gwen had experienced, meanwhile Gwen regained a bit of her own health.

Gwen stood to her full, impressive, height and then gestured towards the Seviper. An eye-shaped cloud formed above her and latched onto him, sending a powerful blast of Aura damage to them. Strengthened by the burn this was enough to knock him out in that instant. Gwen turned to the Empoleon. “How’re you faring?” She said with a slightly cheeky grin, as she teased the Empoleon for worrying about her.

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Despite the Beedrill's best attempt to block Scarlets strike, her Bullet Punch managed to do a lot of damage to it, although it wasn't enough to knock it out. The Beedrill, now enraged, aimed its drill at her - the drill now spinning. It was clear that Scarlet did not have enough time to evade the attack with a dash, so she did the next best thing - she attempted to grab the drill with her pincers. The spinning drill that Beedrill aimed at Scarlet manages to strike her right in the chest. However, it did not manage to penetrate into her very deeply - at most, it left a large flesh wound - thanks to her attempt to stop the attack by grabbing the drill. Scarlet grit her teeth - it was definitely painful, but she had been hit harder before. Not only that, but this situation actually worked out much better than she had hoped - now the Beedrill was mostly vulnerable. "That was a good hit" Scarlet grinned, as blood started to drip out of the wound. She hadn't been in a fight recently, and she had desperately missed the thrill of battle. "Now it's my turn!" With her left pincer, she used Bug Bite - she was aware that, due to the Beedrill's typing it would do much damage, but that wasn't her intent. Her pincers clenched hard, effectively keeping the Beedrill in place. She pulled her right arm back, then unleashed a powerful Bullet Punch at the direction of the Beedrill. She wasn't aiming at any particular part of the Beedrill this time - she knew that, due to how close she was, it was nearly impossible for her to miss.





Caught by surprise, Lok let out a wince of pain as the fangs of one of the Selviper forced their way into Lok's arm. Luckily, the bite didn't seem to be venomous - or at least, Lok didn't feel anything outside of searing pain one would receive from being bitten. Without hesitating, Lok dug his fingers into the Selviper's guts and fired off a Thunderbolt directly into it. The Selviper flew back from Lok, releasing the vicious grip that its fangs had on its arm and crashed right next to the other Selviper, whom had fallen for the old Double Team trick. Holding his wound tightly, he fired a Confuse Ray at both of the Selvipers. Unfortunately, he couldn't concentrate enough to form more clones with Double Team due to his injury - whatever attack that was, it was very effective at inflicting pain. Instead, he stepped back from the two Selvipers and inspected his wound, letting out a loud whimper of pain. "D-Damn it..." He grit his teeth. He could only hope that this whole thing would end soon so he could get his wounds treated. He took his time out to inspect what had happened in the short amount of time. It had seemed that the ruckus had not gone unnoticed - the crowd around them seemed to get bigger, and more people had gotten involved. 

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